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  4. ZeRo

    DarkRP is here!

    I'm pleased to announce that DarkRP and the True North Campaign for Operation Dragon Fire have now been released! Set in a dystopian Britain where the country is at civil war, True North, as it's called is the last bastion of civilisation on the Island, and you are posted there to start a new life. What will you do? You can join by simply connecting to: darkrp.wznet.eu Any bugs/issues found please report through the normal method here: https://warzone.gg/forum/index.php?/bugtracker/
  5. Don't you just love it when Discord dies?

  6. An In game and website Inventory calculator to see how much an inventory is worth by looking at the prices on the community market. if the item was never sold or up for listing on the community market it will just say no price found with a picture of the skin in question.
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  8. Hi, Please go here: https://warzone.gg/cp?module=playerbans and select the ban and create a ban appeal. We can't process bans as a forum topic.
  9. Hello, my english is not so good - i'm sorry. I were banned Premanently for "Cheats" by Waffle. I do not use any cheats beacuse cheating destorys the fun on any games for all useres. The only "addon" i have is from steam workshop an crosshair to noscope with AWp's an something but i have deleted it and i think thats not an cheat. I hope you can unban me because i love your Servers and your !!!!!GUNDGAME!!!!! SteamID: STEAM_0:0:70366122
  10. ZeRo

    Count up in Style

    Today we're launching a new feature for WarZone: StatTrak™ Counters StatTrak™ Skins StatTrak™ Counters StatTrak Counters allow players to customise the appearance of the digits on the StatTrak Module. As part of the StatTrak™ Counter Case, there are 11 styles to be unboxed. StatTrak Counter | Emoji Numbers (Covert) StatTrak Counter | Counter-Strike (Covert) StatTrak Counter | Vampire (Classified) StatTrak Counter | Comic Sans (Classified) StatTrak Counter | Emoji (Restricted) StatTrak Counter | Bank Gothic (Restricted) StatTrak Counter | Motorway (Mil-Spec) StatTrak Counter | Gas Station (Mil-Spec) StatTrak Counter | Digital (Mil-Spec) StatTrak Counter | Nixie (Mil-Spec) There are two types of counters: Colour Dynamic Static Colour Dynamic counters, once unboxed can have any of the 16.8m colour spectrum assigned to the counter. Static counters are static images with no colouring applied at all. StatTrak Module Skins StatTrak Module skins change the appearance of the outer module itself. To start, we have 11 skins: StatTrak Module | Fade (Covert) StatTrak Module | Crimson Web (Covert) StatTrak Module | Slaughter (Covert) StatTrak Module | Case Hardened (Classified) StatTrak Module | Forest DDPAT (Classified) StatTrak Module | Boreal Forest (Restricted) StatTrak Module | Stained (Restricted) StatTrak Module | Blue Steel (Mil-Spec) StatTrak Module | Safari Mesh (Mil-Spec) StatTrak Module | Scorched (Mil-Spec) StatTrak Module | Urban Masked (Mil-Spec) Content Creators Over the next week we hope to have documentation and workshop support so the community can begin creating both counters and skins for StatTrak modules. We will announce any developments in the #contentcreation channel on Discord FAQ 1) How to I get counters? You can get counters by unboxing the StatTrak Counter Cases. 2) How do I get skins? You can get StatTrak skins by unboxing the StatTrak Module Skin Cases. 2) Can you apply both a skin and a counter? Yes! 3) Can I apply different skins/counters to different weapons? Not at the moment, however this is something we'll look at in the future. At the moment equipping is blanket (e.g applies to all weapons) 4) What about knives? This applies to weapons only. 5) I don't like the colour I got, can I change it? No, however in the future we plan to allow VIP's to customise the colour of StatTrak modules, however once this has been applied, those items will be tradelocked.
  11. ZeRo

