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Gamenight: Left 4 Dead 2
Gamenight: Left 4 Dead 2
This week we are playing Left 4 Dead 2. Sign up now
CS:GO Drinking Game #3
CS:GO Drinking Game #3
The Third CS:GO Drinking Game is now confirmed for the 28th October. Sign Up Now Terms & Conditions Apply, see event page for details
Meetup 2018 - Utrecht, Netherlands. Vote for the date now!
Meetup 2018 - Utrecht, Netherlands. Vote for the date now!
Utrecht, Netherlands has been picked. Now it's time to choose a date. Vote Now
UK Winter Meetup 2018 - Ipswich, UK
UK Winter Meetup 2018 - Ipswich, UK
The yearly UK Winter Meetup hosted in Ipswich, United Kingdom. More Information
The Hydra Case #2 - Now Dropping
The Hydra Case #2 - Now Dropping
The Hydra Case #2 is now dropping for all players. The 2017 Anniversary Case is now available on the Store. Buy Now
Movie Night Series 2: Voting now open!
Movie Night Series 2: Voting now open!
The all new Series 2 of movie suggestions are now available to vote for. Vote Now
Armin van Buuren - A State of Trance - Broadcast Every Friday @ 9PM
Armin van Buuren - A State of Trance - Broadcast Every Friday @ 9PM
Love Trance? Armin's A State of Trance radio show is for you! Tune in to WarZone Radio Every Friday @ 9PM to listen
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News Title Introducing Cards Against Humanity
15 hours ago


From Tomorrow (21st October) we are launching a brand new gamemode. 

We are launching our custom version of Cards Against Humanity completely written in GLua. 

The gamemode is completely feature rich and has the following features:

  • Multiple lobbies per GMod server. A 128 slot server can host up to 6 20 player games.
  • Lots of customization.
    • Play the game your way by setting options such as czar mode, blank cards, winning points and much more. Have it your way.
  • Blank Cards - This allows you to enter custom text for cards to spice up the experience more.
  • Kick/Ban tools for hosts
  • Reveal cards one by one mode
  • Ability to dump your entire cards hand
  • Ability to remove individual cards from hand.
  • Voting mode (No czar)
  • Deck Selection per game.
  • And much more!

Check below for a few screenshots from the beta.

The server will launch on the 21st October at 10PM








Beta Testers

I'd like to thank the following for help testing:

The above players will be receiving the Cards Against Humanity Beta Testing Pin!



News Title Update 12.1 Highlights
30/09/2017 08:33

Update 12.1 is deploying on October 1st. Here are the highlights from the update.

You can find the changelogs here: 



The Mini-Profile is based on the CS:GO profile, it shows coins, reputation and wins. While the reputation and wins are currently placeholders, these will be fully functional features in the future.

You can access the mini-profile by clicking on the avatar of a player on the scoreboard.

VIP Portal


The new VIP portal shows VIP info such as purchase date, expiry, benfits, price along with options.

Platinum VIP's can also Vote Kick and Vote Gag from here also.

This can be accessed in the Store by going to More > VIP

Deathcam Updates




Spectator UI Redesign

The Spectator UI has now been moved to ServerCore so it's global across all gamemodes. Timer Engine and SurfDM now share the same UI. It has been updated in line with the Deathcam updates.


Coin Updates


This update includes updates to coins. Hovering over coins on the Scoreboard on all gamemodes now shows the Inventory hover.

Coin displays have been added to DarkRP, TTT, SurfDM and Surf.

Measurement Conversion


Speed units have now been changed to a global option rather than a Timer Engine only option. This means your preferences now show on the Spectate UI on other gamemodes. The Measurement Units option will be primarily used on DarkRP once the new DarkRP update drops.

TTT Spectator Deathmatch

After popular demand, we have now added TTT Spectator Deathmatch. All weapons are the CS:GO models with working skins. The crowbar has been replaced with the users knife.

News Title Link your warzone.gg account with Discord
26/09/2017 19:32



You can now link your warzone.gg account with Discord.

This includes many benefits such as:

  • Avatar Sync from Discord
  • Group Sync from the Forums
    • Admin Ranks
    • Manager Ranks
  • Nickname Sync to Discord
  • VIP Sync

We have now created VIP Roles, so link your forum account with Discord to get instant access to the channel.

You can link your account by going to "Account Settings" and then clicking on "Discord" or simply Click Here

News Title Test Topic
26/09/2017 18:13


News Title New CS:GO Sounds now available on WarZone
25/09/2017 20:24


We have had a few requests to add the new CS:GO Weapon sounds to the servers.

While we are not in favor of completely replacing them, we have today released an optional addon which replaces the sounds.

How to Install

Go to: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1146889362

But wait, your not done yet!

  • Go to your Garry's Mod Directory.
  • Navigate to garrysmod\download\sound
  • Delete the "csgo" folder
  • Delete the "weapons" folder
  • Restart Garry's Mod completely


You should be good to go!

Still cant hear the new sounds?

