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This Week's Events

Christmas Movie - Elf: https://warzone.gg/movienightinfo?id=28 

Gamenight - Attack of the Mimics: https://warzone.gg/gamenightinfo?id=20

SurfDM & Gungame Testing: https://warzone.gg/gamenightinfo?id=21

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Convoy: https://warzone.gg/gamenightinfo?id=19


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    Throughout the month of December We shall be giving away all types of game codes, 99% Of these games came from The Humble Bundle and were donated by one of our amazing Senior Admins @archilles392 Without him this would not be possible please share the love and tell him you love him! We had various other donators however Archilles was the main contributor. How will this work? Either the code will be randomly posted on either, Facebook, Twitter, Discord or the forums. Another way a code will be won is with a challenge if this be a riddle, puzzle or short 3 question quiz, If a challenge is announced all answers MUST be Pm to myself. I shall announce the way the code will be redeemed everyday in the comments of this post. All games vary from being dirt cheap to being a AAA rated game. The game will not be announced however codes will so the surprise it all yours. However on December 25th the remaining game codes will be released including Borderlands 2 with ALL DLCs. If you have any game codes to contribute to this giveaway please pm me them! Goodluck!
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    As you probably all know by now, a vote for Net Neutrality in the United States is due to happen today, on the 14th December. If you don't know what any of this means, Net Neutrality is a set of laws in the US which prevent Internet Providers from restricting access and internet speeds freely. The FCC has been pushing to remove these laws despite public protest, and they could succeed tomorrow. For example, under a Service Provider, Facebook might load much slower, or be blocked entirely. You would have to pay to make it run faster or even access it, or use a sponsored alternative for free, such as MySpace. These laws aren't being passed to benefit the public at all. They're solely to take internet freedom from you, and make you pay to get it back. Even if you don't live in the US, this might affect you. Services such as Steam could potentially take a big hit and may have to change how they operate, and of course, if you live in the United States then you could potentially have the restrictions listed above on your access to the internet. If the vote is passed, other countries could be encouraged to follow suit. Visit https://www.battleforthenet.com/breaktheinternet/ for some more information. US Citizens can contact Congress directly to protest, and non-US Citizens can join in through Social Media. Or you can watch this.
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    Hi All! So, finally today at 10PM (GMT) the skin testing environment will be launching. a lot of improvements have been made since the initial announcement. We have now introduced a skin screenshot facility, similar to the skin screenshot maps found in CS:GO, except in this case the screenshots automatically add in information which is relevant. See below for a preview You will find this on the Server list under the name "Skin Testing Environment" on the website and on !swapme from 10PM BST. Events We are hosting 4 events this weekend. You can find them below. Gamenight - Attack of the Mimics: https://warzone.gg/gamenightinfo?id=20 - Do you have what it takes to survive? Public Testing - SurfDM & Gungame Weapon Testing: https://warzone.gg/gamenightinfo?id=21 - If you play SurfDM or Gungame, this is an important one! Join us after the gamenight for SurfDM and Gungame weapon changes testing. And finally, This Sunday we are hosting our first TruckersMP Convoy for Eurotruck Simulator 2. You can sign up here: https://warzone.gg/gamenightinfo?id=19
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    Sorry for so many suggestions but this one is short. All I'm suggesting is that the spawn protection works the same way that Stronghold's spawn protect works: Your screen is grey until spawn protection ends. As it stands right now, it's hard to tell when your spawn protection is on and when it's not which makes it difficult to tell when you should fire and when you shouldn't without lots of time spent figuring out how long it is.