    Shattered Web

    The Shattered Web Case, and 4 new knives (Nomad, Paracord, Survival and Skeleton) are now live on WarZone! Along with that this update contains the CS20 Sticker Capsule and the new Shattered Web Sticker Capsule. You can see the new knives below. Until Monday 25th of November there is an exclusive sale on with -70% off. Use code: SHATTEREDWEB at checkout. Here's what we've not ported (yet) Agents Graffiti New Collection Due to the big differences in Player models for CS:GO/Gmod it's very unlikely we will be able to port any of the agents over, Graffiti and the new collections will be released within the next few days. Big thanks to @LunarShadowYT for assisting me with getting this whole load of content ported over! DarkRP Update We have delayed DarkRP slightly due to the release of Shattered Web on CS:GO, however now that we have mostly completed this, we are aiming to release DarkRP this weekend.
  12. This is because you've left the server so it has been marked as vacant, therefore it has switched back to the base gamemode which is sandbox on gm_construct. Not really a bug as this is by design.
  13. Dates have now been voted on and the dates are now final. The Tournament will be hosted from 29th November - 1st December. Participating Teams: ZeRo & Reaper Co ZeRo The Reaper The Chaotix Terrorspy Fort Knights Fuse Nep Drunk Dutchies archilles392 puk413 shrug emoji ChaosNightmare Waffle Sneaky Beaky Like Lunar TheSinkingSponge Team Flaccid Palamanic TheRabbitHutch =3 IQ Fidget50 Felix Grwng NisiYT Rick The Brick Iron Paws Z-Kun Im using an xbox controller Brackets Here's the bracket as of right now: Schedule Round 1: #1 Sneaky Beaky Like vs =3 IQ - Friday 29th November 7PM GMT (8PM CET) #2 The vs Fort Knights - Friday 29th November 10PM GMT (11PM CET) Round 2: #1 Iron Paws vs shrug emoji - Saturday 30th November 6PM GMT (7 CET) #2 Grwng vs Team Flaccid - Saturday 30th November 7PM GMT (8PM CET) #3 Drunk Dutchies vs Fort Knights - Saturday 30th November 8PM GMT (9PM CET) #4 ZeRo & Reaper Co vs Sneaky Beaky - Saturday 30th November 9PM GMT (10PM CET) Semifinals #1 shrug emoji vs Fort Knights - Sunday 1st December 4PM GMT (5PM CET) #2 Sneaky Beaky vs Team Flaccid - Sunday 1st December 5PM GMT (6PM CET) Finals #1 Fort Knights vs Sneaky Beaky - Sunday 1st December 6PM GMT (7PM CET) Eliminated =3 IQ The Iron Paws Grwng Drunk Dutchies ZeRo & Reaper Co shrug emoji Team Flaccid Fort Knights
  14. Ok so while i was in jazztrounats i lost connection ( it was my side and not the server ) and so i typed retry in console to rejoin but instead of going back to jazztrounats it sent me to the map gm_construct on sandbox gamemode
  15. We've made many achievements in 2019 and there's still many to go, however with that it has been decided that we are going to change our path as a community by shifting our focus on some new projects. Ever since Garry's Mod 13 has launched, it's always been difficult to get people playing gamemodes other than DarkRP or TTT, and while we've tried over the past 3 years, and while in some places we've had some success, it hasn't really paid off. So starting from today, our focus will be on the following gamemodes only: DarkRP TTT Timer Engine Gamemodes (Surf/Bhop) That's not to say we're going to abandon our existing portfolio of gamemodes, not at all, the servers for those gamemodes will remain online and those gamemodes will continue to receive bug fixes and minor updates. I will also start putting some more focus on WZNet as a platform and improving it and making it a great Co-op matchmaking system. But apart from that we'll start focusing on more games and turning WarZone in to a multi-gaming community, with the following games we're going to start focusing on: CS:GO FiveM Rust Rising Storm 2 CoD4X And others in the future that will come along. Questions? Comment here or tag me in Discord.
  16. Entries were closed on 1st November. Tomorrow a vote will go out to all Team leads with a potential list of dates to vote on.
  17. We're pleased to announce our first Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament, we will be running a 2v2 Tournament sometime in mid to late November, possibly during the start of December. All you'll need is a friend and a creative team name. You can sign up here: https://forms.gle/YtD3oF1hF7nXJWqL7 The Deadline is currently the 2nd of November, however depending on responses, we may extend this further. Once we have the minimum number of required teams, we will announce dates in due course.
  18. The 2019 Halloween Update is finally here! It will be launching tonight at 10PM GMT. Click above to see the spooooky changes this year!
  19. ZeRo


    A few hours ago, Valve released the CS20 Update. We're pleased to say that the weapon skins and the Classic Knife are now available! You can see the new content items here: https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=2523
  20. ZeRo

    Summer Meetup 2020

    1) You don't need to come to Ipswich no, if you are on the way then that's fine, see below for our route. 2) Yes, full travel. Ipswich > Innsbruck > Belluno > Ipswich We are probably going to stop along the way in Germany anyway, as for it's a long drive. Edit: At the moment, there's only 3/5 people confirmed to come with me: Myself @archilles392 @The Reaper
  21. I would like to ask two questions before I might buy. First question: Hypothetically! If one picked the option "Travel with ZeRo" would that mean the person had to enter Ipswich to travel with Zero OR does it mean if the person lived roughly along the way that the person only would have to travel to a roadhouse on the route, tell which and get picked up? Second question: Does the option "Travel with ZeRo" include travelling to Innsbruck, to Belluno and back into direction Ipswich?
  22. Winners are as follows: Shadowfox - 1 rare item cases Shadowfox - 2 rare item cases Waffle - 3 items of your choice or 50 cases of your choice (except exclusive) Chaotix - 50 Community #5 Cases Waffle - 50 Cases of your choice Chaotix - 50 Cases Of Your Choice + 50 Cases Of Your Choice (except exclusive)
  23. ZeRo

