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    I have spent the majority of today writing a new internal tool called WZDeploy. This tool will never see the light of day outside of our systems, however I'm writing this blog post for anyone who is interested in the internals of WarZone.

    So, WZDeploy has 3 components

    Command Line or "CMD"

    This does the brunt of the work, whenever we release an update, this will fire and update all the required packages on a server, simple enough right?

    However we wanted a solution that was stable, we could rely on, and most importantly we knew how it worked.

    So, for packages, each server has a "list" of packages that is subscribed to.

    Packages are a variety of things, such as Core, weapon models, hats & masks, gloves and even gamemodes, so picking the right packages is essential. More on this later.

    It was important that this tool should

    1. Not randomly overwrite stuff
    2. Be reliable
    3. Not crash
    4. Secure

    The CMD component does checking, it has a cache of what every server has and at what version.

    This component was also designed to be very similar to SteamCMD so we could fit it in with our existing automation workloads, as such it shares similar command line parameters such as app_update and force_install_dir

    Overall, it does what we need it to do and works really well.


    This is a tool which is used for pushing out updates and it looks something like this:


    You select the package you wish to update, set the version number, some changes, the folder with the source code and the installation directory for the gameserver.

    The application will then gather all the files in the content folder, upload it to the store and update the depot with a new version, and whenever the gameservers are restarted, they will automatically update to the latest package.

    We can also create new packages in the future very easily.


    This is a fairly simply utility which helps out in improving the speed of update deployments

    Addon Generator

    Again this is a fairly simply utility, this generates the manifest file for each server so we can select which packages we're interested in.


    This generates a .json file which is then fed to the Command Line module, fairly simple but better than manually creating files.


    This has taken me about 3-4 hours to write (Not including testing), and I'm very pleased with it, and the next minor update will be released using this mechanism.


    G17 O4
    G43 N5

    Welcome boyo's

    Since I've gotten my hands on a copy of the Egyptian book of the dead I've decided to share the most interesting, funny and weird spells from this book. This entry will however not contain any spells but will serve as the place where the definitions of certain words and the Gods/people behind the names will be placed. So if you ever decide to read any of the entries I make and don't understand a word or name, it'll be found here or above that entry since only the main concepts shall be found here.

    First, what is the book of the dead? It's an Egyptian funerary text that was being used from the beginning of the New Kingdom (More on that might come later since it's quite interesting how Egypt came to be) which would be around 1550 BCE until the Romans came around 50 BCE. It contains the spells needed for a soul to traverse the Duat (underworld) and enter the Field of Reeds. 

    The original translation of the Egyptian name would be Book of Emerging Forth into the Light

    The most important concepts you need to know are 'Khat', 'Ka' and 'Ba'


    Khat: The physical body of a human

    'Ka': A spiritual being that exist completely independent of the body, which controlled the body and protected it.  After death the Ka did not die, even though the body was conserved for the Ka to visit, it continued to live in a statue that looked like the deceased. The Ka had to be taken care of through offerings and prayer.

    'Ba': Your Ba, or soul, lived in your heart.


    These are not all important things you need to know, but the others shall be found above the spell when first mentioned.


  3. Starting this out with some of the previous work I've done before making this blog.

    Open the spoiler to reveal everything.


    SFM Stuff

    Basically, stuff that I've made using Source Filmmaker. Mainly consists of TF2.








    IRL Art

    This will mostly consist of Monstercat related things. Maybe some other things if I can be bothered.










    Feel free to make fun of them if you wish.

  4. puk413
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    Welcome to my edgiest blog post yet. Basically what I want to do in this blogpost is tell you a few of my views, because fuck it why not (plus I kinda forgot about the movie shit and I highly doubt I'll ever continue it xD) Also I might work any one of these out further in the future, if I feel like doing it.