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    This month's events. With the end of the year around the corner I'd just like to announce some events (Either already planned in the upcoming events part of our website, or not yet announced) Starting with the movie night: Home Alone (8/12/2017 20:00 GMT+1) Then continuing on with the movie night: Elf (15/12/2017 20:00 GMT+1) and The Polar Express (22/12/2017 20:00 GMT+1) On the first day of Christmas (25/12/2017) the WarZone top 200 (Perhaps more, it depends on how much songs have a rating) will play on the WarZone Radio, this is planned to go through the entire day, though it depends on how much songs end up in the queue (This will both be of the removed ratings done by me about less than a month ago, and the one's that currently exist now) Continuing on that same day the 2X XP event will start off, lasting all the way from 25/12/2017 01:00 GMT+1 to 2/1/2018 01:00 GMT +1 And last but not least on that same day is the mad market giveaway, which basically puts the whole inventory of the WarZone bot up for sale on the market, including the knives (All equipped with Stattrak) and the weapons (Also all including stattrak) along with over 400 cases. (Thanks to @Kitty Cat for helping me unbox over 200 of these) Then on the 31st of December at 19:00 GMT+1 starts the fireworks on Stronghold, at this point the hourly Christmas case giveaway also starts (You only have to be connected to a server for a set few minutes to get the case) until 1/1/2018 01:00 GMT+1 That should be all, have fun
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    This man knows whatsup, although mine would be afghan/skidrow <:)
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    Hello everyone, I was going to make a huge update with a lot more material than the list below, but due to unfortunate circumstances that is no longer possible, so here's the list of my additions, some radio suggestions, and some must have's that are being added tonight: 30 Seconds to Mars - Walk on Water Arctic Monkeys - Mardy Bum Black Honey - Dig Blondie - Call Me BLOXX - Coke Bow Wow Wow - I Want Candy Circa Waves - Fire That Burns Circa Waves - Fossils Circa Waves - T-Shirt Weather Dan Owen - Hideaway Death from Above 1979 - Freeze Me DREAMERS - Painkiller Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) Florence & the Machine - Shake it Out Florence & the Machine - You've Got the Love Foster the People - Pumped up Kicks Genesis - Jesus He Knows Me Gin Wigmore - Black Sheep Gin Wigmore - Kill of the Night Gin Wigmore - Willing to Die Glass Peaks - Hold Me Closer Glass Peaks - Speak and Spell Gossip - Heavy Cross Gossip - Move in the Right Direction Gossip - Pop Goes the World Gossip - Standing in the Way of Control Grace Mitchell - Kids (Ain't All Right) Icona Pop - I Don't Care Jamie T - Zombie Joseph J. Jones - Crawl Kaleo - No Good Kyd the Band - American Dreamer Lindsey Stirling - Crystalize Lindsey Stirling - Song of the Caged Bird Lower than Atlantis - Here We Go Luna Bay - Colours Luna Bay - Little Amsterdam Luna Bay - Smoke and Mirrors Maroon 5 - Maps Martin Luke Brown - Opalite Motionless in White - Recincarnate Motionless in White - Voices Nothing But Thieves - Broken Machine (full length album excluding two previously added singles that appear on the album) Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks Only Shadows - Fight Milk Outsider - Miol Mor Mara Peter Bjorn and John - Young Folks Pvris - What's Wrong Reef - Place Your Hands Royal Blood - Lights Out Rudimental - Home (full length album) and We the Generation (full length album) Saint Raymond - We are Fire Starset - Transmissions (full length album) and Vessels (full length album) for my man @EmbersOfTheFlame Stereo Honey - Angel Stereo Honey - The Bay Stereo Honey - The Heart Sundara Karma - Flame Sundara Karma - She Said Talk Talk - It's My Life Talking Heads - Psycho Killer Tame Impala - Elephant Tash Sultana - Jungle Ten Tonnes - Cracks Between TENDER - Vow The 1975 - Chocolate The 1975 - Milk The Academic - Different The Amazons - self-titled full length album The Doors - Break on Through (to the Other Side) The Fratellis - Chelsea Dagger The Heavy - How You Like Me Now The Hunna - Bonfire The Hunna - She's Casual The Killers - Run for Cover The Score - Legend The Sherlocks - Will You Be There The Shins - Simple Song The Tin Pigeons - Sparks The Wombats - Moving to New York The Wrecks - Favorite Liar Twin Wild - Willow Tree Two Door Cinema Club - What You Know Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun Vistas - Hold Me Welshly Arms - Legendary X Ambassadors - Ahead of Myself You Me at Six - Loverboy You Me at Six - Room to Breathe The songs will be added to the database in a few minutes and from then you can request them... Or just admire ZeRo's amazing contribution to the radio with Big Shaq.
