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About this blog

today, and for a lot of the days i make this pointless blog, you can find out about me. sure, i may be 13, but i still have something to say. i'll try and keep these entries daily, but i can't promise anything.


no, i don't do this for attention. i do it because i like writing about things, whether they are true or not. this time, it's all gonna be true.

i love you. thank you for reading.

Entries in this blog



Tennyson accompanied me through this journey. #2. Hi. Today was pretty fucking lonely. Just got off facetime with a girl I have a crush on (It's 21:20 GMT at the time of writing this.). It went well. We just talked for about an hour. That's all it is, to be honest. Just, talking. Sunday, the day where everyone dreads sleeping, but at the same time, loves getting in bed as well. We can't fault getting in bed, but getting out on a Monday is the worst thing to endure through a week. I actually had some homework to do, but fuck it. I'll do it later or tomorrow. I know I didn't write in yesterday, and I'm sorry for that. I pretty much played GMod all day. Today, though? I don't even remember what I played. Probably ROBLOX with a friend or something (don't roast me on that, his system is fucked so he can only play ROBLOX). We had shits and giggles, trolled a couple of kids and exploited a bit. I ended up fucking a server, and I was laughing so hard that I started choking. RIP. It's impossible to say that anything has really changed in my life recently, as it's all just been pretty boring. Sure, I'll have fun for a couple of hours, but after that I just say to myself "Fuck this, I don't know what to do anymore.". I wanna scream it, but meh. I was blasting music earlier, just fucking around with Spotify's "Equaliser" feature on my phone. Let's say, uh.. I probably caused a disturbance throughout my street. Windows were wide open, as well.  I know this Blog may seem like it's at a slow pace, but I'd rather think what I'm saying than rant out whatever I feel and then get criticised as an "attention-seeking cunt.". We ran over that in the last post, so a repeat of that whole explanation thing ain't needed. As I start posting more regularly and talking about more things, this may become more interesting? I don't know. Even though this is about my daily life and thoughts, if there are any controversial topics or just debate type topics you want me to cover in a "sub" post, just tell me, and I'll cover it sometime. See you in #3. Good luck for Monday.





I'm listening to  Tomppabeats  and  Atlas as I make this, won't be linking them. #1. Hey, what's up. My name is pxy, bq, whatever you wanna call me. Keep it appropriate, though. This is "me, even though i'm only 13", some kind of blog I just decided to create where you can get an insight to my daily life. Why? Well, as a pasttime, I like to write stories. All of them are scrapped, but I basically write or listen to music in my free time. Now, let's make a disclaimer; In a lot of these entries, I will talk about my personal feelings, and what I think and do on a daily basis. Some of these things may be upsetting or may give an "attention-seeking cunt" kinda vibe. So, let's clear this up; I actually hate attention. When people worry for me, it only causes anxiety and some other fucked up feelings. So, I don't want attention. I'll call this, an alternate way of venting when I need to. ----------- Friday, the day of the week where we all settle down, have a wank do whatever you want, boil the kettle, get fat without feeling bad, the sort of stuff. As for me, I treat it like a normal day, and I know for a fact that I'm not the minority in this situation. Friday, at least in my opinion, is just another day of the week. Coming home from school is somewhat a relief, as I don't have it for the next 2 days, but, still, it's another day of the week. School was basically a drag. Felt lonely through most of the day, even though I could feel a presence of my "friends" around me. I have a way of hiding what I actually feel, as if it's a kind of protective barrier. Public socialising, and socialising in general, is not my thing, whatsoever. I get on fine, but I hate every second of it. I only really feel comfortable around 2 people, really. Maybe I'm wrong. Me, and her. We'll get onto that later. But, shit, it's been a hell of a week, like always. I can't say it's been eventful, but every week is a hell of a week, anyway. Full of emotion, shit you might regret later, the sort. Now, since I'm in Year 9 (UK Applicable), this seems to be one of the most important years of my life. so, as expected, stress walks into the room. "Sup, pxy?"  Like, end game af when stress decides to show it's face again. And, on top of regular depression, breakdowns, all of those "bleugh" subjects, I can't say it particularly helps. Then again, no one can really say that it helps. I had this blog pictured in my head today, and phased out from class countless times purely thinking of what I was going to write. And, at this point, I'm winging this all, literally just thinking of what's happened recently, without trying to focus too much on what I feel, even though I did say that I'd be saying what I thought and did throughout the week. This is only the first entry, an introduction, lets say, to this blog (me, even though im only 13 if you forgot already.). Ah, yeah. I haven't played Garry's Mod in about a month, I've been helping a friend out with some shit. Stuff gets to me too much, and I was always told that I will never be valued less than my position is valued, so these haitus' are always welcomed. So, I took the opportunity to fix myself and took one. It's been going fine, but as always, I fucking miss the place. I'll come back soon, probably. As for now, this is my way of making an active contribution to the community, I guess.  Eh, let's see what happens. See you when I next post.



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