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    Images/Videos: Floats; Moon Radiance; Dark Eclipse; Skin Description: Two floats of a Desert Eagle that I spent quite a while on. This time using no external images and using the shapes at hand in Photoshop. Along with glowing lines and a blue glowing moon on the Dark Eclipse float. (Credit to Chaotix for fixing the Glow and providing the Dark Eclipse screenshots) Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: I've spent almost 200 hours in WarZone; so I decided it was time to spend external time making a nice looking skin with floats and glows. So, in sense I'm giving to the community in a creative way. External images used: None!
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    Name: SSJ Goku Type: Sticker Images: Normal Holo Foil Description: The Last Saiyan Warrior, Son Goku. Witness the true power of the legendary warriors heart, cry out rage and anger, Why do you want your graffiti or sticker to appear on WarZone Gaming?: Well there not much people submit the stickers, but I use the logo idea from game called Dragonball Legend, and got me idea to make this into sticker which look very nice. even the in channel saying positive. So I make it and giving user seeing happy, enjoy. Additional Comments: Sadly the Holo and foil doesn't support Garry Mod so I made it my own but doesn't have effect on sticker.
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    Same goes as I said before with these skins. It's an awesome idea, and are okay, but it feels like this is better as a project, rather than a skin. This might be best to use on guns, where you can remove sections, to create an interesting effect. Wire frame itself is associated with missing textures, which to some might be the main off-putting thing about them, which I feel the same about. Maybe try something to remove stocks or barrels of a weapon? This could be a more suitable way to implement the concept, which is incredibly interesting, and should be looked into, as I feel there's a lot of potential
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    The 2018 Christmas update is finally here! The update will be deploying at 08:00 GMT on the 1st December 2018 Here's the highlights. Weapon Re-Port The main focus of the update was re-porting the weapons from CS:GO to Garry's Mod to allow for a number of improvements such as a better and more optimized StatTrak module for guns, UID Nametags for custom names. Along with this re-port includes a new set of weapon sounds. Inspecting now includes StatTrak and UID models Panorama Inspecting For Weapons (For now) there are now multiple inspecting modes, namely weapon rotate and playermodel views. Nametag Improvements As mentioned previously, nametags have been improved, along with that, there is a new UI Server List Panorama Update This update also includes a Panorama UI update for the !swapme / Servers list Festive Updates As with last year, the server is very festive again. There is now a Christmas version of ttt_minecraft_b5 and the Skin Testing Market On certain maps, namely: sh_lockdown, Minecraft B5, Cinema, Market, there are Christmas trees placed with presents that are spawned. Every player can open one present from under the tree per day, and presents contain items from both of the new cases. Skin Testing Market Map Christmas Minecraft Christmas Menu & Advent Calendar In the escape menu there is now a new Christmas section containing a Christmas countdown, advent calendar and received items. The Advent Calendar, you can open a slot each day and get an item from both of the new cases.
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    Images/Videos: Float 1 - Cobalt Float 2 - Uranium Float 3 - Copper Float 4 - Quartz Float 5 - Anodised Aluminium Float 6 - Ruby Float 7 - Gold Skin Description: A stiletto skin based on the pattern of liquid metal, formed out of the finest cruicible in the land, and forged by the greatest blacksmiths within the land. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: Being the third of its kind, i thought i would try to use this pattern with the newer knives, and the stiletto seems to fit it well. the stiletto also suppports $colour to place multiple floats using one vtf file. The colours seen here are different to the other knives, and should be used when looking at the colour used in the other made knives of such floats External images used:
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    I Remove the glow because I don't even know how to make colour float base into white base and it and tbh it look werid when colour bit glow, so I made it into normal skin without glow effect. AWP Texture quality some how become low quality in game which the texture that I use is 1920x589. I trying to fix it alot of times and still didn't work. so I just leave as that. This what it look like in photoshop Images/Videos: Blue Green Red Orange Yellow Rainbow skin Description: It a Nice looking weapon, but it has a greater power within this rifle, If the user pull the trigger. The opponent will feel the wrath of mighty Dragon. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: I want to add this into game is because when I look at random skin on internet when I saw AK-47 | Chaos Dragon (Serious I found it on internet) from different game, I got idea making using some ideas from AK-47. So I made this skin, look very nice, I don't if this will be added to game because I have trouble trying to fix this Image quality in game because I tested in game and make image into low. External images used:
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    Images/Videos: Skin Description: From the jungles in Africa to the plains in Asia, these marvellous beasts roam the land stalking and hunting prey, silent and deadly. Most of the time, they prefer to stay hidden under the cover of darkness, to avoid any suspicion from the chosen prey, waiting to find the perfect time to attack. This skin is based on the fact that although panthers might not be easy to find, if you look hard enough and pay attention you can find them, just the same as how you can find the weak points for your enemy; hence the slogan "Choose your Prey". Side Comment: Nice galaxy tips on the midnight gloves Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: I feel as though there aren't many Sawed-Off skins that actually look casual enough (Without distracting the player) to play with, and as such, I designed this skin with multiple mammals in mind; however with college exams coming up, I decided to keep it to the base Panther. External images used:
