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4. Testing

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Folder Structure & Template

Download the Music Kit folder structure template:


In the zip, open the MusicKit Template folder

copy the "sound" folder to \common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\

Navigate to sound\warzone_itemtest\musickits

Rename the folder "my_music_kit" to whatever you want to name your music kit.


Even though at this point you have changed the name of the folder from my_music_kit we will keep referring to this folder in this documentation, so please make sure you are referring to your renamed folder.

Inside the "my_music_kit" folder there are 3 things

  • assets directory
  • music directory
  • kit.wzmkit

Place your cover.png and background.png in the "assets" folder, the file names HAVE to be exact.

Place your created mp3 files in the "music" folder.

It is important that you DONT delete for modify "kit.wzmkit" as this is used in the Workbench for selecting this directory to be used in a Workbench project.

Importing in Workbench

Open Garry's Mod and connect to the Skin Testing Environment


Open the console and enter: warzone_item_tools  to open the Workbench

Go to File > New














Enter your project details and select the type as "Music Kit"












Click "Create"

You will then be presented with this:























Click Edit > Set Music Kit Directory

























Select "my_music_kit" and then click "kit.wzmkit" and thhen click "Select Kit"

Workbench should look like this:























You can now preview all of your sound files in-game to make sure it sounds correct.

Using the bars, you can also tell if the levels for your kit are correct.

Setting Meta Data

You will also be required to set the meta data. Go to Edit > Set Information




























Enter the artists (Most likely you!) and the title of your music kit.












Click Save

This will also be shown on the Workbench























You can also see how your background will look as the specified background.png is displayed along with the cover art.

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