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Happy New Year

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Papa Gornot


I would like to personally extend all the best wishes for 2017 to all my lovely kebabs and other assorted fuckboys :emofdr:

2016 was in many ways a terrible year and I'm sure we're all glad to leave it behind. As far as this blog goes, unlike the one I kept on OWG this blog will not contain anythiing too specific; I will simply use it as a way to vent and rant about pretty much anything, for the most part.

That being said, I am hopeful that 2017 will be a year full of potential and greatness, at least when it comes to WarZone Gaming.

As a newly appointed manager of WarZone radio, I am happy to share some of my plans for this community in 2017:

More radio shows
As you may know, some time ago we added the legendary Armin van Buuren to an almost nonexistant "list" of presenters previously occupied only by our very own @ZeRo. My hopes are that in 2017 we can add more presenters and more streams popular around the internet, such as the Monstercat podcast for example. In addition, I will be putting effort into creating an exclusive WarZone Podcast aimed at showcasing and promoting (more or less) young and independent artists of a variety of genres (mostly centered around indie and electronic styles), a (yet unnamed) radio show centered around the more aggressive and brutal Metal genre and a variety of metal subgenres, as well as special playlist events targeting more specific themes (for example, 60s music, best of 90s rap/hip-hop, greatest video game soundtracks, and more). And going even beyond that, I hope to give other people a chance at contributing by creating their own original radio show format, so if you think you've got what it takes, you can always apply to be a presenter here on the forums; just be sure to include a 15 minute demo with an intro, no more than 3 songs, an outro and voiceovers).

- More music
This one is pretty obvious (duh!). My main focus currently is simply adding as much new music as I can (and as much as you can request) and reworking what we already have in our radio database, with the aim of making the AutoDJ more dynamic and more enjoyable to listen.

- More player interaction
This is another opportunity that I would like to explore in 2017. My aim is to kickstart our (so far barebones) social media presence and use it (with the help of a Community Manager) to attract more interaction from players and listeners, well beyond simply liking/disliking songs and song requests on the forums and in-game. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are perfect for raising awareness of any goings-on when it comes to the radio, and I hope we can attract feedback, song suggestions, chart voting etc. on these platforms as our social presence as well as variety of radio events grows over time.


I hope all you lovely kebabs have a great holiday season, or whatever's left of it ;)

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