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    Heyo! I've been on Warzone for about a week, give or take, now. And I've had a really great time so far, I figured I'd make an introduction to give most people a brief overview of who I am. My name is Dan, and I live in Sweden, Malmö. I live at home with my mother, and my dogs (One shitty Chihuahua, one Amstaff, and a Black Labrador), and they're fucking awesome, aight? Animals rock. I am currently studying in school to further my education towards training Service Dogs / Drug Dogs / Police Dogs. The past two years, I've worked at a Doggy Daycare / Rehabilitation Center, where I mostly spent my time taking care of aggressive dogs. So far, it appears that my voice is rather liked (Even though I dislike it!), so hey, I like to play around with my voice, let me know if you want some fun ( ). Some things I love are Music, Animals in general, Reading books, and last but not least, Video games (Wow! I had no clue! ). I guess that sums up a somewhat brief introduction. I am perfectly willing to answer -ANY- questions no matter what they are, I have very few things that I don't share. Feel free to add me on Steam if you wish! Just let me know who you are http://steamcommunity.com/id/mr_twd/ Same goes for Discord: SweDan (Mr.TwD)#6893 Thanks! Yours sincerely, Dan
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    <23:36:55> "archilles392": going out with megasubbie be like <23:36:59> "archilles392": 1 apple juice please @Megasubbie @Gornot @FaZe Taylor Swift @Screamoheart @archilles392
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    It all started, in a time when people had brains and common sense not much else. He was a contemporary man, he was a good, solid user. He was the type of person to say things like "how was your day?" and respond to it with peaceful words. Many liked him, he always followed the crowd and was a popular kid around. There was times when he could be salty, sometimes you could hear him saying "my day was bad, please don't annoy me". But, then it all changed suddenly. As the legend goes, he woke up one day and thought to himself, 'I am a boring fella, I need to change my ways'. He got up from his bed and moved 6 inches, then decided he was too lazy to move anymore; he stopped moving. It was all but 3 hours later of thoughtful words, speaking to himself about life problems. He decided to move, this time making it far enough to get some delicious energy into himself. The kitchen was only 7 meters away, yet he found himself struggling once again. A glorious 5 minutes later he makes it there, and spotted something in a far corner of his kitchen. It was, a banana. The thoughts started running through his head, "what can I do with this beautiful piece of gods fruit?" The ideas started to make his pants grow, slightly. He never knew he could be such a thoughtful person, with many excellent ideas coming straight to mind. Stepping closer to the banana, he knew what needed to be done. He thought "back to bed, I need to go", and without second hesitation, that's what he done. Once back in his bedroom he started up his Master Race PC, went straight to Edge™ browser, pulled up his favorite furry website. He looked through the categories, and found one epic category. Catgirl. While beating the meat, and using the banana, in, lets say, odd ways; he decided that it was his new favorite thing to think about. He, eh, finished. Tissues cleaned up, bed made. Glory time has stopped, he then proceeded to exit life.exe and startup Garry's Mod. He stumbled across the servers of the one and only WarZone.gg, and here we are. Part 2 to come, adventure time is only getting started.
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    More ass-kissing, love the idea
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    Agreed. It does sound very positive and everything... but what would be the criteria? Also, of course, staff members should not be allowed to participate if we want to use this to encourage good behavior and anything else. Also, I can already see TTT admins being all like: Fuck, man, there must be like ONE person who didn't break 314 rules in the past week! Come on, people, THINK! *panic ensues* How about... Oh, no wait, that guy played ISIS music... :endlessthonk: xD I'm joking, of course, but yeah, I'm really interested to know the criteria and how we could accomplish voting between admins who don't play the same game modes without excluding a so-called minority.
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    Hello everyone! Thanks for reading my introduction. My name is Bob/Jannick, whatever you feel like is easier to remember. I'm from belgium&I've been playing on this server for a couple of days now (mainly Surf Deathmatch). And I've stubled upon this community by accident but I have no regrets that i did. My hobbies are: Photoshop(Gfx,Photo manipulation,etc), gaming, pentesting (my own systems or my friend's) & Collecting knifes&swords. I hope to meet all of you and also to hang around the server pretty often & check out all the gamemodes. Cheers! Bob/Jannick.
