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Introducing the MP5-SD
Introducing the MP5-SD
A brand new variant for the MP5, now available on WarZone. Go to Stronghold, Gungame or SurfDM to check out this new weapon.
A New Horizon
A New Horizon
Today the Horizon Update (15.5) has been released containing 4 brand new knives and over 200 new skins.
The 2018 Summer Sale is here!
The 2018 Summer Sale is here!
Get up to 60% off on ALL purchases between 15th June - 1st September 2018. Visit the Store - Use Coupon: SUMMER2018-UTRECHT
Movie Night Series 2: Voting now open!
Movie Night Series 2: Voting now open!
The all new Series 2 of movie suggestions are now available to vote for. Vote Now
Armin van Buuren - A State of Trance - Broadcast Every Friday @ 9:30PM
Armin van Buuren - A State of Trance - Broadcast Every Friday @ 9:30PM
Love Trance? Armin's A State of Trance radio show is for you! Tune in to WarZone Radio Every Friday @ 9:30PM to listen
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News Title Summer 2018 - Content Creation Competition
9 hours ago


Today we are opening the Summer 2018 Content Creation Competition, unlike the quick competitions held by Alfred and Vlodern, with this there are no set themes, and no 2-3 hour time limit.

However, this competition has some limitations with weapons and entries.

Competitions Weapons/Restrictions

This competition is restricted to the following weapons and/or content creation types.

  • Navaja Knife
  • Stiletto Knife
  • Talon Knife 
  • Urus Knife
  • MP5-SD
  • Music Kits
Once you have made your entry, there is a new forum category for submissions, which you can find here: https://warzone.gg/forum/index.php?/forum/76-summer-2018-content-creation-competition-entries/
1st Place: £40
2nd Place: £30
3rd Place: £20
Prize Delivery
Bank Transfer (Sort Code & Account Number or IBAN)
Mail (UK Winners Only)
The deadline for this skin competition is the 23rd September 2018
Quarterly Competitions
This marks the start of quarterly skin competitions, meaning that there will be 4 of these per year.
  • Autumn Content Creation Competition: November/December
  • Winter Content Creation Competition: February/March
  • Spring Content Creation Competition: May/June
  • Summer Content Creation Competition: July/August

Content Creation Help

If you need help with content creation, you can find guides and resources here: https://confluence.warzone.gg/display/WHC/Content+Creation

If not, you can hop in to Discord and type !role add skins and ask for help in the #contentcreators channel.

If you have any general questions, feel free to reply to this thread and we'll answer most if not all questions. 

News Title Introducing the MP5-SD
August 16


Often imitated but never equaled, the iconic MP5 is perhaps the most versatile and popular SMG in the world. This SD variant comes equipped with an integrated silencer and features higher movement speed at the cost of some damage and accuracy on the move.

The MP5-SD is currently available on Stronghold, Gungame and SurfDM. 

Item creators can start making skins immediately, with full workbench support also available.

News Title Skin Requirements for the 2018 Anniversary Update
15/08/2018 19:53

Hi All,

In a month's time we will be launching the 2018 Anniversary Update. We are of course looking for the community to submit skins.

There are going to be two cases in this update, A limited edition anniversary case and a regular case.

We are open for all skin submissions, however we are taking a few entries for the anniversary case.

For the anniversary case, your weapon should be WarZone based, e.g the logo, or spray painted etc. An example (A bad one) is the AWP | Overwatch Gaming - https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=483

The deadline for skin submissions for both cases is Saturday 8th September. If you have any questions feel free to reply to this post and I'll do my best to answer any questions put forward.

News Title WarZone's 2nd Birthday Is Happening Soon™
15/08/2018 10:42

As you already may know, WarZone is going to be celebrating it's second birthday. During this second year we have had massive growth within the community, lots of new members being introduced to WarZone. We welcome everyone that has only recently joined us and thank you very much for giving the support and feedback to make the community much, much better. We will be giving away more items than ever along with hundreds of cases over this 2 day period.

