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This page is here for reference only. To accept the terms and conditions you must do so when: Buying,Selling or putting an item up for auction
Terms and Conditions Terms & Conditions

WarZone Gaming may include one or more features or sites that allow players to trade, sell or purchase certain types of Subscriptions (for example, license rights to virtual items) with, to or from other Players ("Subscription Marketplace"). An example of a Subscription Marketplace is the WarZone Community Market. By using or participating in Subscription Marketplaces, you authorize WarZone Gaming, on its own behalf or as an agent or licensee of any third-party creator or publisher of the applicable Subscriptions in your Account, to transfer those Subscriptions from your Account in order to give effect to any trade or sale you make.

You agree that while using the market that:

  • All purchases are final. The Seller of the item has no liability to refund you any way
  • When an item is bought, the same applies. The buyer has no liability to return your item
  • WarZone Gaming may charge a fee for trades or sales in a Subscription Marketplace. Any fees will be disclosed to you prior to the completion of the trade or sale.
  • If you complete a trade, sale or purchase in a Subscription Marketplace, you acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for taxes, if any, which may be due with respect to your transactions, including sales or use taxes, and for compliance with applicable tax laws. Proceeds from sales you make in a Subscription Marketplace may be considered income to you for income tax purposes. You should consult with a tax specialist to determine your tax liability in connection with your activities in any Subscription Marketplace.
  • You understand and acknowledge that WarZone may decide to cease operation of any Subscription Marketplace, change the fees that it charges or change the terms or features of the WarZone Subscription Marketplace. WarZone Gaming shall have no liability to you because of any inability to trade Subscriptions in the WarZone Trading Marketplace, including because of discontinuation or changes in the terms, features or eligibility requirements of any Subscription Marketplace.
  • You also understand and acknowledge that Subscriptions traded, sold or purchased in any Subscription Marketplace are license rights, that you have no ownership interest in such Subscriptions, and that WarZone Gaming does not recognize any transfers of Subscriptions (including transfers by operation of law) that are made outside of WarZone.