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Gornot's Roast

@Gornot, you old pile of fucking shit, you are living proof that humans evolved from apes because you are still half ape you hairy fuck. You live in a 3rd world country that bad, Africa fucking feels bad for your country because the only thing your country is good for is dumping shit and tabacco farming. I have for respect more a bosnian pavement covered in birdshit than I do your entire country. You speak so fondly of these Metric units but all I see is Merkel dick lodged up your regulated arsehole. I have seen more sex offender lists with your name on than the amount of kids Jimmy Saville touched. You're that fucking old, you raised and mentored him into the man he was known as. Is Bill Cosby your black son or something? You old fucking fart, you were the reason Noah built an "ark" in the "floods" and had the most awkward cruise ever(and the first one). When scientists are looking for the hicksboson particle, they are actually looking for your first skin cell. You'd fucked about enough women that your sons fill Africa who all pity your shitty country.

FaZe Taylor Swift

FaZe Taylor Swift


Zero's Roast

@ZeRoYou border crossing wank stain, you are as British as a taco. You need to stop fucking May and her the long dick of Brexit. You probably dont even like Brexit and you love the fucking E.U and their fucking baguette dicks and slurping Merkels garlic cum. You preach about these "Freedom units" yet if you were actually English instead of a retarded trailer park cousin fucker from Texas or a fence hopper you would use both fucking units of measurements instead of wanking to the Metric system on a night only becuase you have an image to uphold and you dont dare anyone to see you be like a normal Englishman and using both like you have said before yet dont do because again, you're American, you cant do more than two things at once. You're brain just can't handle it. And if you hate the fucking French so much, why do you beat your baguette dick to French Rap? The WORST kind of music to every think about.

FaZe Taylor Swift

FaZe Taylor Swift

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