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    Touch the chickens and i shall touch you- @Mr.TwD
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    Garry's Mod Added Dropdown UI system Made some Store UI Changes Store, Inventory, Community Market and Trading are now full buttons with text Added a more button with Preview, Stats, Tradeup Contracts, Collections and Key Activation. Removed the search icon Updated the search box with placeholder text. Added an Inventory Picker Updated Gift Item to use the new Inventory Picker System Updated Player to Player trading to use the new Inventory Picker System. Fixed an issue in the command system where shorter commands that start with the same letter would get picked wrongly. Added Product Key system Stats are now sent to the client instantly on case drops, reflecting the current case drop count. All Custom player models are now disabled on Stronghold due to most having Hitbox and Hitreg issues. Added Meetup 2016 - Hamburg Coin Added Meetup 2017 - Ipswich Coin Implemented Double Case drops as part of Double XP Timer Base (Once zoning changes are completed) More zoning tools for zoners !b / !bonus you can now specify a bonus number to go to. Changed Scoring. Completing the map without improving time will no longer give out points.
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    "I love it when I get squirted on" - @Muffin :3
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    As several of you may have noticed already the Twitter and Facebook accounts have been revived and will be kept active by Myself & @TheLonelyBunney. Currently i shall be posting regular updates on what is going on with the community and announcing radio shows. However in the very near future there will definitely be some Social Media exclusive giveaways. To ensure you are aware of these giveaways i highly recommend following and liking both the Twitter and Facebook pages. Once i have time to catch up with @TheLonelyBunney As he is extremely busy with work currently we shall increase our focus onto Twitch and Youtube, We have heard from several players that they would be interested in a Twitch community ( Some place people can find all streamers streaming WarZone servers ) We shall also be uploading future game nights, prank calls and occasional community fun sessions for example Cards Against Humanity. On top of this in the upcoming weeks i shall be working out the criteria for Player Of The Week. I created a post a week or so ago asking for suggestions and i shall be working on these to publish the exact criteria and rewards given. I shall release more information on this soon. All Social Media can be located below or on the home page of the website.
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    "I know what to name my shotty - Dan's wood, because it sprays a huge load everywhere" - Your very own @Muffin, ladies & gentlemen.
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    It's been almost a month, but I've decided to upload the first out of three parts of the next radio update I'm doing, so here's what's new (*note that some songs are being readded from a higher quality source): Arctic Monkeys Bullet for My Valentine Destiny Potato [2014] LUN (Full Album) My Chemical Romance Nothing but Thieves [2014] Graveyard Whistling [EP] [2015] Nothing but Thieves (Full Album) [Singles] Queen (readded with higher quality) Queens of the Stone Age Rammstein The Dandy Warhols The Hives The Killers The Strokes The Whiskey Hollow [2016] X Waters (Full Album) QUICK EDIT: Added full studio discography of Panic! At the Disco, including some nice bonus tracks.
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    A vanilla Team Fortress 2 server (with the original maps and gamemodes) could be great as both there is a lack of these Valve server type in the server browser (they removed valve servers in favour of their new matchmaking system; which doesn't work) and it's fun to play. Back in the day, I used to help out on a server which had a really good playerbase and we did events n' cool stuff every week. I'd love to be apart of doing something like this. dibs on manager
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    Le Dude: I don't know how the level of humour fell so low suddenly Blazingstardude: Probably because @archilles392started talking