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    Introducing, TruckersMP Convoys! WarZone is now holding weekly (depending on player count) convoys. The aim of this is to get us that regularly play TruckersMP together once a week and hold a small event where we all drive around in a convoy. Make sure you are on Teamspeak, if you can't join TS it will be 10x harder for us to convoy, and have your player tag set to WarZone Logistics (blue 0, red 0, green 255). These are the only requirements. For this event we will be obeying proper road rules. This includes sticking to speed limits, traffics lights, proper road rules regarding lanes, etc. If this is not your cup of tea, don't join the event. The starting point for the first convoy we are holding is at the hotel in Glasgow, Scotland. Please be on Teamspeak and in-game ready to go at 6:00 (UK time) Sunday the 17th of December, 2017. The event will last approximately 2 hours. Server: Europe 1 Routes will be confirmed closer to the date. Attending (6/Unlimited) vlodern ZeRo HulaHoop puk413 Paradox Screamoheart Interested Blazing Hope to see some of you there!
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    Skin Testing Environment. Firstly, I'd like to introduce the brand new Skin Testing environment. But what is it, I hear you say? The Skin Testing Environment allows you to pick any Weapon, Knife or glove skin and test them on that specific server. See below for some screenshots. Set in an Italian Market place, there are 3 dealers for Weapon Skins, Knife Skins and gloves. Go up to any dealer and press your USE key You can now browse every skin. This includes Store, Case only and exclusive items. The map also features a shooting range so you can test drive any weapon with a skin In this server your equipped skins are completely disregarded, you wont be able to use them in the server. In the next major website update we intend to add a button to the Item Wiki which is simply "Inspect In-Game", you will then be launched in to this server and given the item you were viewing on the wiki page automatically. The Skin Testing Environment will be launching sometime this week. Expected Wednesday 6th Christmas Movies As part of our on going Christmas events, it wouldn't be complete without some Christmas movies, would it? The following movies will be played rather than the democratic voted movies throughout December. Home Alone - 08/12: https://warzone.gg/movienightinfo?id=27 Elf - 15/12: https://warzone.gg/movienightinfo?id=28 The Polar Express: https://warzone.gg/movienightinfo?id=29
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    Finally the new update is coming, long wait I know. But it has been alot of bugs doing these new addons. I want to thank Riimyr for all the help he did with the economy and bug testing when it wasnt in a presentable state. The new update will include new jobs such as moonshine, M9K, cocain etc If you find any bugs, either report them on the forum or message me on the forum, and I will try my best and fix them as fast as I can
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    Day 3: I am not alive but I can grow. I do not have lungs but I need air to survive. What am I?
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    Today we are announcing the 2017 Christmas Update. We have been working for the whole of November to get a fantastic seasonal update out to all of our great players and here it finally is! Click on the image to find out more! (Or just click here: https://warzone.gg/updates/2017christmas/) The update will be going live on 1st December.
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    Heyo, As of today I've reorganized the radio to work with categories rather than just picking a song at random, this way controlling whatever it plays becomes a lot easier, as we can just attune the category list to what it plays. I've set up a pretty basic one for now, but it should get better by the time the likes / dislikes go up again (They are now reset so measuring becomes more accurate) of course I'll have to manually move songs around (lole) to fit the likes / dislikes on a particular song, but that should be no problem. With this change I might have overdone or underdone a particular category of the radio, so if you think a category is coming up too frequent or too less then feel free to put a message in by the discord server in the #radio channel, also feel free to let me know if something you've previously suggested isn't able to be requested anymore. As all the folders had to be sorted out in the categories, and I might have missed some.
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    "Incest is nice, but do you know what's even nicer? Bestiality." - Callum @Blazingstardude @TheSinkingSponge @ZeRo @Papa Gornot
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    i have come to a conclusion and now realise from past experience of admins that this one, Viledas, is not a particularly good one. he/she gives false final warning, does not reason with players or listen to their argument as in my case i shot a traitor and as i did this later i was warned for RDM because i accidentally did damage to an innocent, in another case, this being my friend's, he was messing around with grenades killing himself as he wanted to play dm with me, he was warned because in Viledas's words, "you did 3 damage to another player" at least that is partly what he/she said. in conclusion i think he/she should be demoted as he/she is breaking multiple rules of being an admin.
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    If that's where a script is used to make your character bhop/bhop easier, then no it isn't.
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    "I have a camel toe" ~ @MrTwD
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    By PMing @HulaHoop probably meant here on the forums. If multiple people answer the question correctly, only one of them will get the code (since there's only 1 code per game). I don't know how he decides which one of the right players gets it tho, but probably the first one who has the right answer OR he just picks one of the right answers at random by using a randomizer.
