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2) Converting to Source Engine Formats

Created By ZeRo, Last modified by ZeRo 09/02/2019 11:44

Once you have got your skin to a point where you want to test your skin in-game to see how it would look in the real world, you need to convert it to the correct format for Source to understand and render your texture.


In order to convert the texture, you will need some additional software.

You will need VTFEdit to do the conversion. You can find this here: http://nemesis.thewavelength.net/index.php?p=41

Once installed, you are now ready to go


In your Graphics editor, save the file as a .tag.

In Photoshop: File > Save As




Once completed, open VTFEdit

Click File > Import


Select "TGA" from the supported file list dropdown.



Then a prompt will open, and you will have to adjust the settings to these variables:

On General:

And on Advanced:


After that is done press OK, and the importation starts.


Once done, go to File > Save As



Save it as a VTF, and that's it, you're done!

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