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  3. Why is Warzone Gaming closed?😪

  4. ZeRo

    A State of Trance 950

    The official meetup based around A State of Trance 950 is starting this week on Thursday 13th February You can find all the information on the event here (WarZone): https://warzone.gg/meetupinfo?id=12 or https://www.facebook.com/events/384479315584185/ (Amarda) As with previous meetups you can find a live photo feed in Discord or here: https://warzone.gg/meetupinfo/photos?id=12 And a live map, which you can find here: https://warzone.gg/meetupinfo/map?id=12 Yes
  5. A decision has been made to move back to the original format for meetups and to change the location and dates. We will be going back to one location and the meetup will be made shorter. We will be returning to Utrecht again in 2020 and the dates are now as follows: 30th July - 4th August 2020 The meetup is now free to sign up for, however we will request payment for people who have signed up closer to the time. You can sign up here: https://warzone.gg/meetupinfo?id=15
  6. Been a long time here, and of course real life always come first for anyone, but of course I'll still be at the game nights and movie nights, the servers might be down, but the community is still alive.
  7. Ive had a great time here and ive had a great time on the Garrys mod servers but all good things come to an end. Im looking forward to the future of WarZone.
  8. All WarZone Garry's Mod Servers will be closing on 15th March 2020. There are a number of reasons for this, however the main reason being that for most of management, real life is getting in the way and a lack of motivation to continue working on Garry's Mod. The community will remain online along with weekly events such as Movie Nights and Game Nights, however we plan to increase these more frequently very soon. At the moment, we're looking at working on a project in Unreal Engine 4, although we can't share too much details on this quite yet, this is something we're going to be working on over the next year or so. We're still looking in to other game expansions such as CS:GO, Rust and others, however for the time being the management team as a whole will be taking a step back for the time being. We also still plan to bring back the radio within the next few months. Thanks for everything so far to everyone, and not just staff. We look forward to sharing whatever comes along this year.
  9. Happy new year ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  10. No, it goes in a complete straight line until it hits a target, it does not lock on. Once it hits a target it goes either left or right depends where the object lands, and yes that would be OP if it locked on
  11. So what you are trying to pass on is for the poltergeist to lock onto someone upon a first kill? I would think that's a little overpowered. The biggest issue the weapon has is that it's being used on minecraft ttt. It's a lot more handy for maps that have many more dynamic props within them. It's better suited for rotation you could say. But it's just a shame that rotation doesn't appear to be as popular as it once was.
  12. TTT- Traitor weapon, Kinda buff or just how it should play So my suggestion is for the poltergeist weapon, basically you shoot the projectile onto the object, and where ever you shot the projectile thats where it will travel until it hits an object or person, and after it hits the object or person it goes either direction. <---- Paint demonstration what would happen So i dont know if this would be overpowered or not but it would be better for the poltergeist as it would make it be used by t's more often, as i dont see t's using it very much. This could be abused in a certain extent but i made a little solution for that and what they could abuse it for. Abusive ways of it 1They could stack objects in a line to make them all shoot forward rapidly 2They could shoot it off the top of the tower and it will still be very high speed 3 It could trap people in places (Solutions) 1. I sorted this one myself that i didnt explain above, ones the projectile has hit an object, it bounces back a couple of feet then goes either left or right away from the object and basically goes in a zigzag line in short paces tho 2. Ones you shoot it off a high place, it gradually starts to slow down then it will eventually not do a lot of damage after it hits said target, if it is shot from the tower it will still hit the traitor tester room but at a slower pace 3. You could make it so when it "Traps" people they can shoot it and it just destructs (Not explosive) like a wooden box so that innos can't damage nearby players with it and get warned (April fools jihad 30 minutes every week) I dont think this will be added, wanna know why? just listen what the april fools jihad is - The april fools jihad covers the whole map in fog (Only minecraft ttt) and gradually gasses everyone until they get into the nether (Safe spot) Thanks for reading my suggestions. Just thought of them there and i think the poltergeist one would be a decent one in my opinion
  13. Hello my name is Robbie I Have never introduced myself to this lovely community and would like to say thank you for letting me be here.
  14. The Christmas 2019 update is here! This year you can once again open presents on Stronghold, you can open your advent calendar, but last but not least, there are 20 missions for you to complete! This update also brings 12 new maps to Guardian, some are Counter-Strike classic with a snowy Christmas theme, some are not, such as Studio and Breach. Have a great Christmas!
  15. 2019 has nearly come to an end and it's time that we set out what our plans are for the future. This year has been a good one, we've achieved a lot of but not as much as we'd hoped, and with a whole stream of personal issues getting in the way for 2019, things have not been the smoothest, however going forward 2020 looks to be bright. 2019 for us was a year of mainly improving our back end systems and allowing for more automation to allow us to run things more efficiently, but we're not there just yet. The future of Garry's Mod We are still going to work on Garry's Mod and provide updates, as we said in November our focus will be shifting towards TTT and DarkRP, and although DarkRP has not had the most smooth launch, we are going to continue investing and putting work in to it. With TTT, we hope to create a whole new unique experience to help build a new player base and to expand in to other new servers such as rotation maps. Building a unique TTT experience is what will help us achieve that goal. As I said we are not going to abandon other gamemodes, however those will get less attention. So, here's what I'm aiming for 100% in 2020 in terms of general features for Garry's Mod: Redesign of the In-game Inventory with Panorama Design Loadout System (CT/T Equipping) Improved Trading Big back end improvements such as: RPCv2 Inventory Server Rewrite WZNet Rewrite and UI overhaul Deathrun Jailbreak Moving in to other games As stated in our previous blog post "Changing paths" Moving in to other games will be another focus for 2020, moving in to CS:GO, Rust and many more games. Some will require some scripting and features to make us unique, some wont. We've already put some Left 4 Dead 2 servers online. WarZone Web 2.0 The WarZone website currently is the most feature rich website any gaming community could ask for. It handles all of our ban appeals, staff applications, voting, meetups, events and so much more. Doing a complete rewrite is going to be a massive task, but is a must as the current website is messy and using a mixture of old and modern programming techniques. Your Say Towards the end of December we will be publishing a survey for everyone to fill in to give your feedback on how 2019 went, how things could have been better and what you would like to see from us in 2020. Have a good Christmas everyone!
  16. ZeRo