    First topic, happiness, told you it was going to be edgy. To make a long story short I think the western interpretation of happiness is complete and utter bullshit. Media and entertainment create an immage of the moder world in which it is told that we are supposed to be happy. That's bullshit. We're not supposed to be happy, more often than not we're in a state of nothing. No happiness, no anger, no sadness, just nothing. Whether we're commuting, working on schoolwork, or just working. We're on some sort of automatic pilot that just guides us without real input being needed. We don't really feel anything during that time. Also being constantly happy would mean that every single setback would hit way harder. Life, as it is, consists of periods of happiness, sadness, boredom etc. but more often than not it's nothing.


    Second topic, We are, and will always be, alone. Think about it, you might think otherwise but hear me out. You might have friends, family and perhaps even a GF/BF, whom all (supposedly) love you, people with whom you can share your pain and fears, your ups and downs. However do you really tell any of these peope all your problems? Everyting you think about? No, of course not. We keep thoughts to ourself for who can we trust but ourselves? Some tell less to other people, maybe because they've been betrayed in the past, maybe because they don't have anyone to tell shit too. Others tell people more things, maybe they're still innocent and are yet to be betrayed, or maybe they're just naive/ gullible. But no one tells everything. Therefore people will feel alone in groups of friends, or family. In the end Orson Welles' words ring true: "We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone." 


    Third and last topic: Death, Upon our last moments, when we make our peace with God or our thoughts, when no one reaches out to us and the people we've known, friends we've had, family we've known, and the people we've loved all slowly fade away, we're back to nothing but ourselves again. And as we slowly slip into that sweet darkness and death's arms embrace us, we might be filled with regrets, things we have done, and more importantly things we haven't done. That relationship that could've been, that man we could've saved, the friends we've lost, to time, suicide, or anger, the people we've let down. All of these go through you. And as they go and you see their faces one last time, it's only then that you realise that you are but a small man in comparison with what you could've been. During our live we'll inevitably come in contact with regret, and we'll have to learn to live, and die, with that. We'll have to try to make these regrets as few as possible. We must try to take the chances we're presented with. After all, more often than not, A should've is worse than a shouldn't have. 

    People say a person dies three times, When the last thought runs through his head, when his mortal remains are last seen, and when his name is last uttered. I think we need to try and make sure our name will last the generations, that we may not be forgotten, for if a man is forgotten, he's nothing. He's what was, and what never will be again. All the moments of joy, pain, the loves you've known, the hatred you've felt, the things you've done, these are all reduced to nothing, for you have been forgotten. Which is the worst things that could ever happen to a man, it's even been one of the worst punishments known to old civilizations. 


    Well that's that. I might do another one of these if I feel like it. Or I might go further into one of the topics I've already covered. Might do nothing, we'll see. I'll probably make a history blogpost about the punisment though.


  5. Callum (Blazingstardude)
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    Well, want this week to be over as soon as possible, shit is an understatement. soon i break up for the half-term so good times ahead hopefully.


    Moment of the day- 

    in music

    me "an instrument isn't important when you have a conductor argument is invalid"


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    Tennyson accompanied me through this journey.



    Today was pretty fucking lonely. Just got off facetime with a girl I have a crush on (It's 21:20 GMT at the time of writing this.). It went well. We just talked for about an hour. That's all it is, to be honest. Just, talking.

    Sunday, the day where everyone dreads sleeping, but at the same time, loves getting in bed as well. We can't fault getting in bed, but getting out on a Monday is the worst thing to endure through a week. I actually had some homework to do, but fuck it. I'll do it later or tomorrow.

    I know I didn't write in yesterday, and I'm sorry for that. I pretty much played GMod all day. Today, though? I don't even remember what I played. Probably ROBLOX with a friend or something (don't roast me on that, his system is fucked so he can only play ROBLOX). We had shits and giggles, trolled a couple of kids and exploited a bit. I ended up fucking a server, and I was laughing so hard that I started choking. RIP.

    It's impossible to say that anything has really changed in my life recently, as it's all just been pretty boring. Sure, I'll have fun for a couple of hours, but after that I just say to myself "Fuck this, I don't know what to do anymore.". I wanna scream it, but meh.

    I was blasting music earlier, just fucking around with Spotify's "Equaliser" feature on my phone. Let's say, uh..

