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    Instructions unclear got my dick stuck in a blender
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    "Fuck me sideways and call me Papa Gornot" @Blazingstardude @Gornot @MrTwD
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    Update 12.1 is deploying on October 1st. Here are the highlights from the update. You can find the changelogs here: Mini-Profile The Mini-Profile is based on the CS:GO profile, it shows coins, reputation and wins. While the reputation and wins are currently placeholders, these will be fully functional features in the future. You can access the mini-profile by clicking on the avatar of a player on the scoreboard. VIP Portal The new VIP portal shows VIP info such as purchase date, expiry, benfits, price along with options. Platinum VIP's can also Vote Kick and Vote Gag from here also. This can be accessed in the Store by going to More > VIP Deathcam Updates Spectator UI Redesign The Spectator UI has now been moved to ServerCore so it's global across all gamemodes. Timer Engine and SurfDM now share the same UI. It has been updated in line with the Deathcam updates. Coin Updates This update includes updates to coins. Hovering over coins on the Scoreboard on all gamemodes now shows the Inventory hover. Coin displays have been added to DarkRP, TTT, SurfDM and Surf. Measurement Conversion Speed units have now been changed to a global option rather than a Timer Engine only option. This means your preferences now show on the Spectate UI on other gamemodes. The Measurement Units option will be primarily used on DarkRP once the new DarkRP update drops. TTT Spectator Deathmatch After popular demand, we have now added TTT Spectator Deathmatch. All weapons are the CS:GO models with working skins. The crowbar has been replaced with the users knife.
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