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Creating a GMA file on Linux

Created By ZeRo, Last modified by ZeRo 07/03/2019 09:25

On Steam, right click on Garry's Mod and then click Properties

Click on the "Local Content" tab and then "Browse Local Files" button

Go to the "bin" folder

Right click anywhere and click on "Open In Terminal"

In your addons folder with the materials, sounds folder etc create a new file called addon.json

Put the following in to it

{"title":"YOUR NAME HERE E.G AK-47 | Empress","type":"ServerContent","tags":["build","comic"],"ignore":[]}

Go back to terminal and type in the following:

./gmad_linux create -folder /home/username/workshop/ak47_empress/ -out /home/username/workshop/addon.gma

Once done, you should now have a .gma file in the output file specified

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