I have a few things I want to go over in this post, mainly what events will be happening during the weekend of celebrations. There will be another news post coming on the day of the birthday, you'll just have to wait and see what will be included in that

Game Nights & Massive Giveaways

During both days on the 15th of the 16th of September, we will be running massive giveaways during game nights. The basic premise of it will look like this: we will play a few different servers, each server will take 20 minutes. There may be specific goals on each game mode, for example on Stronghold the top 5 people on the server will win prizes. It may be a specific goal or it may just be join a server and possibly win prizes.

All game modes, what time it will be happening and prizes will be announced 1 week before event is taking place. This is subject to change as somebody organizes it, but that's what it may look like.

Being active in Discord this weekend will come rewarded too. I would advise you to get the @Announcement Subscriber role in Discord using the command !role add news to learn of Discord competitions over the weekend.

There will be giveaways on the Steam group and the Social Media Giveaway will come with massive prizes this weekend.

Radio Shows

The weekend of the 16th will be the best weekend of WarZone Radio so far. It's time to not leave your computer for the weekend, all of our presenters will be on air at some point during the weekend. During this weekend you can expect many skins to be given away, hundreds of cases to be given away along with some special prizes from us!

Currently the schedule is as follows, all times follow the UK timezone.

Friday - 14th
**:** - Chaotix

Saturday - 15th
Daytime - 16:00 - vlodern
16:00 - 18:00 - Archangel
18:00 - 20:00 - Screamoheart
20:00 - 23:00 - ZeRo & Guests
23:00 - 01:00 - Armin Van Buuren - A State Of Trance

Sunday - 16th
Daytime - 16:00 - Puk413
16:00 - 19:00 - vlodern
19:00 - 21:00 - Callum
21:00 - 23:00 - Thonk/Happi


There may be more events happening, stay tuned in Discord to find out. If you have any ideas of what to do, please message me and we may incorporate it into the weekend. Lastly, there's going to be a special news post coming on Sunday the 16th of September. Stay tuned for that, and feel free to speculate as to what it will contain! Is WarZone shutting down? Is ZeRo being demoted? Who knows

News Title A New Horizon
12/08/2018 23:48


Today the Horizon update was launched.

The update includes the new Horizon Case and 4 new knives such as The Navaja Knife, Stiletto Knife, Talon Knife and Ursus Knife

Along with the new knives are new skins for these knives



Along with that, we already have a fantastic set of community made skins for the new knives from @Thonk @Callum (Blazingstardude) @|WZ| royalnoob and @Chaotix

Change logs will be up shortly and will be posted in the Change Log section of the forum once up.

There is a new content pack for the new update, Knives #7 which you can find here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1476447817

WarZone Sync updates will be available tomorrow, the new case is now also available on the store.

If you are using Workshop and have missing models, you may need to do a clean down, you can follow the instructions here: https://confluence.warzone.gg/display/WHC/Skins+Not+Showing

News Title Summer Meetup 2018 - 2 Weeks to go!
18/07/2018 11:07


In just under 2 weeks, the annual summer meetup is starting, located in Utrecht, The Netherlands between 2nd and 7th of August.

While technically starting on the 2nd, from the 1st of August, you can follow the live coverage as UK and Ireland based members will meetup in the UK at the WarZone private bar, before setting off on the 2nd August at 3AM towards Mainland Europe.

Here is what you can expect.

Live Coverage

As with the Winter Meetup we hosted in February, there will be live coverage.

If you are in Discord, you can see photos posted by meetup attendees live in the #summermeetup2018-live channel, which will become public at Midnight on the 1st of August.

You can also view more coverage by going to the meetup mini-website here: https://warzone.gg/utrecht2018

From here you can view the members attending, photos (From the Discord channel), Live stream and a live tracking map.

We will try to live stream as much as we can, keep an eye out on the announcements channel in Discord for when that happens.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to us on YouTube and get notified there as to when we go live. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtaKPO7s4BSUfeumcl0oFUA

Radio Show

On Saturday 4th of August, we will be doing a live radio show with all meetup attendees at the time live on air from our Hotel room.

The Show is aimed to be 4 hours long, however this may change depending on circumstances 😉 

The Radio show will go live at 7PM (Local Time) / 6PM (UK Time) until 11PM (Local) / 10PM (UK)

We will have some great prizes to give away on this very special show.