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    This contains the change log for both Update 11.5 and the newly released 11.6 Update 11.5 Updated Chicken Names Admins can now choose to spoof avatar and name independently in the !options menu Noclip and Godmode has now been restricted to Manager+ in Stronghold Removed the HL2 crosshair in Stronghold Changed the chances of getting a Briefcase | Standard Updated Map Vote winning screen, the two semi-transparent bars now blur the image behind and now fits in with our new design language Added Pre-voting support to Surf Deathmatch. Players now have the option to extend the current map by 5 rounds. Update 11.6 Added the new DarkRP case - Info: https://warzone.gg/viewitem?id=1041 When sending an item to a player, the StatTrak kills now reset. Filtering is now out of Beta: Filters now work on all items in the Inventory page. Added an option for filter by Weapon (AK-47, AUG, AWP, G3SG1 etc) When filtering, your filter selections are displayed at the top in green boxes (Similar to the Community Market) Disabled the Third Person module on Timer, Surf & Bunny Hop Added new Third Person style to Surf & BunnyHop New Surf Map: surf_gornot_wz (Tier 1, has a lot of pictures of Gornot in there ) Moved Player Models to Workshop Download. This should also fix other download issues people have been experiencing. Surf Zone Changes Surf_trance - Start zone too high - Fixed the start not being on the ground properly. Fixed the end so it was closer to the end block instead half on. On surf_minuet there are two start zones. One of them is set too high. - Fixed height of both zones so they're equal and on the floor properly. extended the height of the endzone on surf_leet_xl_beta7z_ow Made the end zone on surf_legends_lite_ow easier to actually get to Changed the end zone height on surf_life_of_duck_ow for a more accurate time Changed height of start zone on surf_kitsune so it doesn't make the starting noise each time you press R surf_ spacejam_ow Changed the bonus start + end so they're closer to the start and finish lines for more accurate times. Moved the start closer to the edge surf_rebel_resistance_csgo_wz - Added a teleport to start at the top of the spawn, moved endzone into the actual teleporter for more accurate times surf_rebel_resistance_ow - Added 2 bonus' surf_network_2008_final_ow - Added a bonus surf_aether_ow - Neatened up the end zone. surf_rebel_scaz_ow - Moved the end zone so its actually in the teleporter for a more accurate time. Also moved the Bonuses so @Screamoheart doesn't yell at me ;-; surf_kitsune2_ow - Fixed all of the stage zones and made the start zone a little higher. surf_dusk_ow - Needs to be removed, broken shit dark map. surf_how2surf_ow - Extended the height of the end zone for a more accurate time. Bunny Hop Zoning Changes Bhop_aamu : Added a Starting- and Endzone. Bhop_aquatic_V1 : Increased the height and length of the Starting zone. Bhop_areaportal_V1 : The starting zone and Bonus 2 zones were off. Bhop_Autobadges : Added a Starting- and Endzone. Bhop_Aztec : Increased the size of both zones and also fixed jumping out of the map. Removed the shortcut, can come back with a request and another vote. - Scoreboard will be reset. Bhop_Autobadges_ausbhop : stage 3 and 10 now have working checkpoints. (Instead of jumping before triggering it.) Bhop_Badges_mini : Added all the zones: Start, end and all the 19 checkpoints (;-;) Bhop_cartoons : Exploit has been removed: Spamming "!r" bind and glitching on a wall with the end-zone - Scoreboard will be Reset. Bhop_cobblestone : End-zone is no longer off, start-zone height increased. Bhop_combine : Increased the height of the Start-zone and added the bonus. Bhop_dots : No longer falling out of the map and walk on the walls at the end. Bhop_Dust_V2 : Removed the Exploit: climbing on a box to reach the wall and jump to the end-zone from there. Made the start-zone a bit wider. Bhop_Dusttemple_beta : End-zone more to the front since it was too far back. Bhop_Dusty : Removed a teleporting to the end-zone bug. ( Decreased the end-zone length, and replace the back part with a teleport to spawn.) Bhop_Easyhop : Added a Start- and End-zone Bhop_EaZy : Made the start-zone a bit bigger. The exploit has been removed: spamming "!r" bind and glitching on a wall to walk from there to the end-zone. - Scoreboards will be reset. Bhop_Eazy_V2 : Added the bonus Bhop_Fairworld_beta1 : Made the End-zone more accurate and Increased the height of the start-zone Bhop_freakin : Added the bonus Bhop_gameexe : Replaced Stage-zone since it didn't work properly. Bhop_gismo_fix2 : Added the 2nd bonus. Bhop_glassy : Removed exploit : Stage 3 climbing on a wall to reach the end-zone and skipping half of the stage. Bhop_gloomy : Added the bonus. Removed the open area behind the spawn - Request to put it back is allowed, yet I don't see the purpose. Bhop_haddock: Added the Bonus Bhop_island_final : Falling in the water with the ladder teleports you back to the spawn ( You got stuck in it and had to reset anyway), The bonus timer is no longer running while standing in the zone. The door at the end of the bonus teleports you back to the spawn ( I'm a bit special :3) Bhop_k26000_b2 : End-zone is more accurate and falling out the map will teleport you to the start-zone Bhop_metal_V2 : Increased height of the start-zone. Increased height of the stage zones since they didn't register. Bhop_miku_v2 : Increased the height of the stage zones Bhop_Militia : Increased height of the start-zone bhop_Militia_V2 : Increased the height of the start-zone with a little but now the time isn't running when jumping. Made the end-zone more accurate bhop_Monster_jam : Increased height of stage-zone 6 and added