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Kilroy was here

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This blog entry will be all about a meme. A pre-internet meme as a matter of fact. It's about the meme kilroy was here popularized during the second world war.  Afbeeldingsresultaat voor kilroy was here

This is Mr. Chad who is often seen with the phrase Kilroy was here. He began his life as a character by a cartoonist and probably predates Kilroy was here. However no one knows for sure since the exact origins of the meme are unkown there are theories however and I fully encourage you to look them up and choose the one you believe. 


Mr Chad was something doodled by British soldiers and is often seen complaining about something. It follows a basic format being: Wot? No X. X being something to complain about not having as seen below.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Wot no leave mr chad

Story has it that when American soldiers went to brittain to train they saw this man and started using it themselves. As the war went on numerous doodles of mister Chad with the phrase Kilroy was here were seen on the western front. The drawers were often anonymous. It was a sign of hope for the soldiers, because no matter how bad it might get, Kilroy was there and he got out of it as well. 

Eventually Hitler got wind of this Kilroy and wondered who he was. Thinking it was an American secret weapon or super soldier he ordered an investigation on the subject. 

When FDR Churchill and Stalin met in Potsdam they had a VIP bathroom which only they were allowed to enter. Stalin was the first to enter and when he left he asked in russian: "Who is kilroy?" Apparently when they allies took Potsdam a soldier drew him there. 

After the war Mr. Chad was drawn on all kinds of places. People saw it as a race to quickly draw it on the most impossible of places. Reportedly Kilroy has even been on the top of Mt. Everest. Landmarks were a primary objective of these pranksters. But often when one of them approached a landmark they often discovered Kilroy had already been there. Kilroy has even been to the WW2 monument in Washington.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor kilroy was here \

He is still being spread to this day. I myself have found him numerous times, and I would like to ask you to keep an eye out, for you never know where kilroy has been.

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11 hours ago, MlgDoritos said:

nice, I saw this guy in a documentary and I was impressed, I thought the first "internet meme" was Lenny... nice research tho

Kilroy was not an Internet meme, but as puk14 said, a pre-Internet meme. So Lenny as the first substantial Internet meme is still probable. Still hope.

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