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  2. Molten Collection Pt.2

    Amazing <3
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  4. AUG | Treasure Guardian

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  6. AUG | Treasure Guardian

    Rip Aug Smaug. Still sick skin m8
  7. Molten Collection Pt.2

    Skin Name: 4 skins, Elixir, Lava, Nuclear and Void Weapon/Glove: Shadow Daggers AND Sport Gloves Images: (The Images Have Both The Shadow Daggers And Sport Gloves Included) Molten Elixir Molten Lava Molten Nuclear Molten Void Skin Description: Part of a experiment gone wrong, as a result, these Gloves/Knives have been known to glow under bright Environments Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: Like the AUG skin i posted earlier, these gloves are my first attempt at making the gloves, i thought I'd try to create some sport gloves mainly cause there isn't really any skins for any of them except from the typical Tactical gloves, they honestly turned out pretty well, i did make these a while ago (shortly after the Karambits) but i never really wanted to post them until the right time so i guess it's now the right time.... Additional Comments: I do apologize for the 2 Topics in a space of a hour.
  8. AUG | Treasure Guardian

    LUV IT
  9. AUG | Treasure Guardian

    Amazing job on that skin sponge <3
  10. AUG | Treasure Guardian

    Skin Name: Treasure Guardian Weapon/Glove: AUG Images: Skin Description:Powerful and accurate, The AUG scoped rifle compensates for its long reload times with a low spread and a high rate of fire, It has been painted with a Dragon guarding its Treasure Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: So, this is my first gun skin, Strange, I know, it's what i decided to create after hours of designing the skin (it took around 4/5 hours to create this skin) i am pretty impressed with this skin and i would love for it to be added on to the servers. Additional Comments: Nu.
  11. MP5 | Velvet (feat. Not Alfred)

    Glad to see my boy @Not Alfred using his amazing skills in Blender, I belive, and @Knuckles great work on the MP5. I love it
  12. Hello there.

    Come over to SurfDM and we might meet. I'm looking forward to it.
  13. MP5 | Velvet (feat. Not Alfred)

    probably in sfm if I had too guess but I agree it's phenomenal
  14. The Quotes Topic

    "I guess im emo now" @puk413 "Dont spit on me when we have sex later Vlod" @puk413
  15. MP5 | Velvet (feat. Not Alfred)

    Awesome work on the Mp5, @Not Alfred how the hell did you create that first image, it looks amazing!
  16. Bowie Knife | Minimalist

    I really like this skin! It goes in the direction of the redline skins and would be a fitting knife to them (obviously to other skins too). And the skull is something not too big but new and good looking. Nice work!
  17. Hello there.

    Welcome hope you have a great stay ^^ Looking forward to playing with you
  18. Last week
  19. MP5 | Velvet (feat. Not Alfred)

    @KnucklesAmazing work on that MP5
  20. Skin Name: Velvet Weapon/Glove: MP5 Images: - - - Skin Description: A red velvet, gold and black swirl paradise that sets beauty on the battle field. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: Hello this is the first successful skin I have made that I did not give up on. I would like to see this in the warzone community as we do not have any MP5 skins Additional Comments: Big thank you to @Not Alfred for the first image! really blew me away! <3
  21. Bayonet | Chrysant

    This is too low of a resolution for a smart watch xD. Seriously thou update the pics.
  22. Mac-10 Fire Fusillade

    Those two stripes kinda fuck it all up for me:/ Sucks 'cause it really isn't necessarily your fault...
  23. Bowie Knife | Minimalist

    I do quite like the grey and the orange tone, I also quite like how you've given some parts a 3D look to them also, Nice work
  24. Name: Minimalist Weapon: Bowie Knife Images: Skin description: Basically all I retextured is the blade and some smaller details. The blade now features a minimalistic/material design pattern consisting of several greytones and the accent color orange. I also changed to saturation of certain textures, basically the handle and the safety thing between it and the blade, and overlayed them with a semi-transparent gray layer in order to change their color to gray. I wasn't having a special theme in my mind other then the skin having a minimalistic design approach because I think it's underrepresented on this server group and in CS:GO skins in general. I could see why people would think this is lame and that's why I'm asking for sincere feedback. I'm willing to change a lot 'bout this design, so please just hit me up. Why I want me skin to appear on WarZone: I'd like to give something back to this great community and since I'm underage and don't have access to PayPal I figured creating some skins would be the way to go. Edit: I just forgot to underline some headers so I corrected it.
  25. Karambit: Squares

    Smart Idea @FaZe Taylor Swift +1
  26. Hello there.

    Hello Nice to meet you josh I'm Aidan Otherwise known as Avvie
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