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How To Discord

Created By Hiro, Last modified by Hiro 21/03/2019 11:05

WarZone's main method of text communication is on Discord - we have our own Discord server which you can join from here















Above you can all the publicly available channels on Discord. The structure is pretty basic but some people don't seem to understand it

#announcements is where we post any announcements regarding any aspect of WarZone - announce giveaways, radio shows, new game modes, game nights, updates etc

#rules is the rules of the Discord server

#warzone-trello-updates is the channel for racking the development of the WarZone servers, website, Discord bot and such things

#warzone-git-updates is where any git updates pushed to the servers are shown to the users. Nobody has actual access to the git repository - there's no point in asking

#general is for general chat. Anything you like to discuss can be done here as long as you abide by the rules located in #rules

#shitpost is a literal shitposting channel. Post memes and other useless things in that channel

#support is where people can ask for support regarding the servers or calling admins. Do not have normal conversations in the channel - it is for support only

#trading is where anybody can have discussions of trading skins and such

#radio is the channel for anything to do with the radio, such as suggesting music, radio shows, radio competitions and such topics

#globalchat is to chat from Discord to the in-game servers and vice versa. See below for more information.

Discord Channel Commands

WarZone has a custom built bot with some cool features.

To chat with in-game players that would you like to trade with type this into #trading: "+ insert trading message here" - the important part is you put the + with a space after so the bot can recognise that it is a trading command.

To type in #globalchat it is the same concept as trading chat - you need to put a + in front of your message for the bot to detect the message and send it to players in-game.

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