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  5. Name: Shrek Year: 2001 Genre: fantasy/adventure
  6. We already have that, it's called the Skin Testing Environment, unless this is supposed to be somewhat different to the service STE already provides?
  7. The New gamemode idea i was thinking of was like a trade server so it can act like a hub for people to trade on
  8. ZeRo

    Server Move

    Update 16/04: All servers have now been migrated. The old servers had Steam GSLT applied, which should mean that favorites lists in Steam will be automatically updated. New redirect servers have also been put up on the old IP/Port combinations just in case.
  9. Earlier
  10. Really appreciate the feedback, I will look at further improving the HUD in Timer Engine 4.1, which is expected in early May
  11. As announced on the ZeRo Show yesterday, there is another skin creation competition! Restrictions: Gloves only! This can be any gloves you want (Hand wraps, Sport gloves etc), there are no theme restrictions either. Deadline: 27th April 2019 How to enter: Simply upload your entry to the Workshop, however please tag the name of your entry with [Easter 2019] at the start of the name, including the square brackets. Prizes Winners will be announced on The ZeRo Show on 27th April, however the prizes are as follows: Prize Pool: £60 1st Place: £30 2nd Place: £20 3rd Place: £10 Prize Delivery Due to security issues, we will NOT post cash with the postal service as a option for prize delivery, to accept the prize, your options are: PayPal Bank Account No & Sort Code (UK) IBAN (EU) WarZone Wallet Balance The person who requested cash after winning the last competition knows very well, that it will probably never turn up. Note: The prize money is given in GBP only, if you use another currency, the total amount will be less than shown above due to exchange rates and transfer fees.
  12. dont know about it, but i would love to see the godfather
  13. ZeRo

    Server Move

    As announced in Discord yesterday, the servers will be moving from London, UK to Frankfurt, Germany. The reasoning for this is because of better hardware and a much better internet connection. The move for this will start on 15th April. The process will be the following: Give each Server a GSLT (Game Server Login Token) as this will update players favourites with the new IP automatically Move each server one by one, starting with the servers hosted on UK Server 001 (Stronghold, MC TTT, Cinema, SurfDM, Gungame) and then moving on to UK Server 002 (Surf T1, Bunny Hop, Surf T2+ and Skin Testing) Existing servers on the old IP's will remain online until 29th April where the old servers will be wiped and terminated, this is to purely provide a redirect. New IP Addresses Here are the new IP addresses for each game server, ports will remain the same, however for ease of information, I'll put the port numbers also. Stronghold: Minecraft TTT: Cinema: Surf Deathmatch: Gungame: Movie Night: Surf Tier 1: Bunny Hop: Surf Tier 2+: Skin Testing Environment: NOTE: WZNet match servers will be moved on Saturday 13th April
  14. The UI for when a run is completed is top right, I think that and CP UI should be in the same place. I do like the bottom left idea; looks clean.
  15. I've played a bit of Surf, and noticed the CP UI is in an uncomfortable placement with how bold it is. My suggestion would be either making the background transparent, or moving it to a different position, for example here: The transparent background would be ideal in my opinion, though. The bonus leaderboard doesn't show records:
  16. Context required!
  17. Looks awesome Zero! I'd edited OP to show what's been done and what won't be done.
  18. Nominate Button added Team Select UI updated Number added to the leaderboards I'm working on some more at the moment.
  19. Yea, well youve tried, this seems to be a very very strange issue, i dont think im willing to waste another hour on this tbh, but thanks for your help anyways!.
  20. Yeah, I'm not too sure either, it only seems to be affecting you also, so it's not really widespread either. I'm not really sure what else to suggest.
  21. Ive ZERO clue why its crashing, no idea, ive tried launch options, settings, addons, reinstalls etc. nothing seems to have worked so far.
  22. Ah that's cool then for the inventory stuff, one other small adjustment I've thought of for JUST the bhop/surf servers is making the spectator icon bigger when 'changing team' as there's only one team. It's hiding in the corner a little but and the big space looks out of place imo. Or could move the 'play bunny hop' placement more central.
  23. Okay, well ive tried with hl2016, suprisingly still crashed, ive just removed all fonts, ill try again.
  24. Try the following: Go to your Garry's Mod folder Go to download\resources\fonts Delete everything in that folder. It could be font related.
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