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General Server Rules General Server Rules
1. You are responsible for your account and what happens with it on warzone.gg
"My brother did it", "I was drunk", "I was hacked", etc are not valid excuses
2. Don't ban evade
Connecting to WarZone Gaming servers on a different account while banned on another will result in all of them being permanently banned.
3. No spamming or flooding
Do not send messages in a short amount of time, do not use your microphone to intentionally distrub or make difficult to hear others.
4. No cheating
Do not do things that was not intended by the map/gamemode/game causing you to gain an unfair advantage over other players
5. No mute/gag/votekick/admin dodging
Do not rejoin the server in an attempt to dodge punishment
6. No sprays with adult/shock/gore material
This rule and the rating of spray content is up to the admin's interpretation
7. Do not attempt to bypass the AFK System
The AFK system has been implemented so Money and XP are not given out while you are AFK. Any attempts to try and bypass the AFK system in order to gain Money and XP is punishable. Admins also reserve the right to kick AFK players at any time.
8. Do not intentionally be mean or communicatively attack another player.
This isn't grade school. There is no need to do this.
9. Do not scam
Scamming other users out of Items/Money is a permanently bannable offence.
10. Do not advertise
Linking to intersting things you don't profit from is fine. Youtube, personal blogs, funny pictures or website etc. Advertising non-WarZone Gaming servers, websites or communities is strictly forbidden
11. English Only
WarZone Gaming is a UK based gaming community. Please Type & Speak in English.
12. You can advertise the selling or trading of items either privately or via the community market.
Spamming/flooding the chat with your advertisements is not allowed. Please keep it to a minimum of once every 5 minutes.
13. Do not use alternative (alt) accounts
Alt account should not be used in order to gain an advantage over other players in order to get Money, XP and cases.
14. These rules are neither final nor exhaustive - we reserve the right to suspend disruptive users even if their behaviour doesn't fall under any of the above rules directly. Be nice, play fair and respect others and yourself.
Trouble in Terrorist Town Trouble in Terrorist Town
1. No Ghosting. Defined as;
While dead, affecting the gameplay whatsoever by helping players who are still alive
2. No prop surfing.
3. No Prop Abuse
4. No RDM (Random Deathmatch)
Don't randomly kill other players as an innocent. You should only kill other players if you have enough evidence they are a traitor.
5. No false KOS
6. No camping in any area for longer than 20 seconds (This includes the traitor room)
7. Do not throw nades during warmup
8. Do not throw nades while innocent without a valid reason.
9. Do not Traitor Bait
Don't fire a weapon randomly in the air, don't claim to be a traitor etc.
10. Do not KOS a specific area.
11. As a Detective, you can Force other players to get tested
The Detective role can force any player to be tested.
Cinema Cinema
1. Do not play any illegal content
Don't play any content such as; Child porn (including animated), Bestiality (including animated), animal abuse
2. Do not play shock material
Do not play any kind of material which can be used to shock other users.
3. Do not purposely block theatre screens
Intentionally trying to stop people from seeing the screen properly.
Stronghold Stronghold
1. No Griefing
Do not grief such as building bases/traps around spawn points to farm kills
2. No team abuse
This means joining a team, going in to their base, leaving and killing the team members.
3. No Prop Spamming
More than three layers of props in one area of passage, or random placement of smaller props will be considered as prop spamming.
4. No Grenade Spamming
Do not keep buying grenades and throwing them in a short amount of time.
5. No external crosshair assistance
The gamemode does not provide a crosshair. Using an external crosshair will result in a ban.
6. No Prop Blocking
Do not block entrances to buildings which are not part of your base. This includes using props to block map spawns.
Surf Deathmatch Surf Deathmatch
1. No Camping
Do not camp in an area for any longer than 10 seconds.
2. Do not AFK while in a team
If you need to go AFK, switch to Spectator.
3. No Ghosting
Do not Ghost and give away the positions of players on other teams.
4. No Telecamping.
This means waiting at a teleporter for someone to come out just so you can kill them.
5. No map abusing.
This is when you abuse the map to get into the other teams spawn within seconds of the round starting.