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Movie Night Movie Night: The 15:17 to Paris (2018) - https://warzone.gg/movienightinfo?id=64

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Item D-Day Event 2018 | War Veteran
D-Day Event 2018 | War Veteran

D-Day Event 2018 | War Veteran

Garry's Mod
Garry's Mod
Contraband Coin
Store Price
Store Price: 0 $WZ
Can Trade
Tradeable: No
Can Sell
Can be sold: No
Case Only: Yes
Exclusive Item
Exclusive: No
Obtained (Base Item): 0
Obtained (StatTrakā„¢): 0
Total Obtained: 0
Item Find Market Listings (Normal) Item Find Market Listings (StatTrakā„¢)
Description Item Description
Given to to players who watched all ten episodes of Band of Brothers during the 2018 D-Day Event between 2nd - 9th June.
Market Sales Prices Market Sales Prices (Regular)
There is no market price history for this item