    DarkRP is here!

    I'm pleased to announce that DarkRP and the True North Campaign for Operation Dragon Fire have now been released! Set in a dystopian Britain where the country is at civil war, True North, as it's called is the last bastion of civilisation on the Island, and you are posted there to start a new life. What will you do? You can join by simply connecting to: darkrp.wznet.eu Any bugs/issues found please report through the normal method here: https://warzone.gg/forum/index.php?/bugtracker/
  17. Don't you just love it when Discord dies?

  18. An In game and website Inventory calculator to see how much an inventory is worth by looking at the prices on the community market. if the item was never sold or up for listing on the community market it will just say no price found with a picture of the skin in question.
  19. Hi, Please go here: https://warzone.gg/cp?module=playerbans and select the ban and create a ban appeal. We can't process bans as a forum topic.
  20. Hello, my english is not so good - i'm sorry. I were banned Premanently for "Cheats" by Waffle. I do not use any cheats beacuse cheating destorys the fun on any games for all useres. The only "addon" i have is from steam workshop an crosshair to noscope with AWp's an something but i have deleted it and i think thats not an cheat. I hope you can unban me because i love your Servers and your !!!!!GUNDGAME!!!!! SteamID: STEAM_0:0:70366122
  21. ZeRo

    Count up in Style

    Today we're launching a new feature for WarZone: StatTrak™ Counters StatTrak™ Skins StatTrak™ Counters StatTrak Counters allow players to customise the appearance of the digits on the StatTrak Module. As part of the StatTrak™ Counter Case, there are 11 styles to be unboxed. StatTrak Counter | Emoji Numbers (Covert) StatTrak Counter | Counter-Strike (Covert) StatTrak Counter | Vampire (Classified) StatTrak Counter | Comic Sans (Classified) StatTrak Counter | Emoji (Restricted) StatTrak Counter | Bank Gothic (Restricted) StatTrak Counter | Motorway (Mil-Spec) StatTrak Counter | Gas Station (Mil-Spec) StatTrak Counter | Digital (Mil-Spec) StatTrak Counter | Nixie (Mil-Spec) There are two types of counters: Colour Dynamic Static Colour Dynamic counters, once unboxed can have any of the 16.8m colour spectrum assigned to the counter. Static counters are static images with no colouring applied at all. StatTrak Module Skins StatTrak Module skins change the appearance of the outer module itself. To start, we have 11 skins: StatTrak Module | Fade (Covert) StatTrak Module | Crimson Web (Covert) StatTrak Module | Slaughter (Covert) StatTrak Module | Case Hardened (Classified) StatTrak Module | Forest DDPAT (Classified) StatTrak Module | Boreal Forest (Restricted) StatTrak Module | Stained (Restricted) StatTrak Module | Blue Steel (Mil-Spec) StatTrak Module | Safari Mesh (Mil-Spec) StatTrak Module | Scorched (Mil-Spec) StatTrak Module | Urban Masked (Mil-Spec) Content Creators Over the next week we hope to have documentation and workshop support so the community can begin creating both counters and skins for StatTrak modules. We will announce any developments in the #contentcreation channel on Discord FAQ 1) How to I get counters? You can get counters by unboxing the StatTrak Counter Cases. 2) How do I get skins? You can get StatTrak skins by unboxing the StatTrak Module Skin Cases. 2) Can you apply both a skin and a counter? Yes! 3) Can I apply different skins/counters to different weapons? Not at the moment, however this is something we'll look at in the future. At the moment equipping is blanket (e.g applies to all weapons) 4) What about knives? This applies to weapons only. 5) I don't like the colour I got, can I change it? No, however in the future we plan to allow VIP's to customise the colour of StatTrak modules, however once this has been applied, those items will be tradelocked.
  22. ZeRo