the bonus. bhop_mp_stairs_dev : Made the start-zone mroe accurate bhop_muchfast : Made the start and end-zone more accurate. Added the bonus. Bhop_overground_fix : Made the Start-zone, bonus start and bonus end more accurate. The "Top" Portal at the end teleports you to the spawn. Removed exploit: Player could use the ladders in the spawn to climb on the walls and run towards the end. bhop_paisaweeaboo_beta3 : Increased height of stage zone 5. Added stage 6 to 12. Added end-zone bhop_patq_texture : Added checkpoints bhop_pro_hopper_mp : Increased height of start-zone. End-zone is a bit more foward on the platform bhop_quad_hard : decreased the length of the start-zone since the 1st stage was impossible. Added stage zones. added end-zone bhop_reborn : Increased height of stage-zones Bhop_redwood : Added the bonus. Bhop_rollin_v1 : Increased height of all the stage-zones. Bhop_slope : Increased height of both zones. Bhop_smokee_2_fix : Made the Start-zone more accurate. Added 3 bonusses Bhop_speedrun_aztec : Made the start-zone more accurate. Added checkpoints. Bhop_speedrun_valley : Made the start-zone more accurate. Added stage zones. bhop_sqee: made the start-zone more accurate. Added the stage-zones. added end-zone. Added bonus. bhop_suddenfire : Added end-zone. Added bonus. bhop_tasku : made the end-zone more accurate. Added bonus. bhop_the_bulb : removed a useless room behind the start-zone. Made the start-zone more accurate. bhop_timerenthusiast : Stopped the timer running in start-zone. bhop_timerexpertise : Added start-zone. added end-zone. bhop_twisted : made the start-zone more accurate bhop_unyielding : Made the stage zones higher. bhop_winter : made the start-zone and end-zone more accurate bhop_woody : made the start and end zone more accurate Removed BHop Maps bhop_Exodus_fix bhop_lego bhop_sahara bhop_thc_gold bhop_toc For additional zone feedback. see: Surf: Bunny Hop:
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    Player Of The Week is something people can be awarded with via the steam group. I was wondering if people would like this to be implemented. If it would be a vote for the player between the staff team, everyone or just myself. There could also be a reward for example each time you get player of the week you could be awarded a Money Briefcase at random or the 4 players from one month could be put in a random generator for a item of some sort. Or even for the week you are POTW you could have a special Hat & Trail in-game. These are all ideas please feel free to comment any other ideas of how this could work if you would wish for POTW. Thanks for any feedback.
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    With Matt gone we're out of a second car for runs during the meetup, so @Dinosaur offered to help... Realizing we're in for sudden death I called dibs on @ZeRo's car with the following reason:
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    Um, what? Two Howls, a Dragonlore, two knives, two playermodels, more of everything in Stronghold, special equipment in TTT, a vote kick & gag access, and that's barely half of it... How is that "not enough incentive" for you? I honestly fail to understand. Also, being able to switch guns on Surf is extremely unnecessary; we used to use the default HL2 pistol and avoided having the USP in the first place because before the community market, and all the cases and skins, it was an additional download for players and we wanted to avoid it. The upper management chose the USP because it doesn't really matter. You can't surf properly on most maps with a pistol anyway (not to mention that it slows you down more than the knife does), and the only reason it's used on Surf is for breaking glass for the few maps that have it as an obstacle. You have to understand that we have a lot of development going on, and some of the projects are months, if not years old by now, and we have to do a lot to keep updating the servers with new features. Nobody ever had an issue with PlatVIP perks, lifetime or not. It's not that we don't appreciate your suggestions, it's just that we thought that was enough, because it is.
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    "OH ARCHILLES I NEED YOU TO FINGER MY BUMHOLE" - @CuteGriffin with his manly voice
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    When picking a god in SMITE @MrTwD- im gonna pick the loli with snakes in her pussy @Muffin
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    "Awwh the trap is sad, just like my fucking dick" - @MrTwD
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    "How do I cook this cunt?" @FaZe Taylor Swift
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    Congrats @MrTwD You won! I shall be contacting you shortly with more infomation!
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    "Can't fight if you've got no face" @FaZe Taylor Swift
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    @FaZe Taylor Swift "Have you seen my knife?" *Stabs* "Here's a closer look!" Poor innocent man.
