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Zero's Roast

FaZe Taylor Swift


@ZeRoYou border crossing wank stain, you are as British as a taco. You need to stop fucking May and her the long dick of Brexit. You probably dont even like Brexit and you love the fucking E.U and their fucking baguette dicks and slurping Merkels garlic cum. You preach about these "Freedom units" yet if you were actually English instead of a retarded trailer park cousin fucker from Texas or a fence hopper you would use both fucking units of measurements instead of wanking to the Metric system on a night only becuase you have an image to uphold and you dont dare anyone to see you be like a normal Englishman and using both like you have said before yet dont do because again, you're American, you cant do more than two things at once. You're brain just can't handle it. And if you hate the fucking French so much, why do you beat your baguette dick to French Rap? The WORST kind of music to every think about.

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