    I probably caused a disturbance throughout my street. Windows were wide open, as well. :thnucklering:

    I know this Blog may seem like it's at a slow pace, but I'd rather think what I'm saying than rant out whatever I feel and then get criticised as an "attention-seeking cunt.". We ran over that in the last post, so a repeat of that whole explanation thing ain't needed.

    As I start posting more regularly and talking about more things, this may become more interesting? I don't know.

    Even though this is about my daily life and thoughts, if there are any controversial topics or just debate type topics you want me to cover in a "sub" post, just tell me, and I'll cover it sometime.

    See you in #3. Good luck for Monday.

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    I couldn't think of a better name for this.


    So, I've just finished EGX and I'd figured I'd share with you all the experience of being there.

    So, after around 3-4 hours of fucking travel (megabus is ass-can) we ended up in NEC, Birmingham, where EGX was, and after another 20 minutes it opened.

    Then another 10 minutes until we actually got in. gr8 early pass b8 m8 i r8 8/8

    Once we were in, immediately we got a free SWAG BAG (kill me) because my dad ended up recieving one from virgin there. Here are the list of games I played.

    • Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 (okay but very confusing, 6/10)
    • Dragonball FighterZ (absolute badass, 9/10
    • Sonic Forces (controls are slippery and SONIC OC'S OH GOD but still alright, 7/10)
    • The Escapists 2 (Quite fun actually, 7.5/10)
    • Some pretty fun PlayLink PS4 games (there were two, Knowledge Is Power (basically buzz 5.5/10) and Frantics (rediculously fun, 8/10).)
    • Some random indie games (including a very meeeehhhhhh streets of rage/mortal kombat hybrid clone, which i rate 4/10)


    • S W A G  B A G
    • Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2/Lego Ninjago The Video Game Poster
    • Sonic Mania/Sonic Forces Poster
    • an Escapists 2 keyring
    • Slight Dissapointment

    The last one was purely our fault tbh, we played all the games we wanted to within the first hours.



    • Super Mario Odyssey
    • Mario & Luigi - Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions
    • Dissidia Final Fantasy NT
    • Gang Beasts
    • Mario & Rabbids: Kingdom Battle
    • Super Meat Boy Forever
    • Worms W.M.D
    • VR stuff
    • Hidden Agenda

    Long story short, we blew our load way too early within the first few hours and then we just had nothing else to do so we just wandered around until we saw a game that mildly interested us.



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    FaZe Taylor Swift
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    @Gornot, you old pile of fucking shit, you are living proof that humans evolved from apes because you are still half ape you hairy fuck. You live in a 3rd world country that bad, Africa fucking feels bad for your country because the only thing your country is good for is dumping shit and tabacco farming. I have for respect more a bosnian pavement covered in birdshit than I do your entire country. You speak so fondly of these Metric units but all I see is Merkel dick lodged up your regulated arsehole. I have seen more sex offender lists with your name on than the amount of kids Jimmy Saville touched. You're that fucking old, you raised and mentored him into the man he was known as. Is Bill Cosby your black son or something? You old fucking fart, you were the reason Noah built an "ark" in the "floods" and had the most awkward cruise ever(and the first one). When scientists are looking for the hicksboson particle, they are actually looking for your first skin cell. You'd fucked about enough women that your sons fill Africa who all pity your shitty country.

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    It all started, in a time when people had brains and common sense not much else. 

    He was a contemporary man, he was a good, solid user. He was the type of person to say things like "how was your day?" and respond to it with peaceful words. Many liked him, he always followed the crowd and was a popular kid around. There was times when he could be salty, sometimes you could hear him saying "my day was bad, please don't annoy me".

    But, then it all changed suddenly. As the legend goes, he woke up one day and thought to himself, 'I am a boring fella, I need to change my ways'. He got up from his bed and moved 6 inches, then decided he was too lazy to move anymore; he stopped moving. 