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    " @MrTwD would die if he was in Asia, He would be mass producing lolis" @Not Alfred
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    Could add a similar feature to COD and have like custom nameplates that are cased or unlocked at ranks like in COD that hold your name instead of the default thing.
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    @archilles392 @Viledas
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    @archilles392 @Viledas
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    As it says in the title, I want to suggest that people can use models that disadvantage or provide no advantage to the player in pvp. For example, models with hitboxes that are harder to hit, or playermodels that look like they should have bigger hitboxes but they don't (similar to using the Deadmau5 hat) shouldn't be allowed, but I believe personally that if someone has a model that makes them easier to see, or with bigger hitboxes, or if it makes no noticeable difference, people should be allowed to use them. It's like putting a trail on in Stronghold, people can show off their flair and it's much more customised to you. ((i was going to use hats as an example but a lot just trick you into trying to headshot things like the Rubix Cube or the Deadmau5 hat, and you miss.)) As it stands right now, the only place you can actually use any playermodels are in surf, cinema and bhop, and I hope people can use more models in other gamemodes like TTT, Stronghold and Gungame. Edit for extra clarification: Models I'm putting in advantages are either smaller or bigger than their designated hitboxes or provide some other advantage that you wouldn't have access to otherwise. (e.g, if Neko-Chan has regular HL2 hitboxes, but because it's shorter, people will think the head is lower than the hitbox actually is. Similar to PuggaMaximus.) Ones that are just a tiny bit misleading don't really fall anywhere, like Reaper, Darth Vader, or Boba Fett, who have extra parts to their models like capes and wings, but don't make sense if you'd try and shoot them. This isn't the same as models like Skeleton which are VERY misleading, but that goes back up to the advantages section. Disadvantaging models either have bigger hitboxes or have regular hitboxes but ways that tell you where people are, like Mercy, (I don't know if any of the other models have fucked hitboxes.)
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    Kid Cudi - Pursuit Of Happiness(Steve Aoki Remix) Avicii & Nicky Romero vs Linkin Park - I Could Be Numb (DJ Sky Jackson Bootleg) Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around Comes Around Bob Sinclar feat. Akon - Til The Sun Rise Up Dance Republic - Ghost Town (Chris Diver Remix Edit) The Rains of Castamere Instrumental Joost - Scandinavian Boy (prod. Ramiks) Manuel - Gas Gas Gas Lucky Charmes - SKANK (Extended Mix) Mike Posner - Cooler than me
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    @Satti "two fists will never stop being effective" @Not Alfred @MrTwD @puk413
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    "Im gonna park right in @Screamoheart - @puk413
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    Do I really need to say it? (Also TS3 though, gg IVIodern) And....
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    "I want fractured butthole" @Muffin @Blazingstardude @MrTwD
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    "well thinking of it, I got a hardon by thinking of a strapon up my ass" @Blazingstardude
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    the concept is really nice. however i dont know how easy it is to get some of those clips really. it kinda depends on the fact that you have to hope youre recording at the time to get the clip but i suppose theres a way to solve that.
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    Inspect element doesn't count ._________.
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    @Not Alfred Hmmmmm....
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    This is a really good idea. I'll look at adding this in the next market update.
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    Garlic mayo is the only way to go my friend
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    Latest pic of me I guess
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    The Shins- Simple Song Awolnation - Kill your Heroes And maybe some more IN THIS MOMENT, especially Blood and Roots
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    @archilles392 looking for my crush.
