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About this blog

A blog to show the community what I get up to in my daily life as a scrub. If anyone even cares that is 

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Callum (Blazingstardude)

Well, want this week to be over as soon as possible, shit is an understatement. soon i break up for the half-term so good times ahead hopefully.


Moment of the day- 

in music

me "an instrument isn't important when you have a conductor argument is invalid"


Callum (Blazingstardude)

The inconsistent will stay inconsistent. But quite a bit has happened. Today on the other hand is pretty goddamned boring. School work as always :/ but it's not all bad because TGIF motherfuckers! You know a weekend is great as always. But got game night of left 4 dead 2. I'm obviously the best player there :kappa:. But band as always after school then gaming. Usual as a Friday goes I guess. 


Moment of the day

I was viewing a picture posted on warzone Gaming's #shitpost chat about nutting a lot of times in a row (Spongebob reference) and I thought to myself


"I beat this challenge before it was made" B|

Callum (Blazingstardude)

Jeez i apologize for my insane inconsistency been so caught up in school work recently. 

so what have you missed? not a whole lot actually. i had played the bass guitar in a school concert on wednesday last week. that was an awesome time and i probably enjoyed it a bit too much. Today has been a pretty crappy day. had a super stupid dilemma at school but besides that, all was fine. got exams to prepare for (sorta). was able to come home and get the MW2 server working as good as possible (join the AI zombies server ITS AWESOME!) with a little help from vlodern. Its all ready for this week's game night and i'm pumped for it. So, whats next? not too much, time to write in the scrub blo....wait a minute. :blanking:  Might consider reworking on the RPG maker Game i started (how many of you moaned at the fact that it's RPG maker? OWN UP NOW! xD). but tomorrow is very busy day in terms of band practices and school work. only then may i re-enjoy the gaming world again. ETA- 9-10 pm ;P 

Moment of the day-

zero says to gornot in AI zombies "i cannot revive you gornot"

i reply with - "dont worry a spoonful of sugar will make it better"

and if you dont get the reference, im highly saddened :c

Callum (Blazingstardude)


not too bad of a day today. school was boring for the most part work comes in work comes out. :oldthonk:. went to a football/soccer match and was able to make my cold come back. #feelsbadman now its back, my voice has gone with it to Narnia to have a nice little party (:c). but today is good day regardless rated 8/10 gooddays (gooddays is a unit)


moment of the day-

today's moment of the day has been removed for keeping this vlog PG and totally not because blazing forgot what it actually was :LUL:

Callum (Blazingstardude)


Not too much has happened. School as always. Whilst exploring the forums a bit more. Found more interesting topics. Had to do more geography work on volcanoes. Besides that, all is chill and cool...sorta.

Moment of the day

Person to me "you can do anything!"

Me "besides getting laid":kappa:

Person "you will get laid and if you don't get laid in 20 years, let me know" 

Callum (Blazingstardude)


its a regular old Sunday with homework and stuff ruining the time i have to do better things. within twenty minutes, i realize that its not all hell as the work is shorter than a .... anyways, Maths and Geography are both half done as lies but shouldn't take that long to do. with regards to that, theres not much else to today. its very run-of-the-mill you could say besides preparing for school tomorrow where i can do more work (i think there's a pattern here). 


moment of the day-

me -"how come when my bass guitar is out of tune i can play music correctly?" :oldthonk:


Callum (Blazingstardude)


was good day at school (i think). came home in the terrible weather and had lots of electronic equipment. luckily nothing broke on the way home. great having to think about how i can potentially be in two set places at once xD. now im home at 5pm and can play minecraft TTT (the best server xD) where i can enjoy myself(get salty :kappa:).

moment of the day-

person - im a shithead

me - youre a shed?