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1. Downloading/Installing

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Installing Blender/Skin Renderer

Welcome to the Skin Renderer guide. This will detail how to use basic and advanced features to render your skins.

Install Blender through Steam. This is completely free, and will automatically be updated to the latest stable release when available. Blender will appear in the Tools tab, not Games.

After this, download the current version of Skin Renderer here (Current version: Experimental 0.4).

Open Blender, and in the top right click File, Application Templates, then Install Template from File. Navigate to where the Skin Renderer file is located, and double click it.





















To open the Skin Renderer, go to File, Application Templates, and click Skin Renderer. Alternatively, you can press the Template option when launching Blender.





















  1. Press Win-R to open the Run window and paste %appdata%/Blender Foundation/Blender/2.79/config
  2. Delete the Skin Renderer Folder
  3. Open the Run window again (Win-R) and paste %appdata%/Blender Foundation/Blender/2.79/scripts/startup/bl_app_templates_user
  4. Delete the Skin Renderer Folder
  5. Reinstall with the steps at the top
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