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    Welcome to my edgiest blog post yet. Basically what I want to do in this blogpost is tell you a few of my views, because fuck it why not (plus I kinda forgot about the movie shit and I highly doubt I'll ever continue it xD) Also I might work any one of these out further in the future, if I feel like doing it. First topic, happiness, told you it was going to be edgy. To make a long story short I think the western interpretation of happiness is complete and utter bullshit. Media and entertainment create an immage of the moder world in which it is told that we are supposed to be happy. That's bullshit. We're not supposed to be happy, more often than not we're in a state of nothing. No happiness, no anger, no sadness, just nothing. Whether we're commuting, working on schoolwork, or just working. We're on some sort of automatic pilot that just guides us without real input being needed. We don't really feel anything during that time. Also being constantly happy would mean that every single setback would hit way harder. Life, as it is, consists of periods of happiness, sadness, boredom etc. but more often than not it's nothing. Second topic, We are, and will always be, alone. Think about it, you might think otherwise but hear me out. You might have friends, family and perhaps even a GF/BF, whom all (supposedly) love you, people with whom you can share your pain and fears, your ups and downs. However do you really tell any of these peope all your problems? Everyting you think about? No, of course not. We keep thoughts to ourself for who can we trust but ourselves? Some tell less to other people, maybe because they've been betrayed in the past, maybe because they don't have anyone to tell shit too. Others tell people more things, maybe they're still innocent and are yet to be betrayed, or maybe they're just naive/ gullible. But no one tells everything. Therefore people will feel alone in groups of friends, or family. In the end Orson Welles' words ring true: "We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone." Third and last topic: Death, Upon our last moments, when we make our peace with God or our thoughts, when no one reaches out to us and the people we've known, friends we've had, family we've known, and the people we've loved all slowly fade away, we're back to nothing but ourselves again. And as we slowly slip into that sweet darkness and death's arms embrace us, we might be filled with regrets, things we have done, and more importantly things we haven't done. That relationship that could've been, that man we could've saved, the friends we've lost, to time, suicide, or anger, the people we've let down. All of these go through you. And as they go and you see their faces one last time, it's only then that you realise that you are but a small man in comparison with what you could've been. During our live we'll inevitably come in contact with regret, and we'll have to learn to live, and die, with that. We'll have to try to make these regrets as few as possible. We must try to take the chances we're presented with. After all, more often than not, A should've is worse than a shouldn't have. People say a person dies three times, When the last thought runs through his head, when his mortal remains are last seen, and when his name is last uttered. I think we need to try and make sure our name will last the generations, that we may not be forgotten, for if a man is forgotten, he's nothing. He's what was, and what never will be again. All the moments of joy, pain, the loves you've known, the hatred you've felt, the things you've done, these are all reduced to nothing, for you have been forgotten. Which is the worst things that could ever happen to a man, it's even been one of the worst punishments known to old civilizations. Well that's that. I might do another one of these if I feel like it. Or I might go further into one of the topics I've already covered. Might do nothing, we'll see. I'll probably make a history blogpost about the punisment though.
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    Ok, Story time with ZeRo. Grab your popcorn, it's a long one. My story dates back to 2004. I was playing a game called Call of Duty: United Offensive (Expansion for CoD 1, Still, imo the best cod game ever made. The first and only cod for battlefield style gameplay). At the time, clans were the cool thing going. So I started a clan called WarZone Gaming. We rented an 8 slot server in The Netherlands for like £40/year, but I would always change the slots in the console and then change the map. ez extra slots. Anyway, between 2004 and 2006, I ran this little clan called WarZone on CoD:UO, and it was great. During that time period, I also started playing Counter-Strike: Source more and more, it was then I discovered Source Engine's ability to show HTML pages in the MOTD. I tried to get it to play some music, It worked. I then tried to get it to play a radio stream. That worked also. Great, I thought. I then started the first (as far as I'm aware) gaming radio aimed at getting CS:S servers to embed our radio. During CS:Sources' peak player counts, the gaming radio I ran peaked at about 5,000 concurrent listeners. This ran between 2006 until late 2007 when we were closed down for not having a radio license. That was the end of that, but then, in 2008 I attempted to do it again, I got caught again, and this time, the licensing authorities demanded I pay £860. Nowadays for me, this is perfectly payable, but back then, still in school with no job, it was hard. So I closed it again. During this point, I done nothing pretty much. I joined the British Army in 2009 when I became 16, left 2 years after in 2011, after this, in December of 2011, WarZone Gaming was reborn. Between 2011 and 2013, WarZone ran mostly CoD4 and MW2 servers. Our expansion in to Garry's Mod was late 2012, early 2013. At the time, our servers were honestly, mediocre as hell. Typical Pointshop addons and the like. As I was learning GLua, I made a "core" system, but it wasn't really that good. Forward to June 2013, WarZone Gaming then closed and I made the jump from the UK to Los Angeles, CA. 2 years later in 2015, I returned back to the UK and started working on Overwatch Gaming. It included an entire Garry's Mod core system rewrite, an entire website rewrite. Overwatch Gaming ran from July 2015 and closed on May 2016. So fast forward a little bit, the original 2016 meetup happened in Hamburg and WarZone Gaming was announced (again). This time with an entire new website a major core code change for Garry's Mod. And here we are today. This is how I found WarZone, a very long 13 year story.