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All sorts of random shit might be found here.

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My views

Welcome to my edgiest blog post yet. Basically what I want to do in this blogpost is tell you a few of my views, because fuck it why not (plus I kinda forgot about the movie shit and I highly doubt I'll ever continue it xD) Also I might work any one of these out further in the future, if I feel like doing it.

First topic, happiness, told you it was going to be edgy. To make a long story short I think the western interpretation of happiness is complete and utter bullshit. Media and entertainment create an immage of the moder world in which it is told that we are supposed to be happy. That's bullshit. We're not supposed to be happy, more often than not we're in a state of nothing. No happiness, no anger, no sadness, just nothing. Whether we're commuting, working on schoolwork, or just working. We're on some sort of automatic pilot that just guides us without real input being needed. We don't really feel anything during that time. Also being constantly happy would mean that every single setback would hit way harder. Life, as it is, consists of periods of happiness, sadness, boredom etc. but more often than not it's nothing.


Second topic, We are, and will always be, alone. Think about it, you might think otherwise but hear me out. You might have friends, family and perhaps even a GF/BF, whom all (supposedly) love you, people with whom you can share your pain and fears, your ups and downs. However do you really tell any of these peope all your problems? Everyting you think about? No, of course not. We keep thoughts to ourself for who can we trust but ourselves? Some tell less to other people, maybe because they've been betrayed in the past, maybe because they don't have anyone to tell shit too. Others tell people more things, maybe they're still innocent and are yet to be betrayed, or maybe they're just naive/ gullible. But no one tells everything. Therefore people will feel alone in groups of friends, or family. In the end Orson Welles' words ring true: "We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone." 


Third and last topic: Death, Upon our last moments, when we make our peace with God or our thoughts, when no one reaches out to us and the people we've known, friends we've had, family we've known, and the people we've loved all slowly fade away, we're back to nothing but ourselves again. And as we slowly slip into that sweet darkness and death's arms embrace us, we might be filled with regrets, things we have done, and more importantly things we haven't done. That relationship that could've been, that man we could've saved, the friends we've lost, to time, suicide, or anger, the people we've let down. All of these go through you. And as they go and you see their faces one last time, it's only then that you realise that you are but a small man in comparison with what you could've been. During our live we'll inevitably come in contact with regret, and we'll have to learn to live, and die, with that. We'll have to try to make these regrets as few as possible. We must try to take the chances we're presented with. After all, more often than not, A should've is worse than a shouldn't have. 

People say a person dies three times, When the last thought runs through his head, when his mortal remains are last seen, and when his name is last uttered. I think we need to try and make sure our name will last the generations, that we may not be forgotten, for if a man is forgotten, he's nothing. He's what was, and what never will be again. All the moments of joy, pain, the loves you've known, the hatred you've felt, the things you've done, these are all reduced to nothing, for you have been forgotten. Which is the worst things that could ever happen to a man, it's even been one of the worst punishments known to old civilizations. 


Well that's that. I might do another one of these if I feel like it. Or I might go further into one of the topics I've already covered. Might do nothing, we'll see. I'll probably make a history blogpost about the punisment though.




Over the past two week I've seen a shitload of movies during my camping trip, about one a day. I'll be sharing my opinions on them over the course of a few blog posts here.

Movie #1 LabyrinthAfbeeldingsresultaat voor Labyrinth movie

All right this one is an old childrens movie. And it's main selling point is David Bowie being the main villain. And I've got to say I really liked this movie. It's about a Girl wishing that her little brother would be taken away by the goblin king, so he does. Then she goes on a journey through a labyrinth to the goblin town and the castle of the goblin king to get her little brother back. Now on the way some shit happens and it's quite a good watch, mind you the girl is a pretty bad actor but the puppets and shit make up for it, also David does a pretty good job at being entertaining. I liked this movie quite a lot.


Movie #2 The Nightmare before ChristmasAfbeeldingsresultaat voor Nightmare before christmas

I fucking love this movie, the visuals are a bit dated by todays standards but I like that. The songs in it are fucking great and the story isn't even that bad. It's about the pumpkin king wanting something else than just Halloween and then stumbling across Christmas town, then shit hits the fan. I really, really liked this movie.


Movie #3 Moanaimage.jpeg.0c2e798d638bc5121206d4788a1cb5c0.jpeg

All right this movie gets waaaaaay too little exposure. It's fucking great, I think the best movie disney has made in a long time. The songs are fucking great, the visuals are beautiful and the story feels like a real story as well, like a proper legend. The story is about Maui stealing the heart of tahiti and basically fucking over everyone. Then Moana get's chosen by the ocean to find Maui and bring him and the heart to Tahiti to make him put it back. it's a great fucking film and I really enjoyed watching it.


Well that's all for this time. Three more next post


Religion of peace

I recently came across a lecture by a professor about the Islam and I would like to hear some opinions on it, it's quite a long one but I urge you to watch it all before you even think of opening your mouth. Thanks

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