Meetup Location Voting

3. Viewport

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This section will tell you how to navigate the 3D Area and place the camera

To move your view;

  • Hold the Middle Mouse Button and move your mouse to rotate your view
  • Scroll the mouse wheel to zoom in and out
  • Hold Shift-Middle Mouse Button, and move the mouse to pan the view

To move the camera with your view

  • Press Numpad 0 to move your view to the camera
  • Hold Ctrl-Alt-Numpad 0 to move the camera to your view

Press Shift-F to enter first-person Navigation. This will also move the camera if you are viewing from it. To control in first-person

  • Use the mouse to aim your view
  • Use WASD to move forward, left, backwards, and right.
  • Hold Q to move the camera down, and E to move the camera up
  • Hold Shift to move the camera faster
  • Left Click to apply the Camera Position
  • Press Escape to cancel the Camera Position

Click the 3D Viewport and press Shift-Z to toggle the live preview.


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