    It was all but 3 hours later of thoughtful words, speaking to himself about life problems. He decided to move, this time making it far enough to get some delicious energy into himself. The kitchen was only 7 meters away, yet he found himself struggling once again. A glorious 5 minutes later he makes it there, and spotted something in a far corner of his kitchen. It was, a banana. The thoughts started running through his head, "what can I do with this beautiful piece of gods fruit?" The ideas started to make his pants grow, slightly. He never knew he could be such a thoughtful person, with many excellent ideas coming straight to mind. 

    Stepping closer to the banana, he knew what needed to be done. He thought "back to bed, I need to go", and without second hesitation, that's what he done. Once back in his bedroom he started up his Master Race PC, went straight to Edge™ browser, pulled up his favorite furry website.  He looked through the categories, and found one epic category. Catgirl. While beating the meat, and using the banana, in, lets say, odd ways; he decided that it was his new favorite thing to think about.

    He, eh, finished. Tissues cleaned up, bed made. Glory time has stopped, he then proceeded to exit life.exe and startup Garry's Mod. He stumbled across the servers of the one and only WarZone.gg, and here we are. 

    Part 2 to come, adventure time is only getting started. 

  6. Okay, so for those unfamiliar with the term, "freeballing" is basically "going commando", meaning you wear swimming shorts, short shorts, jeans shorts, sweats or basically any type of clothing without underwear, that kind of freely displays your manhood for all the bitches to see, or makes your penis-line (as it's officially known) very visible :emofdr:

    It is an old thing, but has become quite a popular fetish in the past few years, and I fucking love it!

    How about you? xD
    Feel free to vote on the poll, all votes and voter names are private!

  7. i was planning to do music kit on this year and i wanted to ask questions

    1-what is the difference between "main menu" and "Team selection

    2- does the music kit "main menu" must be from 2min to 4min (i see that some of music kits use the same as team selection and idk if i must do that)

    3-what should i do after i finish my music kit ??

    if i do win i thnk every one of the community 

    sorry for broken English

    your beloved 




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    i hate it, if i get rdmd, we need more admins

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    I'm just nobody. Why doesn't anyone care? It is because I am irrelevant... *sigh*

    But I would like to thank the community for being awesome and I hope to stay for a while. 58e55620cf78c_th(3).jpg.55095afce903829f5a5bf793af0b0997.jpg <------ This is what my life has come to

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    Have you ever seen a red circle or a red arrow in a YouTube thumbnail? They exist. And what do they do there? They point out the painfully obvious. But it's for the views. They are only there to make us click on the video. I'm sure you have all heard of Durv (the kid youtuber that clickbaits too much), almost every single video he has uploaded has a red arrow. Why? Because it draws in more views. Thank you for taking the time to read about me complaining about red arrows and circles.


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    Spoiler alert: I'm obviously gonna talk about stuff that happend in Season 4 of the BBC series Sherlock, so if you haven't seen it yet: 

    1. Shame on you

    2. Watch it now. I'll wait.

    3. Come back to finish reading this. Or don't, do whatever you want.


    Well to start things off, I was happy that between the long wait for the new (and last?) season of Sherlock, there was the "The Abominable Bride" episode to keep things interested. Apart from the fat Mycroft, the episode's main focus was on the fact that mister Jim Moriarty couldn't have survived the event that happend in the season 2 finale, The Reichenbach Fall. Of course I thought he was gonna return in season 4, like everyone else, but when he did, and the way he did, it made me a bit sad. The only time we really see Moriarty in this last season is in a flashback. Of course this was done perfect, when Moriarty came flying in the scene, with once again great music playing, I thought he finally returned. But then he didn't... when it was really a flashback of 5 years ago. That made me wonder, did Moriarty really not have a back-up plan when he was up on the roof with Sherlock back in season 2? I mean, he shot himself in the head to create a dillema for Sherlock, which was great and brilliant. But you'd think that someone like Moriarty, with his level of genius and his resources, would have seen this coming and make sure he would easily survive the Reichenbach Fall. 