    Summer Meetup 2020

    Tickets are now available for next year's Summer Meetup, for the first time, located in two different places. Next year will take us to the beautiful countries of Austria and Italy, as voted by the community. Tickets start from £19, with various different ticket options that include travel for EU or NA users. Tickets and event information can be found here: https://warzone.gg/meetupinfo/tickets?id=15 You can find an FAQ Below: 1) Why are you now charging for meetups? It used to be free There are a few reasons for this, the main one being that these cost money to organise, the pins we give out at meetups also have an additional cost. The second reasoning is that in the past we've had randoms who have signed up who may not have been serious about attending, adding a ticketing system ensures that everyone attending is committed. 2) What are the payment methods? For meetup ticket purchases, we are only accepting Card payments at this moment in time. 3) I don't have a debit/credit card, how can I pay? Drop me a message and we can figure something out. We plan to add support for WarZone Wallet Balance in the next few days, so you can add funds using a Store payment method such as iDEAL, SOFORT or PayPal 4) What is ticket protection? Ticket protection entitles you to get a refund if for whatever reason you are unable to attend. Any of questions? Leave a comment here.
  24. It's time for another Social Media Giveaway! To enter this competition you need to like and/or comment on the following post: Like = 1 entry Comment = 1 entry Like + Comment = 2 entries The following items will be given out. If lots of people enter, I will give out more prizes! 1 Rare Item Case 2 Rare Item Cases 3 Items Of Your Choice or 50 cases of your choice (except exclusive) 50 Community #5 Case 50 Cases Of Your Choice (Except rare item case) 50 Cases Of Your Choice + 50 Cases Of Your Choice (except exclusive) Remember, you need to like and/or comment and you also need to send me your name you used to like or comment on that post. Send via Discord (@lé xyz™) or here on the forums Winners will be announced on Sunday at 8PM!
  25. Thought this site was dead

  26. We are pleased to announce the results for the 2019 Summer Content Creation Competition. 1st Place (£100): WarZone Gallery by Callum (https://warzone.gg/workshop/viewsubmission?id=120) 2nd Place (£60): Five-SeveN | Ashes by RoyalNoob (https://warzone.gg/workshop/viewsubmission?id=127) 3rd Place (£30): AK-47 | Conjured Oni by Fuse (https://warzone.gg/workshop/viewsubmission?id=132) 4th Place (£20 Store): Yuka Kitamura - Dark Souls 3 by Felix (https://warzone.gg/workshop/viewsubmission?id=121) 5th Place (£10 Store): P250 | Genesis by Chaotix (https://warzone.gg/workshop/viewsubmission?id=135) Honorable Mentions: x10 Souvenir Anniversary Packages: Music Kit | Jazztronauts!! by Waffle (https://warzone.gg/workshop/viewsubmission?id=139) x5 Souvenir Anniversary Packages: Mac 10 - Pixel Portal by Callum (https://warzone.gg/workshop/viewsubmission?id=128) x50 2019 Anniversary Cases: SSG-08 - Feral by Fuse (https://warzone.gg/workshop/viewsubmission?id=118) Souvenir Anniversary Skin of your choice: FAMAS | Phantom Thief by Chaotix (https://warzone.gg/workshop/viewsubmission?id=138) Note to winners: You must claim your prize within 24 hours by providing: IBAN Number Account Number & Sort Code PayPal Email WarZone Wallet Balance preference (In this instance, the prize pool would be doubled, if you won £100, your wallet balance will be £200) We do not accept cash in post as a form of payouts, and must be done using bank or PayPal transfers Payouts for the prizes are unlikely to happen until October due to the current cash flow situation, however we will try to do this as soon as possible. Winners located in the EU; Prize money may not be delivered during weekends or out of hours (7AM - 6PM) Please DM me your account details for the transaction to take place. If you would rather double your winnings in Store credit (For place 1-3 only) please specify in the DM
  27. Anniversary 2019 Schedule Friday 20th: 7:30PM BST / 8:30PM CEST The Trance Show, Episode 16 Part 2 Saturday 21st: 6PM BST / 7PM CEST The Anniversary Radio Show Anniversary Sale To celebrate the anniversary this year, we have a sale going on, get -75% off on all items* by using the code ANNIVERSARY2017 * Some items are excluded from coupon discounts, however this is clearly stated to you before purchasing. The Race against God We had some discussions about this, however I am pleased to announce that this is now an official thing. Join us on June 20th as we attempt to race God (Or the sun) by leaving Lands End in Cornwall (Most western point of the UK) and trying to beat the sun by getting to Ness Point in Lowestoft, Suffolk (The most eastern point of the UK) Up for the challenge? Sign up over here: https://warzone.gg/meetupinfo?id=14
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