Staff Absent

It's worth noting that while the majority of the staff team are not attending this meetup, a few members of staff are (Including 90% of the management team) and this may lead to delays in support requests and/or admin activity.

News Title Introducing Update 15 - The SurfDM #2 Update
10/07/2018 23:44


The SurfDM 2 update in production for just over a month, is finally here. Click on the image above for more information or go here: https://warzone.gg/updates/surfdm2/

The update is going to deploy 11/07/2018 at 11:30PM BST

News Title WarZone 2018 Summer Sale
15/06/2018 20:40


The days are getting longer, the temperatures are now in the 70's and 80's, this can only mean one thing.. Summer!

The WarZone 2018 Summer Sale is now on! 

Use Coupon Code: SUMMER2018-UTRECHT at checkout for a whopping 60% off all items.

Happy Buying! 🙂 

News Title Update: Discord Rich Presence
09/06/2018 07:40

Back in April we launched Discord rich presence for our Garry's Mod Servers, here:

However, recently the ability to update rich presence via HTTP was removed as it was never intended to be used, only there by accident and never officially supported.

Rich Presence is now optional to those who wish to install our client, which you can do by going here: https://downloads.warzone.gg/discord_rpc_http/Discord RPC over HTTP.msi

The installer will add the program running as a Windows Service and simply runs in the background. Your game client will then communicate with the service over HTTP and the service will then forward the rich presence requests to Discord over RPC.

This is not a very practical solution, but it allows us to keep the feature implemented for those who want to still use it.

The source code is open freely for anyone to modify to their liking, you can find this here: https://git.warzone.gg/5echo2/csharp_solutions/DiscordRPCHTTP

News Title Introducing Store V2
25/05/2018 15:39


After months of work, I am pleased to announce that Store V2 has now been released. See below for the new features which have been added.


In the store update, we done a complete re-design from scratch






Multi-Currency support

A big part of this update is the introduction of more currencies.

You can now pay in your local currency


We support all major European currencies along with the USD

Please note that exchange rates update every hour, so prices can go up and down depending on the live exchange rate.

Item Store

You can now purchase any case only item you'd like via the brand new Item store. There is also a WZD (WarZone Dollars) and USD exchange rate. Same with the main store, prices can go slightly up or down depending on the exchange rate. The rate for WZD & USD is changed daily.


The item store also supports pattern floats, when you go to buy the item, you can select any pattern float that you desire.

Support More for less

In Store V2, we've added a separate donation system, you can donate from a little as $1/£1/€1 

With it, you get a Bronze/Silver/Gold coin which are > 1, 20 and 30 $/£/€ respectively

Along with that you also get a reserved slot and a "Supporter" tag on the scoreboard


Buy in Bulk

We have also added in the standard Basket/Cart system, you can now add items to your cart/basket and pay in one chunk



We have finally added in a subscriptions system in the new store for the VIP packages, removing third party software to do this for  us.


At the moment, subscriptions only support PayPal, however in a future store update we will be adding more.

Pay with your favorite payment method

Along with PayPal we support a lot more.


You can now pay with:

  • PayPal
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Bancontact (Belgium)
  • Giropay (Germany)
  • iDEAL (Netherlands)
  • SOFORT (Various EU Countries)
  • WarZone Wallet (More on that later!)

Designed with mobile in mind

Along with adding new payment methods, we wanted to go further.

We have added in support for mobile.


Don't worry about having to enter your credit card details on your phone either.

We now support Apple Pay, Google Pay and Android Pay


More Options

We've also re-done the category system.

You can now buy single cases along with keys, you can (It's cheaper) if you prefer still buy cases in bulks of 50


WarZone Wallet

Similar to the Steam wallet, you can now add funds to your account using the same payment methods. The wallet will come in handy to buy multiple items without having to keep getting redirected to payment providers to authorize each transaction






I think that in this version of the store we've really improved the store and made it up to standards with most online retailers. We still have some more work to do.

We'd like to hear your feedback on the new version.

A note to all customers who paid using the existing store, you may notice your invoices and orders are missing, this is because the new store format completely different. You should see the existing invoices and orders come through within the next few days we convert them.