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The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) has won the movie voting! Vote for the next movie now https://warzone.gg/movievoting

The WarZone Winter Meetup 2018 is happening from the 22nd to the 27th. Staff activity will be reduced during this period, although it should not effect the Garry's Mod servers.

All information, live streams and pictures from the #wintermeetup2018-live channel will be posted in this section of the website: https://warzone.gg/wintermeetup2018


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    Second of all Yes, I love the Neko section on pornhub and Hentaihaven
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    even more chance to find weakass bitches
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    Maybe that's why I can't get laid
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    10/10 would gas again
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    It was very interesting to read. I was never interested in WW1, only in WW2. Great to know, to be honest. btw, replace all 'French' with 'Weebs'. The story has a happy end now