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1) Getting Started

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This page will cover getting started with skin creation for Weapons, Knives and Gloves.


The Basics

As stated above, Photoshop will be used exclusively in this guide. If you use any other image editing software, you are on your own and is unsupported by WarZone Gaming.

Open Photoshop and then open the OBJ of the item you wish to skin. In this case, I will be using the Karambit.


When asked for the dimensions, 2048 x 2048 is our standard dimension size.


The 3D model will now load in Photoshop



Click on the "Layers" tab and then double click on the __PS_3D layer


You will now see the UV Map for the model


This is back in 2D mode, so from here, you can use all of the traditional tools to make your skin.

If you wish to skin every single part ot the knife then you can skip the next part.

From the downloaded textures, drag the default texture on to the canvas from Windows explorer


This will then give you a preview. Press ENTER to apply



Create a new layer and then you can start creating your skin on this new layer. This will overlay the default texture. As stated above, if you wish to re-skin the entire knife including the handle and not just the blade, you can skip the import of the default texture.

Once done, it is now time to export the file and test it ingame. You can of course look in the Photoshop 3D view to see what it will look like.


Final result in-game



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