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Welcome to the WarZone Help Center

This space will give you various guides and help with various aspects of WarZone Gaming such as In-Game, Forum, Website and Discord.

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Posted 12/01/2020 03:52

How do you spectate in first person in surf?

Posted 03/01/2020 19:24

uh so yeah i'm new i unlocked a ak47 skin, what can i do with it? except selling it

Posted 27/08/2019 16:36

I would go into minecraft ttt and I came in just after they had started the match and then I was banned from the game. Can you help me so I can play minecraft ttt again.

Posted 09/04/2019 16:13

Hi, ive started playing again and as far as i can tell i cant get on Surf DM, after about 15 seconds in the server my game completely crashes and closes, i didnt have all content installed but i have now, i left and let it install and then tried to join again, still crashes but took 25 seconds on average now.

Posted 09/04/2019 12:21

I'm probably late to this but i have started playing the game again more and i can't see any of the new weapons skins that came with the last update, How do i fix this because i have all the content downloaded