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About this blog

But maybe you can!

This blog is just expressing feelings about things. In here, you'll usually see me whine about YouTube, problems in games, and whining about whining.


The joys.

Entries in this blog


The EGX Experience

I couldn't think of a better name for this.   So, I've just finished EGX and I'd figured I'd share with you all the experience of being there. So, after around 3-4 hours of fucking travel (megabus is ass-can) we ended up in NEC, Birmingham, where EGX was, and after another 20 minutes it opened. Then another 10 minutes until we actually got in. gr8 early pass b8 m8 i r8 8/8 Once we were in, immediately we got a free SWAG BAG (kill me) because my dad ended up recieving one from virgin there. Here are the list of games I played. Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 (okay but very confusing, 6/10) Dragonball FighterZ (absolute badass, 9/10 Sonic Forces (controls are slippery and SONIC OC'S OH GOD but still alright, 7/10) The Escapists 2 (Quite fun actually, 7.5/10) Some pretty fun PlayLink PS4 games (there were two, Knowledge Is Power (basically buzz 5.5/10) and Frantics (rediculously fun, 8/10).) Some random indie games (including a very meeeehhhhhh streets of rage/mortal kombat hybrid clone, which i rate 4/10) THE RANDOM MERCH STUFF S W A G  B A G Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2/Lego Ninjago The Video Game Poster Sonic Mania/Sonic Forces Poster an Escapists 2 keyring A FUCKING 1x1 CM BADGE Slight Dissapointment The last one was purely our fault tbh, we played all the games we wanted to within the first hours.   GAMES THAT I REALLY WANTED TO TRY BUT I DECIDED NO BECAUSE EITHER I COULDN'T FIND THEM OR FUCK LONG QUEUE TIMES Super Mario Odyssey Mario & Luigi - Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Gang Beasts Mario & Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Super Meat Boy Forever Worms W.M.D VR stuff Hidden Agenda Long story short, we blew our load way too early within the first few hours and then we just had nothing else to do so we just wandered around until we saw a game that mildly interested us.   yeh




YouTube Trash

Well this is going to be a doozy. You're not going to see me complain about YouTube itself (as if enough people already did that), but rather some of the absolute shit people post there. So one night, I was browsing YouTube on my phone whilst watching a video and then I see this. (The rest is in there, don't worry!)



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