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Community Market v2 is now ready for testing. This blog post gives and overview on the new changes to try out and how to report bugs.

Reporting Bugs

If you find any bugs at all, please tell us as quickly as possible! To do so, gather any screenshots if any and a description of the bug and submit it here: https://warzone.gg/reports

Please make sure you put it there. Bugs that are sent to me in PM will be IGNORED

New Changes

Theme Picker



On the market you can now select a theme. Click on this icon to get a selection of various themes. Although this has been tested by myself, this is fairly straight forward and should not present any bugs, however if you do find any, I'd be glad to know about it!





The auction is finally here. Click on the big button "Auction your item" to list one, or look under the various boxes for existing auctions or perform a search.

One interesting test area will be the "ending soon" box to make sure all auctions ending within an hour are displayed there. This so far is untested.



You can remove or view your own auctions under the "Active Listings" tab

Market Profiles & Commendations


When you click on any name you get this popup window with the option to view their steam profile and commend.


Commending works just like it does in CS:GO, you will only be able to tick a box, you can go back later and untick the box and it reduces that commend. This needs testing during the Beta.

Buy Orders

We now have buy orders! The current restriction is that you can only place an order for a single quantity, however this is intentional, despite the UI showing otherwise. Quantity buy orders are expected in the next update.

Go to the item page you want and click "Create Buy Order"



You can view buy orders under "History" along with a status.

Automatic Currency Formatting

With this update, this includes automatic currency formatting in the money fields. See below for example:




That's it for now! Happy testing!


As advanced warning, the following changes will be made on the Community Market for the next update (Expected by Jan 2018)

  • Store Items will become un-sellable completely and all listings for store items will be removed.
  • We will be adding Buy Orders. This will allow you to enter a price and a quantity and automatically buy items when they appear on the market.
  • Buyers will have the option to retain StatTrak kills on a weapon for an extra price before buying.
  • Auction system - Players will be able to put items up for auction where other players can bid until the listing expires, the weapon goes to the highest bidder.
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