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    The SurfDM 2 update in production for just over a month, is finally here. Click on the image above for more information or go here: https://warzone.gg/updates/surfdm2/ The update is going to deploy 11/07/2018 at 11:30PM BST
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    Skin Name: Spectral Galaxy Weapon/Glove: Bowie Knife, with the King Snake gloves Images: Skin Description: This skin is based off of a red versus blue vibe, but instead of fighting, the harmony of space and the captivating beauty which it holds. That is why this skin is so bright and colourful, as it is meant to catch the players eyes and captivate them. I have chosen the Bowie knife from all of the other knifes, one because I believe that there isn't many good Bowie skins, and two because it is the 'Alpha' of the knifes, the biggest and baddest knife, which also means more canvas space External Images Used: https://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/753/504400-Nebula Y (Profile Background) Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: I believe that there aren't many Bowie skins compared to Karambits and Guts, which is why i took my love of space and bright, beautiful colours and made this knife. I would also like to get further into skin making, as from the few hours it took me to make this, I really enjoyed it, and would like to make more knife and weapon skins for the community. Additional Comments: Excuse any mistakes in the application, it is currently 1 Am and I have just had a stressful day at college. I would also like to thank @IseAxon, @Callum (Blazingstardude) and @Peconi for basically having a look at it and telling me what they think about it. bowiespectralgalaxy.wzproj.txt
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    NEW AND IMPROVED VERSION Music Kit Name: Jet Set Radio Cover Image: Background Image: Kit Description: "A music kit which includes Hideki Naganuma's greatest hits from the Jet Set Radio games" Why do you want your music kit added to WarZone Gaming?: You know what Warzone needs more of? SOME FUNK BABY!!! I absolutely love the Jet Set Radio soundtrack. I play the OST a lot while playing Gungame or Stronghold and it really gets me in a more energetic mood, I think that the players would really enjoy this kit like how I enjoyed using it, Who doesn't like a bit of music whilst they're playing right? Especially for those who have played the JSR games, gives that feeling of nostalgia you know? Plus that MVP track is absolutely funky. Additional Comments: Don't credit me as the artist in the kit, Full credit belongs to Hideki Naganuma for his awesome works. Feedback would be very appreciated! Thank you! New Version Of The Kit:
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    If you die while you're using a weapons crate, you are no longer able to use a crate until you rejoin the server. The MP5 has 0 recoil, a high rate of fire and decent damage. You can hold down left click and it's a laser, even from across the map. Might be a good idea to increase its recoil a bit. Prop rotation when you're holding shift + e is a nightmare. It snaps to whatever angles you like, but when you release shift + e it immediately undoes the snap. It allows you to place the prop in the angled position, but only when you hold shift + e - meaning you're not able to move while placing them. A bit of an inconvenience. Thirdperson scoping is broken. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/959713897116935825/1B4D9AEC6EDB348FA4A7C8A112B29D928801974B/ Grenade arcing is a little broken. When moving and throwing a grenade, your directional movement after the grenade leaves your hand still affects the trajectory of the grenade for a second or two. Makes predicting the destination of the grenade a little more tricky. Grenades are very unpredictable in general, and should be looked into. C4 refuses to be planted sometimes, and can take a lot of fussing (swapping weapons, shooting, using a crate) in order to use it. Very inconsistent, should also be looked into.
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    Skin Name: Serenity Weapon/Glove: AK-47 Images: Skin Description: the second of its design, the serenity skin a simple yet satisfying skin for the AK47 rifle Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: I feel its a nice skin for the pattern it came from, and lives up to a similar standard as its p250 counterpart. External Images Used :
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    Every Tuesday at 8PM we are going to host a old Top Gear episode in WarZone Cinemas. We will not be playing the new ones because the old crew is much better. We will start off with specials, this week we will be hosting The Perfect Road Trip. This is the upcoming schedule for the next month 26/6/2018 - The Perfect Road Trip 3/7/2018 - Patagonia Specials (both episodes) 10/7/2018 - Africa Specials (both episodes) 17/7/2018 - US Special 24/7/2018 - The Perfect Road Trip 2 Once we have completed these episodes in 1 month I will make a new post. Server IP: Attending them will earn you a Top Gear in-game coin.
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    For a first submission, this is really good.
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    Its really up-beat, I like it! This would be that one music kit that made it so I didn't rage and throw my mouse / headset xD
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    That actually looks really sick!
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    It's a nice knife. Good work
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    Interesting genre, really noticed it when it first started springing up and you saw thousands of channels and livestreams devoted to it on Youtube. Personally, I enjoy it late at night or when I'm studying - otherwise I don't really listen to it all too much. It's relaxing and enjoyable; listening to it has affected my own playlists a little bit, and I'd like to think the genre had quite an impact on the kind of music I usually listen to thanks to Youtube's algorithms. Your track is great, really enjoyable.
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    Welcome back mate, enjoy your stay.
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    I'd like to see two commands added to the Bunnyhop server: !beat and !left. !beat lists all the maps you have beat, along with your fastest time on them. The time should be dependent on the mode you are currently in - if you're currently in Normal while using !beat, the time displayed will be your Normal time on that map. !left lists all the maps you haven't beat, along with the potential points to be awarded for completing it. Ranking them by points awarded upon completion should list the hardest maps first, then work all the way down to the easiest. These commands have worked to great effect on other servers I've played on, giving new players a more obvious method of selecting easy maps and experienced players an easier way of selecting maps they haven't done yet.
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    Welcome back mate. Saw you on Stronghold there a while ago.
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    I'll have you know that i invented nothing, so what i'm typing right now is a waste of time......
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    Ye, well I have the time stone!
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    I am time
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    I need your opinions for an idea I've had with the surf start and finish zones. Do you think I should lower the start and finish zones so people cant exploit the start zones? It could possibly give the main replay bot a better replay for you, because it would show from the start to end. No hidden things behind the start zone. (Apart from maps that let you gain a permanent speed boost at the start like aircontrol) If you have any questions, feel free to post them below.
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    I invented time.

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