    Shattered Web

    The Shattered Web Case, and 4 new knives (Nomad, Paracord, Survival and Skeleton) are now live on WarZone! Along with that this update contains the CS20 Sticker Capsule and the new Shattered Web Sticker Capsule. You can see the new knives below. Until Monday 25th of November there is an exclusive sale on with -70% off. Use code: SHATTEREDWEB at checkout. Here's what we've not ported (yet) Agents Graffiti New Collection Due to the big differences in Player models for CS:GO/Gmod it's very unlikely we will be able to port any of the agents over, Graffiti and the new collections will be released within the next few days. Big thanks to @LunarShadowYT for assisting me with getting this whole load of content ported over! DarkRP Update We have delayed DarkRP slightly due to the release of Shattered Web on CS:GO, however now that we have mostly completed this, we are aiming to release DarkRP this weekend.
  23. This is because you've left the server so it has been marked as vacant, therefore it has switched back to the base gamemode which is sandbox on gm_construct. Not really a bug as this is by design.
  24. Dates have now been voted on and the dates are now final. The Tournament will be hosted from 29th November - 1st December. Participating Teams: ZeRo & Reaper Co ZeRo The Reaper The Chaotix Terrorspy Fort Knights Fuse Nep Drunk Dutchies archilles392 puk413 shrug emoji ChaosNightmare Waffle Sneaky Beaky Like Lunar TheSinkingSponge Team Flaccid Palamanic TheRabbitHutch =3 IQ Fidget50 Felix Grwng NisiYT Rick The Brick Iron Paws Z-Kun Im using an xbox controller Brackets Here's the bracket as of right now: Schedule Round 1: #1 Sneaky Beaky Like vs =3 IQ - Friday 29th November 7PM GMT (8PM CET) #2 The vs Fort Knights - Friday 29th November 10PM GMT (11PM CET) Round 2: #1 Iron Paws vs shrug emoji - Saturday 30th November 6PM GMT (7 CET) #2 Grwng vs Team Flaccid - Saturday 30th November 7PM GMT (8PM CET) #3 Drunk Dutchies vs Fort Knights - Saturday 30th November 8PM GMT (9PM CET) #4 ZeRo & Reaper Co vs Sneaky Beaky - Saturday 30th November 9PM GMT (10PM CET) Semifinals #1 shrug emoji vs Fort Knights - Sunday 1st December 4PM GMT (5PM CET) #2 Sneaky Beaky vs Team Flaccid - Sunday 1st December 5PM GMT (6PM CET) Finals #1 Fort Knights vs Sneaky Beaky - Sunday 1st December 6PM GMT (7PM CET) Eliminated =3 IQ The Iron Paws Grwng Drunk Dutchies ZeRo & Reaper Co shrug emoji Team Flaccid Fort Knights
  25. Ok so while i was in jazztrounats i lost connection ( it was my side and not the server ) and so i typed retry in console to rejoin but instead of going back to jazztrounats it sent me to the map gm_construct on sandbox gamemode
  26. We've made many achievements in 2019 and there's still many to go, however with that it has been decided that we are going to change our path as a community by shifting our focus on some new projects. Ever since Garry's Mod 13 has launched, it's always been difficult to get people playing gamemodes other than DarkRP or TTT, and while we've tried over the past 3 years, and while in some places we've had some success, it hasn't really paid off. So starting from today, our focus will be on the following gamemodes only: DarkRP TTT Timer Engine Gamemodes (Surf/Bhop) That's not to say we're going to abandon our existing portfolio of gamemodes, not at all, the servers for those gamemodes will remain online and those gamemodes will continue to receive bug fixes and minor updates. I will also start putting some more focus on WZNet as a platform and improving it and making it a great Co-op matchmaking system. But apart from that we'll start focusing on more games and turning WarZone in to a multi-gaming community, with the following games we're going to start focusing on: CS:GO FiveM Rust Rising Storm 2 CoD4X And others in the future that will come along. Questions? Comment here or tag me in Discord.
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