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2.1 Creating Monochrome Graffiti

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Creating Monochrome Graffiti is really easy.

You only need to create one image, making the parts you want to be colored, as white.

For example:













The inner of the crown is painted with near white colors. It does not have to be 100% white, but has to be on the white spectrum for this to work correctly.

It is also important to outline your graffiti in black in certain parts such as the edges and inner edges, as shown in the example above.

When creating custom Graffiti, it should match the style of the example given above.

Ensuring the colors are correct is 100% Important

Where the color is white, the game engine will automatically change the color of the image on the white parts.














This means you only need to create one image.

You will need to create an image that is exactly 512x512 in size. It has to be a transparent PNG.

As stated in 2. Deciding Graffiti Style There are default colors which are added, you may also define new colors to be added to your monochrome graffiti, however these color schemes need to be vastly different from the default ones specified in that page.

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