You likely have other workshop addons which are conflicting in which case you need to uninstall. Look for CS:GO weapons related addons.

News Title WarZone is one!
16/09/2017 10:11

...If you exclude the previous ones.

Anyway, as of Today, we are officially 1 year old.

So, it wouldn't be an anniversary without an awesome update and a host of events this evening.

So with the update, here are the highlights.

Text Hat Improvements

You can now select an effect and a font for your Text hat.


2017 Anniversary Case (Limited Edition)


The 2017 Anniversary case is a brand new limited edition case which drops for 1 week. This is the first case ever to not contain any Mil-Spec Skins.

Hydra Case #2



The Hydra Case #2 contains the brand new skins included in Yesterday's CS:GO update. This as with all new cases is store exclusive for 1 week. On the 23rd September, the case will drop as per usual. Buy Now

Persistent Gag & Muting

From today, admins can now Persistent Gag and Mute.



Gifts are back

Since the Anniversary is a special occasion, Gifts are now back and purchasable for a week.


Grab them while you can!

Events Today

There are 3 radio shows today. Times are in BST (UK Time)

  • Archangel (4PM - 6PM)
  • The ZeRo Show (6PM - 8PM)
  • Gornot (8PM - Midnight)

Case Drops Reset!

Since we have a brand new case, we have now reset everyone's drops to 0.

Double XP & Double Cases!

We have also activated Double XP, this also means you get double your weekly cases.

You can view all changes for this update here: https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewchangelogs?id=2 

News Title The WarZone Anniversary Show!
07/09/2017 11:05

Hello everyone,

I would like to take this opportunity to personally invite you to join us on September 16th at 8PM (GMT) for a special 3-hour radio show as we here at WarZone Gaming celebrate our first anniversary on that day. We've come a long way in such a short time, starting off with only a handful of features, no player base, and a lot of ambitions - we introduced a lot of player models, weapon and knife skins, cases, money drops, the trading system, the community market, a more consistent and immersive UI experience, more radio shows and more diverse music featured on WZR, and much much more.

We take great pride in our hard work to bring the best possible experience for players across all our servers, and therefore during this show we will make some great announcements, give out some amazing gifts, and play some awesome music, picked both by our amazing staff team and taken straight from the WarZone Charts that feature your all time favorite songs in the past year.

We look forward to seeing you in-game on Saturday 16th.
Lots of love,
Papa G.

News Title Mobile support is here!
03/09/2017 07:02

So, after a long while, I'm pleased to announce that mobile support has finally arrived for the website.

Not all pages are yet optimized for mobile, however from today the site can now be navigated easily and the most requested pages can now be used on a mobile device. See below for the screenshots







One of the best mobile supported features is the radio area. You can now also make requests from the mobile site. Pop-up boxes on Desktop or larger screens now act as pages on mobile and scale to any small screen size accordingly.

We are still working on making the site work for other small screen devices like Tablets which have enough room to display the nav bar,  however this will be done in future updates.

If with any of the new website changes you experience some strange behavior, refresh your cache by doing CTRL + F5

News Title Update 11.8 Highlights
11/08/2017 07:26

So, Update 11.8 has just been deployed so here are some of the highlights from this weekly update:

Inventory Picker

We have now added an Inventory picker to places where having a full view of your Inventory is essential. We understand Trading is a big part of WarZone, so we wanted to make this experience better.

Firstly, in the trading  Window, the Inventory has gone, but there is now a button to add items


This then brings up a mini Inventory with full filtering and searching capability.


Simply click on the item to use it.

We have also use the same window on the gifting feature, so it makes it easier to send gifts to other players instead of having to go through a massive combo dropdown list.


Store UI Updates

We have now refined the navigation at the top of the store, the important buttons are visible, with other options now available under a dropdown



Activate Key is a new feature. This will be first used by everyone attending Meetup 2017. Entering a code can do a variety of things such as give an item. We will start using this for radio and social media competitions.



VIP Updates

Gold VIP+ can now specify a custom name to use rather than using their Steam name:



That's about it. Change logs will be up shortly.

News Title Social Media Is Active!
10/08/2017 22:15

As several of you may have noticed already the Twitter and Facebook accounts have been revived and will be kept active by Myself & @TheLonelyBunney. Currently i shall be posting regular updates on what is going on with the community and announcing radio shows. However in the very near future there will definitely be some Social Media exclusive giveaways. To ensure you are aware of these giveaways i highly recommend following and liking both the Twitter and Facebook pages. Once i have time to catch up with @TheLonelyBunney As he is extremely busy with work currently we shall increase our focus onto Twitch and Youtube, We have heard from several players that they would be interested in a Twitch community ( Some place people can find all streamers streaming WarZone servers ) We shall also be uploading future game nights, prank calls and occasional community fun sessions for example Cards Against Humanity. On top of this in the upcoming weeks i shall be working out the criteria for Player Of The Week. I created a post a week or so ago asking for suggestions and i shall be working on these to publish the exact criteria and rewards given. I shall release more information on this soon.

All Social Media can be located below or on the home page of the website.