    Andrew Scott, the actor who plays Moriarty, said that the "lack" of Moriarty in the whole series is done on purpose to keep things interesting. He compared it to The Silence of the Lambs, Anthony Hopkin's awful villain is only in it for a short part of the movie, but that's what makes it great. So yea, I guess you could see this as the same thing, yet I was really looking for more Moriarty scenes, I love the way Andrew Scott portraits this character. 


    So episode 1 seemed like a calm start to me, even tho there was this assassin guy coming after Mary Watson. The plottwist in the end of the episode wasn't really that shocking to me, not because I saw it coming, but because it wasn't really that interesting in my opinion. The thing that did kinda suprise me, was Mary getting shot. I was sure the secretary was gonna shoot herself in the head to avoid prison, but instead she shot Mary. Poor Mary :( I do think the way Mary was used in the next episode was nice, I think it gave closure to John as well as the viewers. Speaking of the next episode...

    Toby Jones did a really good job of playing a creepy rich guy. Did I mention he's also a serial killer? I liked the way Toby Jones portrayed Culverton Smith, with his rich man attitude with a real fucked up side. Telling children in a hospital how the Queen of England could be a serial killer if she wanted, she has enough resources to cover it all up. The episode is also nice because it does what it was made for, making Sherlock and John close again. This was one of the episodes where Sherlock's intelligence was used brilliantly to catch the bad guy, who was of course suprised Sherlock had bested him. Anyway, good job Toby Jones. 


    Instead of Moriarty as the big villain, it was revealed that it was actually Sherlock and Mycroft's sister, Eurus Holmes. Looking back, the way she was introduced was really done the Sherlock way. We had seen her three times without realising (Woman flirting with John Watson on the bus, acting as Culverton Smith's daughter, John's shrink) before she revealed her true identity. I did like Eurus as the main villain, but I was a bit confused by the ending. Not because I didn't understand what happend, but it just felt a bit weird to me. I loved the fact that she took over the whole island from within, but then suddenly we are at Sherlock's old home and John's almost drowning. Of course it all makes sense since the answer lies there, so Sherlock can finally put all the pieces together, but in my opinion it wasn't the best ending. 


    Then after Eurus has been detained again and the case seems closed, another message from Mary basically says to all the viewers: That's it. Sherlock and John will continue to solve many cases, but we probably won't show any. Oh yea, and remember the season 3 cliffhanger with Moriarty? Yea he really died 2 seasons ago. Sorry. 

    Anyway I want to end on a positive note, because although I'm a bit sad that this is probably the last we'll see of this version of Sherlock, I really enjoyed watching it and it's one of my favorite series. 


  8. In Exchange 2013, Users can upload a picture and this will be used in Outlook and Lync/Skype for Business. Other scripts on the Internet appear to simply extract the thumbnail from Active Directory which is no good as it stores a 48x48 version and is stretched to fit in various places in Windows. So, another solution is needed. I created a script based on the one I found here: http://blog.jocha.se/tech/ad-user-pictures-in-windows-10

    This will ensure that when a user sets a photo in Exchange, it will also appear as their Windows picture.




    Skype for Business



    The script will set:


    However I re-wrote the script so that if the user does not have a picture, it simply wont set it and use the default Windows 10 picture. This could be modified to use a corporate photo if you need, this shouldn't be too difficult.

    So this requires scripts in two places. Firstly on the Exchange Server and secondly on each client with Group Policy.

    On the Exchange server you wish to use for Picture deployment, go to C:\inetpub\wwwroot

    Create a folder called "UserPhoto" and give the local user group full control.

    In a web browser, navigate to https://myexchangeserver/UserPhoto

    You should get a 403 Forbidden Page, this means the directory is working as intended.

