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Standards for Submitting

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File Naming

It's important that the file naming is to the correct standard.

Weapon, Knife and Glove Skins

  • The file name should be in the following format: weaponname_skinname.vmt/.vtf
  • replace weaponname with ak47, famas, galil etc, the specific names of the weapons are not important e.g you can also use galilar_skinname or galil_skinname.

Music Kits

  • All filenames should be lower case
  • A full list of file names and standards can be found Here


  • All filenames should be lower case
  • The map name should be in the following format: gamemodename_mapname.bsp e.g wzs_facility
  • For a list of gamemode names, see Here

Stickers and Graffiti

  • All filenames should be lower case
  • You can simply name it my_sticker.png or my_graffiti.png

Folder Structure

The folder structure is important, otherwise the creation of the .gma file will fail.

The structure is as follows:

Weapon Skins

  • my_addon
    • materials/models/weapons/workshop/my_skin.vtf
    • materials/models/weapons/workshop/my_skin.vmt

Knife Skins

  • my_addon
    • materials/models/weapons/warzone/knives/workshop/my_skin.vtf
    • materials/models/weapons/warzone/knives/workshop/my_skin.vmt

Gloves Skins

  • my_addon
    • materials/models/warzone/gloves/custom/my_skin.vtf
    • materials/models/warzone/gloves/custom/my_skin.vmt


  • my_addon
    • maps/my_map.bsp
    • maps/my_map.nav

Music Kits

  • my_addon
    • sound/musickits/my_musickit/music/*.mp3
    • materials/musickits/my_musickit/assets/cover.png
    • materials/musickits/my_musickit/assets/background.png


  • my_addon
    • materials/stickers/my_sticker.png


  • my_addon
    • materials/graffiti/my_graffiti.png



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