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Inventory, Economy and Skins overview

Created By Hiro, Last modified by Hiro 21/03/2019 11:12

Similar to CS:GO, WarZone has an Item economy.

In the case of WarZone, we have an economy for Weapon and knife skins along with Music Kits, Hats and various other item types.

The Store

In-game, you can access the store by pressing F3 (Default Binding). 

From here you can buy various items such as:

  • Weapon Skins
  • Knife Skins
  • Music Kits
  • Hats
  • Player Models
  • Much more

However, everything you see in the store, is not everything available. There are more items available which cannot be bought from the Store. These are Case Only Items or Exclusive Items.

Case Only Items

These items, as the name suggests can only be obtained by opening Cases. There are various cases available with a variety of different items.

99% of cases contain weapon skins, each case contains unique and custom weapon skins.

You obtain cases via Drops. You get these drops by playing.

A regular player gets 5 case drops per week, this can be increased in various ways. You can find out how here: Weekly Case Drops

You can get increased weekly case drops by buying VIP or simply outright buying cases from the Web Store (For real monetary currency)

Exclusive Items

The other type of items are Exclusive items. As the name suggests, these are exclusive to either a particular or group of people.

Examples of this include:

  • Custom Weapon Skins bought from the web store
  • Custom Player Models bought from the web store.
  • Coins for attending events such as Meetups
  • VIP Only Items


This is where all your hard earned items are stored. This can be accessed in various places.

The in-game way to access your Inventory is by pressing F3 (Default Binding) and then clicking on "Inventory"

You can also access it on the WarZone website if you have Linked your Steam Account (See Linking Accounts)

From the Inventory you can view Item details such as the Wiki page, Sell it on the Community Market or quick sell it. 

Community Market

The Community Market is, as the name suggests, the online market for players to sell their Inventory Items.

Unlike Quicksell, you can specify your own terms for the pricing and other players will buy it from you. 

It's important to note that with the community market, for the duration of it's listing, will be unavailable in your Inventory unless you remove the listing or someone buys it. 

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