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4. View/Edit Models

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Toggling Visibility

You can choose which model you want to work on with the Objects menu in the top right of the Screen.

  • Objects are sorted into groups, including Camera, Gloves, Guns, Knives, and Studio Setups. Press the + icon to the left of each to show the full list, and the - icon to hide the list.
  • To show an Object, press both the Eye icon and the Render icon (Camera) to the right of the object's name.

3D View

There are several different options to control the position, rotation, and scale of different objects in the scene. To select objects;

  • Right click an object to select it
  • Shift-Right click to select multiple objects (Make sure the Gun Mag is also selected when moving a gun)
  • Press A to select or deselect all objects in the scene.

Editing Objects

Along the bottom of the 3D View, there are three buttons (highlighted). From left to right;

  • Press the left button to control the position of the Object.
  • Press the middle button to control the rotation of the Object.
  • Press the right button to control the scale of the Object.
  • Press S to equally control the scale of the object

When these are pressed, the Object will show Lines with Red, Green, and Blue. Drag these lines to adjust the Object.

Press Shift-D and left click to duplicate an Object. This object can now be moved away from the original as a Duplicate, such as for making multiple Magazines.

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