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3. Cover Art

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You are required to submit cover art with your submission.

You are required to submit a 512 x 512 (at least, larger is better) full size image of your cover only. You do not need to create it with the record (As seen with in-game)

Entries that "pre-make" the item image will be rejected.

Good Submission















Bad Submission












We will create the item image for you. We only need a high-res image of your cover.

You should name this "cover.png" and save it as a PNG file format.

Background Image

You also need to include a background image with your entry.

This should be an image that is 1920 x 1080 or larger

This will be used on the inspect menu. 

Here is a good example..



























Please be aware that this will also have a blur placed over the top of it, so don't add any detail as this may not be seen. 

You should name this "background.png" and it should be saved as a PNG file. 

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