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Weekly Case Drops

Created By ZeRo, Last modified by ZeRo 21/03/2019 11:11

By default, each player gets a maximum of 5 case drops per week.

The amount of case drops a player can receive can be increased by:

  • Purchasing VIP
  • Joining and remaining joined to the Steam group
  • Being registered on the Forum and linking your Steam Account.
  • Being in our Discord server and linking your Forum account to Discord.

Below is a table of how many case drops can be given.

LevelBase DropsIn Steam GroupForum MemberDiscord MemberTotal Weekly DropsDouble XP Weekends
Regular Player5111816
Bronze VIP101111326
Silver VIP151111836
Gold VIP201112346
Platinum VIP251112856
Ruby VIP351113876

We also run Double XP weekends. This doubles your case drops. The table above also shows total weekly drops with DoubleXP enabled.

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