    The next step is the Exchange Powershell script. You can put this where ever you want, but for the blog, I will be putting it in C:\Scripting\Tasks

    Below is the script to export User Photo's from Exchange, save them as a jpeg file to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\UserPhoto

    Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.Exchange.Management.PowerShell.SnapIn
    #Remove old pictures firt :)
    Remove-Item "C:\inetpub\wwwroot\UserPhoto\*" -Force
    $mbs = Get-Mailbox
    ForEach($mailbox in $mbs)
            $photo = Get-UserPhoto -Identity $mailbox.Alias -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
            if($photo.IsValid -eq $true)
                Write-Host $mailbox.Name
                $fName = $mailbox.SamAccountName.ToLower()
                $photo.PictureData | Set-Content "C:\inetpub\wwwroot\UserPhoto\$($fName).jpg" -Encoding byte
            Write-Host "$mailbox.Name  has no picture";

    Save this as DumpPhotos.ps1 and save in C:\Scripting\Tasks

    Run the script and for one of your Exchange users you should be able to visit https://exchangefqdn/UserPhoto/username.jpg

    If so, Great! if not, you need to make sure you set it up correctly.

    Next you need to set it up as a scheduled task, however this is out of the scope of this blog post, but this is really easy to do. I set mine to run Daily every 10 minutes.

    Next is the client script.

    This script is slightly more complex. It does the following:

    • Goes to https://exchangefqdn/UserPhoto/$username.jpg and downloads it
    • If the download was successful by doing a file exists check, it will attempt to set the photo
    • The photo will be copied to the correct path in Windows
    • The Registry will be updated with the User Photo information.
    $userName        = $env:USERNAME.ToLower();
    $url             = "https://ExchangeFQDN/UserPhoto/$userName.jpg"
    $user_sid        = [System.Security.Principal.WindowsIdentity]::GetCurrent().User.Value
    $image_sizes     = @(32, 40, 48, 96, 192, 200, 240, 448);
    $image_mask      = "Image{0}.jpg"
    $image_base      = "C:\ProgramData\AccountPictures"
    if((Test-Path "C:\PS\PictureTemp\") -eq $false)
        New-Item "C:\PS\PictureTemp\" -Type directory
    $request_dl  = Invoke-WebRequest $url -OutFile "C:\PS\PictureTemp\$userName.jpg"
    $request     = Invoke-WebRequest $url
    $code        = $request.StatusCode
    if((Test-Path -Path "C:\PS\PictureTemp\$userName.jpg") -eq $true) #Picture Exists
        Write-Host "Picture found for $userName!"
        Write-Host "Setting up Registry"
        $user_photo       = [byte[]](Get-Content "C:\PS\PictureTemp\$userName.jpg" -Encoding byte)
        $reg_base         = "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\AccountPicture\Users\{0}"
        $reg_key          = [string]::format($reg_base, $user_sid)
        $reg_value_mask   = "Image{0}"
        if((Test-Path -Path $reg_key) -eq $false)
            New-Item -Path $reg_key
        Write-Host "Saving Images..."
            ForEach($size in $image_sizes)
                $dir = $image_base + "\" + $user_sid;
                if((Test-Path -Path $dir) -eq $false)
                    $(mkdir $dir).Attributes = "Hidden";
                $file_name    = ([string]::Format($image_mask, $size));
                $path         = $dir + "\" + $file_name;
                Write-Host "Saving: $path"
                $user_photo | Set-Content -Path $path -Encoding Byte -Force
                Write-Host "Writing to Registry"
                $name     = [string]::Format($reg_value_mask, $size);
                $value    = New-ItemProperty -path $reg_key -Name $name -Value $path -Force
            Write-Host "Cannot Update profile picture for $env:username."
       Write-Host "$userName does not have a picture :("

    For the purpose of this blog, the script will be saved in C:\Corp\Scripts\ as Get-ExchangePhoto.ps1

    Next I create a VBS script to run Powershell silently. I called this Get-ExchangePhoto.vbs

    On Error Resume Next
    command = "powershell.exe -Noninteractive -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Noprofile -File C:\Corp\Scripts\Get-ExchangePhoto.ps1"
    set shell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
    shell.Run command,0

    These files are copied locally to each machine using Group Policy File Preferences to the directories above.

    The VBS should then be ran by a Scheduled Task locally at Login. 


    I will include steps to creating the scheduled tasks and making sure the registry permissions shortly.

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