Movie Night Series 2: Voting now open!
Movie Night Series 2: Voting now open!
The all new Series 2 of movie suggestions are now available to vote for. Vote Now
The DarkRP Case is here! Store Exclusive for 1 week
The DarkRP Case is here! Store Exclusive for 1 week
The DarkRP case is now in-game. The case will be exclusive to the WarZone Store for a period of 1 week. SUMMER2017 is valid and applies to this case.
WarZone Store: Summer Sale
WarZone Store: Summer Sale
Get up to 50% off all purchases on the WarZone Store - Use Code: SUMMER2017 during checkout. Excludes Monthly VIP Subscriptions, Active from 5th July - 31st August
The Spanish Cartel & Hydra Case now available on the store!
The Spanish Cartel & Hydra Case now available on the store!
You can now purchase the Spanish Cartel Case and the Hyrda case in the store in batches of 50. Buy the Spanish Cartel Case - Buy the Hyrda Case
Update 11 is here!
Update 11 is here!
Update 11 is finally here! Replay Bots, 2 new cases. One step for WarZone, a giant step for Surf & Bunny Hop - Click here for more info
Meetup Summer 2017 - Ipswich, UK
Meetup Summer 2017 - Ipswich, UK
The 2017 meetup has been confirmed for 24th - 29th August 2017. Click here to see details and sign up
Armin van Buuren - A State of Trance - Broadcast Every Friday @ 9PM
Armin van Buuren - A State of Trance - Broadcast Every Friday @ 9PM
Love Trance? Armin's A State of Trance radio show is for you! Tune in to WarZone Radio Every Friday @ 9PM to listen
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News Title Update 11.8 Highlights
August 11

So, Update 11.8 has just been deployed so here are some of the highlights from this weekly update:

Inventory Picker

We have now added an Inventory picker to places where having a full view of your Inventory is essential. We understand Trading is a big part of WarZone, so we wanted to make this experience better.

Firstly, in the trading  Window, the Inventory has gone, but there is now a button to add items


This then brings up a mini Inventory with full filtering and searching capability.


Simply click on the item to use it.

We have also use the same window on the gifting feature, so it makes it easier to send gifts to other players instead of having to go through a massive combo dropdown list.


Store UI Updates

We have now refined the navigation at the top of the store, the important buttons are visible, with other options now available under a dropdown



Activate Key is a new feature. This will be first used by everyone attending Meetup 2017. Entering a code can do a variety of things such as give an item. We will start using this for radio and social media competitions.



VIP Updates

Gold VIP+ can now specify a custom name to use rather than using their Steam name:



That's about it. Change logs will be up shortly.

News Title Social Media Is Active!
August 10

As several of you may have noticed already the Twitter and Facebook accounts have been revived and will be kept active by Myself & @TheLonelyBunney. Currently i shall be posting regular updates on what is going on with the community and announcing radio shows. However in the very near future there will definitely be some Social Media exclusive giveaways. To ensure you are aware of these giveaways i highly recommend following and liking both the Twitter and Facebook pages. Once i have time to catch up with @TheLonelyBunney As he is extremely busy with work currently we shall increase our focus onto Twitch and Youtube, We have heard from several players that they would be interested in a Twitch community ( Some place people can find all streamers streaming WarZone servers ) We shall also be uploading future game nights, prank calls and occasional community fun sessions for example Cards Against Humanity. On top of this in the upcoming weeks i shall be working out the criteria for Player Of The Week. I created a post a week or so ago asking for suggestions and i shall be working on these to publish the exact criteria and rewards given. I shall release more information on this soon.

All Social Media can be located below or on the home page of the website.


News Title August Double XP & DarkRP testing
August 09


We are running another DoubleXP weekend from the 11th August.

DoubleXP will be enabled from 07:00 on Friday and will end at 07:00 Monday the 14th. This DoubleXP/Money weekend will also include double cases. Normal players get up to 10 case drops as opposed to the regular 5 for the duration of the weekend. VIP's also get double their regular case drops.

Also, this weekend we are doing another test session for DarkRP.

This will happen on Saturday the 12th August at 6PM BST (7PM Western Europe)

The IP to connect is:

The password protection will be removed once testing starts.

News Title Music Kit Competition #1 - Winners
July 02

The results of the music competition are now here.


1st Place: Alfred - Legacy

2nd Place: Chaotix - Neon Rainbow

3rd Place: GrimbleGrumble - Synthetic


Cute Griffin - Eden

Vaporeonus - Songs to fight for

Thanks to everyone for taking part. You can expect to find all the music kits above in-game when the next minor update drops.

News Title Update 11
June 26



This update also includes the finished knife collection:



The Update will be deployed on Monday 26th June, during the maintenance window between 23:00 - 00:00


News Title Double XP & $WZ active this weekend!
June 01


From Friday until Monday 6AM Double XP and Money will be activated on all Garry's Mod servers. 

So join us from Friday to start gaining more on all gamemodes!

News Title WarZone Welcomes Rising Storm 2: Vietnam
May 30


Rising Storm 2: Vietnam has just been released. We have now launched 2 servers for the game. 

Currently the two servers are in Territory mode and run a rotation of all the maps currently available in-game.

Head on over to the servers page: for more information!

The Port displayed on the page is the query port. The Server IP's are as follows:

RS2 Territory #1:

RS2 Territory #2:

Head on over to Steam and pick up the game, You can buy it here:

News Title Update 10.3 Highlights
May 27

Update 10.3 has now been released.

Below are the highlights for this update.

Collection Browser

With this update you can now go through all the collections, look at items and Inspect them.




With this update, Filtering is now available in both in the Store and Inventory pages. The feature is currently in Beta and will be improved over time.



Trade-Up Contracts are back!




Trade-Up contracts have now been reworked and have now been returned. We are looking for feedback from players on how we can improve this.


Change logs will be up shortly.

News Title The ZeRo Show is back!
May 19

I'm pleased to announce that The ZeRo Show will be returning this Saturday from 8PM. 

For those unfamiliar, The ZeRo Show is a 2 hour fun-packed radio show, live on WarZone Radio from 8PM - 10PM (UK).

Make sure you tune in, I will be running a competition with prizes to be won!

News Title Music Kit Competition #1
May 07

We ran one of these back in Overwatch Gaming, so it's time for another.

The Competition is to create a music kit. 


1st Place: Lifetime Platinum VIP + Any knife of your choice (Except Exclusive)

2nd Place: Any knife (Except Exclusive) of your choice

3rd Place: Any weapon skin (Except exclusive) of your choice

Entry Closing Date: 30th June 2017 23:59

What's required

You need to send us a cover art for it.

You will need to send us something that looks something like this:


I will then make it look something like this:


You will also need to send me 11 clips of the following events:

Main Menu (Used for map voting, can be a full track): 2-4 minutes

MVP Anthem: 8 - 15 seconds

Choose Team: 10 - 40 seconds

Won Round: 8 - 15 Seconds

Lost Round: 8 - 15 Seconds

Deathcam: 4 - 10 seconds

Bomb Planted: 42 seconds only

Bomb 10 Second Countdown: 14 seconds only

10 Second Count down (Time/Non-bomb): 14 seconds only

Start Round: at least 20 seconds

Start Action: No more than 12 seconds



  • Lengths should be to the guidelines above, if not your entry may be ignored or points deducted when entries are judged
  • You can use any kind of music
  • You can use exceed the recommended lengths for track fading


Entries will start with 0 score and points are added and deducted based on certain factors such as sound quality, originality, sound levels and more.

Please PM all entries to me via the forum.