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    Hey all, so this is a small idea that I thought of around 10 months back but never thought to ask about it. The concept of it is that whenever you 'Love' a song then these loves go onto a personal page where it can store your loves. This way you can keep track of songs you have loved and if there's a song you wanna find and you don't remember the name of, yet you have loved it. You can simply go through the loved songs and find it with ease. This makes things easier and creates more player interaction within the radio. Any further ideas or comments on this idea is greatly appreciated. Positive or not. Thanks, - Embers.
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    Images: Nova Xm1014 Mag7 Sawed-Off Skin Description: Express all the colours of the spectrum with these unique shotguns. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: I feel like these should be added to WarZone as I spent a lot if time working on these skins and i feel as though they have been well reviewed so far. The shotguns do not get the love they deserve in the skin community so I took it upon myself to let them be recognized once again. External images used: Nope Additional Comments Thanks for checking this out , and providing feedback!
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    So what? This skin was made in January, so was yours? A few skins that are, as you would quote "shit" or "copy and paste" have been accepted. When the management team decided on what gets accepted and what doesn't, we take a variety of factors in. I couldn't care less if it's copy and paste if it meets our standards. How many skins have you got accepted? Hmm, let me see.... NONE How many skins has Callum had accepted? Hmm? Over 10 at least. You are hardly one to attack other content creators with accepted skins when you have absolutely NONE added. In fact, all the skins you made, were quite frankly, shit It's not nice, is it? Either give valid criticism in a respectful manner or don't at all. It's quite simple really. Anyway, since this is my forum I've got the final word in and I'm closing this topic. @le funny @Pi.mp3 and of course, the one and only @BlueLagoonFM you are hereby having your rights revoked from creating topics and replying in any content creation submission forum section, since all of you seem to lack the mental capacity to give criticism in a respectful manner and just say "OMG COPY AND PASTE OMG IT'S SHIT" Learn to show some fucking respect and most importantly, learn how to give constructive criticism. It's clear the three of you have some kind of circle jerk going on, mean while the people you attack for creating "shit skins" or "copying and pasting" have more accepted skins than all of you combined. Have a lovely day.
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    The Gungame #2 update is finally here! This update contains the rewrite of Gungame and loads of new community content created items. Double XP We have not done one in a long while, so from now until Monday 11PM GMT, we are hosting another Double XP & Money weekend to celebrate the launch of Gungame #2
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    Welcome back! Goodluck on your GCSE's, hope you do extremely well on them! :3
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    Nice to meet you, i've seen you on discord now and then. If you ever see me on Stronghold or TTT give us a hello.
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    This week I will be giving away Sport Gloves | Hedge Maze to one lucky winner. To enter this competition you need to like our Facebook or follow our Twitter page - you need to message me your name on either platform if you haven't done so already.
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    "I'm getting fucked by a pig in a corner" - @Callum (Blazingstardude)
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    remove some shitty maps like Japan , a few variants of Machine , masogs comeback , eternity , prime time and hang time
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    Thank you for considering my point of view and I'll make sure nothing like this will happen again.
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    Skin Name: Auquatic Weapon/Glove: Bloodhound Gloves Images: Skin Description: A simple oceanic blue themed skin of bloodhound gloves, keeping the style of the gloves untouched Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: There are few glove skins to be seen for the bloodhound gloves, it would be nice to see some more added. External images used: none Additional Comments: nope
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    Thanks, i appreciate it
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    Okay that will stop from now on with the limited power I have. I understand your frustration that other people are just doing it to annoy you, which shouldn't happen. I am a part of this group but I will stop myself and do my best to make other people stop too. Obviously I cant stop all of it all the time but whenever I see anyone trying to provoke or annoy you I will put a stop to it, message me if I don't catch it. I will also do my best to have the @botty command removed from the bot because it's literally something there just to annoy you, and I'm sure it does annoy you. I cant guarantee this but I will push for it to happen. You being muted will probably stay for the foreseeable future but all the spam of @botty and other things just there literally to annoy you will stop.
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    Well, let's see now. You got banned once already, you got unbanned because you nicely asked. So, once you got unbanned but you kept doing your little ;-; spam, but even after we got the bot to remove your messages for doing that (You overuse it) you still didn't get the message. You then proceeded to actively circumvent it by changing the characters to use your stupid little emote, we then banned that. I think at this point, it's quite clear that you won't ever change, you will constantly get told to stop doing something and then forget it 24 hours later and continue doing it. In the Management meeting, we agreed a ban on you of some kind, and it was decided a perma mute. Be thankful it's not a ban. Did I answer your question?
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    I feel bad for you... I thought it was a meme from the beginning but you actually got muted ;-;
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    Looking through your post history, the ban will be removed. I'm sure you understand why it was put there in the first place. We want to try to keep toxic posts out of the forums and you know, the whole 'great job my ass' wasn't the best choice of words. I can think of 100 ways to reply to the topic saying something nicer and more respectful than that, while defending my point too. For example, if I was to reply, I would say something like 'I personally don't like the skin for these reasons and this is what you can do to improve' There was no need for this whole situation, everyone should of just been more respectful to each other and then nobody would have been punished - from my perspective it's easy to give criticism while being respectful at the same time, like I am doing in this topic. If you have anymore questions please reply. It's nothing personal, the whole situation just turned into a shit show so action had to be taken.
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    Skin Name: Glock 18 Lit Fam,Usp-S Weeb Trash Weapon/Glove: Glock 18,Usp-S Images: Skin Description:It is obliviously the most creative skins ever and is pretty RaD Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?:I want my skin to appear becasue I think warzone needs TRASH in it well Im not trying to say there isnt trash already not to name some guns but the glock has "good" skins External images used:Well Emojis arent copyright so and also I may of lost my emoji files so have a cat Additional Comments:If you actually want the external images I will send them to you
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    Sicc. The name is very fitting as well.
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    It's just a CTRL C + CTRL V Not much effort really.
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    as if we didn't have enough already with galaxies xD gj
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    Aww wtf you got Interactive Media as a BTEC. I got Media Studies as an A-level -.- it sucks and we learn literally nothing.
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    jesus guys lets just all agree that callums skin is shit and copy paste.
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    So you think the skins should be added because the the current ones are bollocks and we should add more shitty 20 second, ms paint skins? Eh.jpg But like Callum said. Lives up to the name.