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About this blog

today, and for a lot of the days i make this pointless blog, you can find out about me. sure, i may be 13, but i still have something to say. i'll try and keep these entries daily, but i can't promise anything.


no, i don't do this for attention. i do it because i like writing about things, whether they are true or not. this time, it's all gonna be true.

i love you. thank you for reading.

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Tennyson accompanied me through this journey. #2. Hi. Today was pretty fucking lonely. Just got off facetime with a girl I have a crush on (It's 21:20 GMT at the time of writing this.). It went well. We just talked for about an hour. That's all it is, to be honest. Just, talking. Sunday, the day where every





I'm listening to  Tomppabeats  and  Atlas as I make this, won't be linking them. #1. Hey, what's up. My name is pxy, bq, whatever you wanna call me. Keep it appropriate, though. This is "me, even though i'm only 13", some kind of blog I just decided to create where you can get an insight to my daily life. W



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