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Discord Rules Discord Rules
1. No Adult Content except in #nsfw-18plus
No links, pictures or videos which contain nudity and/or pornography. SFW content only in all channels except #nsfw-18plus
2. No links to Warez, Cracks and Serial keys.
Posting links to pirated content is illegal serial keys, cracks or illegally obtained content is forbidden.
3. Post in the correct channel
Channels exist for a reason.
  • #general - for general conversation.
  • #shitpost - for general shit posting, memes, copy-pasting etc.
  • #support - Any support required for any of our games.
  • #nsfw-18plus - NSFW - Type b!roleme NSFW to access.
  • #nsfw-pol - NSFW - NSFW - Type b!roleme NSFW to access.
  • #exclusive - Invite only for people who can write a proper sentence.
  • #trading - For trading WarZone Services items only.
  • #moderators - Moderator Discussions and ban requests.

Messages posted in the wrong channel will be removed. If you want another channel added for a specific topic, contact an administrator.

For other hidden channels not listed here, refer to the topic.

4. Respect other users
No direct personal insults of another Discord user (e.g "Idiot", "kys") and other name-calling. This is not grade school.
5. No Advertising. This includes invite links to other Discord servers
We do not advertise for profit so we ask all users to not advertise for personal benefit in return
6. Do not spam
Related to Rule #1 - Do not spam messages in any channel. This also includes using more than 4 messages to write a sentence
7. Trolling is not allowed in any form.
8. All content must be written in English
This is a UK based gaming community. We'd prefer if you were to speak English on our Discord Server.