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    I've been looking at CoD4 zombies now, just need to get the server parts for CoD4 all up and running first. Then CoD4 might expand into deathrun, a TDM server or two, and we would be getting back 1-2 MW2 servers based on IW4X to see how good the population is. Team Fortress 2 will most likely happen after all the Activision games are up. As for gamemodes that's not been decided yet. As for MW3, Plutonium (Which works on the MW3 side) isn't open to the public / in beta yet, though they have stated that it would most likely be before December, so we'll keep our eyes on that as well.
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    So, Update 11.8 has just been deployed so here are some of the highlights from this weekly update: Inventory Picker We have now added an Inventory picker to places where having a full view of your Inventory is essential. We understand Trading is a big part of WarZone, so we wanted to make this experience better. Firstly, in the trading Window, the Inventory has gone, but there is now a button to add items This then brings up a mini Inventory with full filtering and searching capability. Simply click on the item to use it. We have also use the same window on the gifting feature, so it makes it easier to send gifts to other players instead of having to go through a massive combo dropdown list. Store UI Updates We have now refined the navigation at the top of the store, the important buttons are visible, with other options now available under a dropdown Activate Key is a new feature. This will be first used by everyone attending Meetup 2017. Entering a code can do a variety of things such as give an item. We will start using this for radio and social media competitions. VIP Updates Gold VIP+ can now specify a custom name to use rather than using their Steam name: That's about it. Change logs will be up shortly.
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    "My body can take other liquids" @Gornot
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    "I don't think I've been quoted yet" - @EmbersOfTheFlame
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    @Blazingstardude to @MrTwD : "You're more of a cake than a Muffin" @MrTwD: "So I got demoted from a Muffin to a cake" Me: "I like cake" @MrTwD: "Yeah but you're not gonna eat me out"
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    How @archilles392 sees weebs
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    We are running another DoubleXP weekend from the 11th August. DoubleXP will be enabled from 07:00 on Friday and will end at 07:00 Monday the 14th. This DoubleXP/Money weekend will also include double cases. Normal players get up to 10 case drops as opposed to the regular 5 for the duration of the weekend. VIP's also get double their regular case drops. Also, this weekend we are doing another test session for DarkRP. This will happen on Saturday the 12th August at 6PM BST (7PM Western Europe) The IP to connect is: gamedev.warzone.gg:27018 The password protection will be removed once testing starts.
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    For the 470th time ---> COD4 Zombies!!!!!111 It's basically PvE anyway, takes very little moderation, is always tons of fun! I'd be willing to help with testing and generally setting that up however I can (in terms of maps, balancing, guns/sights etc.) Once again, Rust! PvP or PvE, don't really care, it would be nice to have a survival game we could all play together. Team Fortress 2 has proven to withstand the test of time, so having a dediserver where we could shamelessly plug everything else WZ related in a Source game would, IMO, be both easy and effective in bringing in new players to the community.
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    "Goes in quick, comes out hard" @TheLonelyBunney
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    "The English queen is so hot, I wank to her every night" @Screamoheart
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    @Gornot "I can suck your dick without bending down" to @Mr.TwD
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    Roses are red, Your mum is a whore, She's tied on this bed, Now please close the door
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    *Talking about wanking* "In your bed pumping your shotgun and your dad walks in and joins in" @Screamoheart
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    *Talking about VR porn and about how big the actresses seems like* "Some people get turn on about that, But thats mostly midgets" - @Dinosaur
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    "Im glad he isnt coming along, Because then I dont need to carry diapers, It could get messy" - @ZeRo @Megasubbie @Gornot @Dinosaur @Archangel @archilles392 @vlodern
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    Hey guys and girls, Today I'm starting with zoning the Bunny hop maps and I 'd like some information about the maps/zones that aren't working properly. Zones are the Start and ending boxes, (Green, Blue and red) Teleporters, checkpoints and exploits (Scoreboards will be reset) can also be informed, so I can try and find a solution for those. Also Requests for certain things are allowed. Checkpoints for a map that doesn't have them or (re-) Opening an area E.G. Map: Bhop_EaZy Request/Zone/Problem/Exploit: Spamming the "!r" bind can get you on the wall and run to the end zone in about 5 seconds.
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    And just when you thought that at least @ZeRo won't make fun of his own country:
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    "Wait Le Dude is a helicopter? does it mean that I can ride him?" - @CuteGriffin
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    @Muffin @Le dude