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    We are excited to announce the biggest update yet, The Easter 2019 Update. Click on the image above to view some information about the update. The update will be going live at 23:00 BST on 10th April.
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    After a comprehensive look at the update I've got a couple of changes and fixes that I'd like to suggest for QoL. Input and opinion is appreciated, will probably have other ideas too! Excuse my shit paint skills. 1. I really like the new map overview, I think it would be cool if you could nominate a map for the next vote from this screen. On both the completed and uncompleted map sections: 2. Map Overview and Player Info shouldn't be two pages, one combined one would be far better and more efficient. 3. Rank progress bar should be at the top of the ranks page as well as/rather than on the player information page; you shouldn't have to flick between the two to see your progress. 4. Inventory system search management is frustrating to use, if you search for something the search options feel clunky and complicated, it needs to be more sleek in my opinion, furthermore; it is a problem when I search for an item and then use the search to sell something; it resets and I have research. Make it stay on the search page and place a reset button in a corner. 5. No MP5 in the weapon search box 6. Rarity filter in an odd and counter-intuitive order. Make it go from grey to gold/yellow. 7. Leaderboards should have numbers on the rankings, it's hard to tell where you actually place when looking at them. 8. Personal opinon, no one uses the challenge page and it shouldn't have it's own area. Either should be removed or placed in something like player information. 9. Use the complete/uncompleted section on the map votes in order to give people a better understanding of the maps they have and haven't done so that they can more actively pursue completing every map. Edit: Strike through things have been done, italics are not being done due to UI updates later in the year.
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    Nominate Button added Team Select UI updated Number added to the leaderboards I'm working on some more at the moment.
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    I really appreciate the feedback. I will put some page consolidation for the new F1 menu on my to-do list, I think you are right about that one. As for the Inventory stuff, there is a planned re-write of the entire UI this year, so while I understand it's frustrating to use, at the moment there's no incentive to fix it considering it's going to be thrown out and re-done in the near future. And I really like your idea for the changes to the map voting UI, again this is something I will look at implementing, not just for Timer based game modes, but others can utilize the ability to show extra information on the voting screen. And yeah, there should be a number on the leaderboards, a bit of an oversight from myself. Thanks! Edit: Here's the link for the upcoming UI re-write: https://trello.com/c/TOaPEiEm/205-panorama-inventory-re-design
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    In Early 2018, we released Discord Rich Presence, which used RPC over HTTP, however Discord soon removed this. After this we had a experiment program called Discord RPC over HTTP, which a few people in the community installed. While this worked, It wasn't without it's problems. So today we are officially releasing a module for this (Source: https://github.com/Donkie/gm_discord_rpc) under a easy to use installer. Note: This will only work once the Easter Update comes out, as this requires a code change on the client side code also. However, in preparation for the update, you can now download and install from here:
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    For the past year or so, we've used Atlassian Confluence to host various documentation and the help center. Our new system to replace this is now released and the most important documentation has been migrated. We created our version for a few reasons: It can integrate with our existing account system We can assign collaborators to contribute to documentation. Licensing costs ($10 for 10 users, $2400 for 20 users) No user account limits. Going forward we are going to migrate more content over such as the admin/moderator procedures, however for now, critical pages have been migrated. For content creators, the new Content Creation section can be found here: https://warzone.gg/content/view/1-content-creation The Help center can be found here: https://warzone.gg/content/view/2-help-center Although with the Help Center, the majority of documentation has not been ported over due to it being either incorrect or out of date, we will be starting this from scratch. As such, the existing Confluence system will be shut down from tomorrow (Saturday 23rd March). If there's any documentation that's missing or is incorrect please reply to this thread as soon as possible.
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    Today the Web Case system is now out of beta. A lot of people have been testing it already, and at long last it's now stable and ready for general use. To get started head on over to your Inventory and right click on any case and click "Open" https://warzone.gg/profile/inventory# If you do find any issues, feel free to log them here: https://warzone.gg/forum/index.php?/bugtracker/
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    Hello to the zero people who bothered to read the S&Box post fully, get ready because here comes another ramble There's been a lot of advancements in Graphics in the last year. With some of the main features being buzz marketing like RTX, but in the background a lot of rendering optimisations and algorithms have been made by NVidia. Following those, here are some plans for the next big version of Skin Renderer. Blender 2.8 Blender 2.8 is the largest upcoming version of the application, and is currently in Beta stage. The interface has received a complete overhaul, new features have been added, and optimisations for what's already around. Skin Renderer will be continuing as a Beta on this branch, with the new name Skin Studio. With this, I can't guarantee 100% stability or support on some hardware, but Skin Renderer will still be available on the current 2.79b branch available through Steam, with the occasional new update. So, what comes with Skin Studio? Realtime Rendering 2.8 includes a new Rendering Engine called Eevee, which can deliver Unreal Engine-level graphics in realtime. With Skin Studio, you'll be able to seamlessly swap between these two and choose between accurate quality or instant renders. This should help for anyone with lower-spec systems or simply wants a draft quickly. As this takes a LOT of tweaking to look even slightly comparable to a proper render, your mileage will vary. Here's a very work in progress teaser that rendered in less than half a second. HDRI and Post Processing Improvements Technically, the HDRI (image lighting) and Material setup is accurate enough to create some near to photorealistic renders with a decent amount of tweaking. However, with some adjusting behind the scenes, these can aesthetically look a lot nicer than the current results. There isn't much way of showing this without some final examples (which will be up in contentcreation within a week or so), but it'll improve the quality of image-based lighting by a mile. There will also be a lot more post-processing options, including Depth of Field set after the render is complete, color-grading options, LUTs, and Camera Profiles. With a lot of work and some tutorial videos that'll follow a release, renders will already come out looking really nice before going into Photoshop. Tools, Props, and UI With the new version, the UI will get (another) rehauling, along with plenty more props for you to play with. Pre-created materials, more Studio environments, manipulation tools for controlling weapons, and Ammo calibers and props to decorate the scene with. As well as this, there may be tools to actually do some skin creation work in Blender. Some tools could include baking edge maps, painting directly on to the weapon (significantly better than Photoshop's 3D interface), Normal Map exporting, possibly more. Also, the setup for Thumbnail Renders will be available in this build and toggleable. Integrations Thanks to NVidia's OptiX Library, denoising can be improved massively over the native tools. D-NOISE is a plugin developed by Remington Graphics, and uses OptiX Deep Learning Denoising to clean up images. This goes from getting rid of some subtle noise to fixing almost unusable grain. As Skin Studio doesn't need many light bounces for few models, D-NOISE can work at insanely low sample counts and still work out fairly well too. Here's an example at 5 samples against the default denoiser (open it in a new tab and zoom in) As well as this, there will be an experimental build of Blender in the works (not publicly available through link) which will give up to double the performance for NVidia GPUs, 1.2x performance for CPUs, and significantly better Hybrid Rendering support. More details on that in the future. Note: D-NOISE requires an NV GTX 600+ Card with GeForce 390.xx+ drivers I'll be adding more to this thread within the next few days with more details, some screenshots of examples/the UI, and hopefully soon we'll be doing some open testing through Discord.
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    Just awnser the poll lmao
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