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Tennyson accompanied me through this journey.



Today was pretty fucking lonely. Just got off facetime with a girl I have a crush on (It's 21:20 GMT at the time of writing this.). It went well. We just talked for about an hour. That's all it is, to be honest. Just, talking.

Sunday, the day where everyone dreads sleeping, but at the same time, loves getting in bed as well. We can't fault getting in bed, but getting out on a Monday is the worst thing to endure through a week. I actually had some homework to do, but fuck it. I'll do it later or tomorrow.

I know I didn't write in yesterday, and I'm sorry for that. I pretty much played GMod all day. Today, though? I don't even remember what I played. Probably ROBLOX with a friend or something (don't roast me on that, his system is fucked so he can only play ROBLOX). We had shits and giggles, trolled a couple of kids and exploited a bit. I ended up fucking a server, and I was laughing so hard that I started choking. RIP.

It's impossible to say that anything has really changed in my life recently, as it's all just been pretty boring. Sure, I'll have fun for a couple of hours, but after that I just say to myself "Fuck this, I don't know what to do anymore.". I wanna scream it, but meh.

I was blasting music earlier, just fucking around with Spotify's "Equaliser" feature on my phone. Let's say, uh..

I probably caused a disturbance throughout my street. Windows were wide open, as well. :thnucklering:

I know this Blog may seem like it's at a slow pace, but I'd rather think what I'm saying than rant out whatever I feel and then get criticised as an "attention-seeking cunt.". We ran over that in the last post, so a repeat of that whole explanation thing ain't needed.

As I start posting more regularly and talking about more things, this may become more interesting? I don't know.

Even though this is about my daily life and thoughts, if there are any controversial topics or just debate type topics you want me to cover in a "sub" post, just tell me, and I'll cover it sometime.

See you in #3. Good luck for Monday.

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