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    WireFrame | Knife set #1 Images/Videos: Ghost Versions Neon Versions Soulless Versions Skin Description: I decided to play around with the "alphatest" code and came out with these knives, each using the pre-made wireframe to define the harsh edges and the smooth lines of the blade, whilst keeping the handle intact. However, I'm not entirely sure that this set would even be allowed to be added, as it could be classed as an "Unfair Advantage" due to the knife being transparent. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: I just thought it was a neat concept and that it would be unique, varying from all the other tessellating patterns, and the other colour schemes that come with those knives. External images used: None
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    Nice work done. Very impressive, and everything looks nice, would be awesome to own some of these
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    Fingerless Gloves | XRay Images/Videos: Skin Description: These fingerless gloves have been designed with a special pannel that penetrates the skin to reveal the bones underneath. This method is extremely useful in the field, as it can be used to see if any fractures or breaks have been made from the constant fire and recoil of weapons (If used incorrectly). However, with the radiation used to display the bones inside of the hand, long exposure is highly advised to be avoided, as it can cause cancer in the skin, muscle and bones. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: Need I say more? (Dunno if Zero just doesn't want to include the model but ehh) External images used: None (Besides references; however, I drew the hand, by hand)
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    Like the skin, looks amazing, and I'd like to own it I just don't feel that selfillum works for it, almost if its just slapped on there for the sake of being on there. The idea is best represented where a sort of 'illuminated section' of the skin is, hence selfillum. This is a good idea for your x Ray gloves, where the white illuminates, almost like an actual x Ray, or where fire/light is shown on a skin. Its nice nevertheless, but I feel like removing the selfillum would suit it a tad better
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    Images/Videos: Skin Description: The most advance weaponize automatic rifle, M4A4 with skill to their user with amazing colour, like blue. Great to exterminate your enemy. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: I'm making this skin to give player enjoyment trying play with is skin. Most idea I borrow from unturned weapon skin. Try to make this skin give player enjoyment of using this skin. External images used:
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    So, it's that time of year again... and this year I have deciding to do something special! This year I will be hosting a 7 Day Giveaway from the 19th December - 25th December. 1 Prize everyday, all you have to do is answer the question of the day! All correct answers will be put into a randomizer and the winner will be announced as well as the prize for that day. All days entries close at 8PM GMT. Winner will be announced at ~9pm GMT! Now, although I will not be announcing the prizes for the 7 days now, I will be telling you the rarity of the item! They are as follows: Day One (19th): Pink Day Two (20th): StatTrak™ Pink Day Three (21st): Red Day Four (22nd): StatTrak™ Red Day Five (23rd): ★ Knife Day Six (24th): StatTrak™ ★ Knife Day Seven (25th): ✪ Gloves I hope you all have a brilliant christmas and good luck to those who enter!
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    Holy shit that skin looks good.
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    Images/Videos: 1f1c8ae6217b8f5a7dc853d619aec4b9.mp4 Skin Description:A simplistic body style used with a flowing lava-like animated magazine, the PP Bizon is a jack of all trades, master of none, with high fire rate and bullets, but low range and high recoil. it has been designed in the finest smelteries, and contained its molten structure Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: I dont recall many (if any at all) bizon skins be made, and i thought this skin was really nice, establishing the idea of animated textures again, to make a skin look different and unique. i was really proud of the result. External images used: yes only one was used
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    I got to agree with royal here. I would know from experience that the more images you use to create the texture, the more complicated it will get. This often doesnt work as the colours never blend correctly, which makes the skin look disconnected. It seems more like a 4 skins merged into one, and the result whilst not the worst, isn't as good as could be. A good tip of advice is that it really does take a lot of experimenting with images to fully grasp what the final and complete looking skin will look like. So maybe you could use one background image, with the nekopara characters, and maybe a new effect could be made, but as said give things a try and see what works for you.
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    I’m stunned. Here’s some brutal honesty because this will help you with future skins in the long run. Try not to slap a bunch of pics on a layer cause first as Royal pointed out, it doesn’t always match up and looks lazy. Also, try take some time with your creations, as many content creators will tell you (sponge especially) it takes time to make a good quality skin. So take on this feedback, please.
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    This skin could be a whole lot better if the points of the skin matched up. Going from a solid split like that on a picture simply doesn't work well. Try to match up the pictures and it could work a whole lot better in my opinion! :D
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    To me, it seems like you've just described Stronghold.

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